Virgin River – Season 3 Episode 4 “Take My Breath Away” Recap & Review

Take My Breath Away

Episode 4 of Virgin River Season 3 begins with Jack finding Mel sleeping out in her car. His snoring is too much for her, which only reinforces Jack’s feelings of overstepping boundaries. When he finds out though, he tells her to open up next time rather than being relegated to the car. Not long after, Jack phones Mike and demands a face to face with Jimmy.

Meanwhile, Doc facetimes with Hope. She needs him to send out the quarterly newsletter, with 3982 copies and an advert confirming the Lumberjack Games. With Hope stuck in Port Royal for the time being, it’s high time for Doc to step up. Thankfully the other girls – led by Muriel – help to distribute the newsletter.

As Doc busies himself with this new task, Mel overhears a voice message about Doc’s appointment. She does confront him about this later on, but it’s quickly broken up by Christopher having a panic attack. It seems like he’s drunk some pool water, which could explain his reaction.

Anyway, Christopher is fine, as it turns out, and Preacher eventually leaves with him. When they do, Doc admits to Mel that he’s looking for a replacement.

At the same time, Dan learns that Calvin has left the logger company in a complete state. With a bug infestation and dwindling finances, things look set to take a drastically downward turn.

Back in town, Jack tries to speak up Brie’s job prospects. However, given she’s romantically linked with Brady and against practicing law, she’s decided to stay unemployed for the time being.

Jack heads off to visit Jimmy next while he’s sat outside waiting for his police interview. Jack immediately charges at Jimmy when he threatens Mel. Mike jumps in and pulls Jack back, telling our amnesia-stricken protagonist to head home.

It’ll take time to get a conviction and given the shoddy police work (honestly, only one hand is tied to the bench and he’s been left unattended in the station?) then it could take longer. Well, several scenes later Jack receives a call confirming Jimmy has been released. He wasn’t the one who shot Jack given he has an alibi.

After the day’s drama, Jack sets up a beautiful scene down by the shore for Mel. He puts lanterns in the water (thanks to Brie) and kisses Mel passionately. Following their romantic evening, Mel contemplates with Jack whether they should try for a baby.

The Episode Review

Well, that was obvious wasn’t it? We said last episode that Mel and Jack could well be trying for a baby and it seems like that storyline is going to be pushed now as the season progresses. Their romance is essentially the anchor that ties everything together and the show continues to run numerous different subplots around that with varying degrees of success.

The Brie/Brady romance takes a hilarious turn when the former decides to dance to ‘Human’ in a bar while Connie finding out about Lizzie and Ricky is likely to cause drama to spill over late on in the season.

That’s to say nothing of the continued mystery around who killed Jack and the threat on both their lives. The again, given how quickly Jack survived a fatal gunshot wound, I don’t think we need to worry too much about that.

Either way, as we approach the halfway point of this season the continued storylines continue to weave together into this soapy melodrama.

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