Virgin River – Season 4 Episode 3 “Grilled” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Virgin River Season 4 begins with Mel and Jack discussing his parents’ divorce. However, Mel is quick to dispel any issues he has, kissing her partner and having sex. As you do.

In the morning, Mel heads out for a run with Brie to clear her head. She eases up on her time though, given Jack’s concerns.

On the way, she runs into Cameron, who’s still shook up over the stillbirth they dealt with last episode. He’s been running to clear his head. Mel offers to cover at the clinic but Cameron politely declines. Instead, the pair – alongside Jack – decide to have dinner together.

Connie is suspicious of Denny and tells Lizzie she needs to be careful around him. “Mark my words, this kid is up to something.” And speak of the devil, Denny shows up and the pair organize a date at the movies that night at 10pm.

This situation turns into a triangle when Ricky attempts to patch things up with Lizzie at the bar. She’s having none of it though.

Elsewhere, Tara heads over to see Hope, as they both apologize and patch up their differences. The pair end up hugging. At the same time, Mel speaks to Vernon, whose conversation turns to the subject of death. Delivering Daisy (the baby last episode) has had a rough effect on her, while Vernon losing his son (through Denny’s reveal last episode) has had an effect on him too.

Brie shows up at the office, looking for the Emerald Lumber file. She wants the notes to try and prove Brady is innocent. She manages to get hold of them. At the same time, Brady is released on bail, although he doesn’t know who paid for it. Could it have been Calvin and his buddies?

Later that night, Cameron and Jack butt heads on their ideals while they discuss enlisting and the army. Mel ends up late though after a burst of drama involving an old man having a heart attack outside.

Outside, Cameron sits dangerously close to the fire on the grill while talking to Mel. He doesn’t catch light though, thankfully, but does invite Mel along for a trail run in the future.

Cameron reveals as well that he and his partner broke up in the past, given they kept disagreeing about everything. Funnily enough, this happens to echo how Jack and Mel are at the moment.

As the episode closes out, Brie shows up at Brady’s place, which is a complete mess. Anyway, the two start kissing and that eventually leads to much more.

The Episode Review

We’re now into the phase of the season where the traditional soap opera drama plays out. Most of the issues in this episode revolve around simple character-driven issues, with Denny and Lizzie growing closer and Jack and Mel’s continued test of staying faithful together in wake of their strong differences.

Cameron’s inclusion this season adds a nice dynamic but that’s juxtaposed against some of the other drama that just doesn’t quite work. Hope’s whole subplot for example, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and is being dragged out.

However, Brady making bail – not to mention walking around like he’s absolutely fine and not just been stabbed in the gut – complete negates the cliffhanger at the end of episode 1, which is a continued issue this show has had since the start.

There’s plenty more drama to come I’m sure, but the season is just starting to slip into old habits.

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