Virgin River – Season 3 Episode 10 “A Wedding, No Funeral & A Baby” Recap & Review

A Wedding, No Funeral & A Baby

Episode 10 of Virgin River Season 3 begins this finale 10 days later. Hope is in the hospital and she’s not in a good way. In fact, she’s got a bleed on the brain and she may need to be put into a medically induced coma.

Jack and Mel decide to leave for now, giving Doc some space. Doc isn’t getting any time on his own as Lizzie shows with wireless earbuds to help him pass the time. Unfortunately there’s no Slipknot or rave anthems, it’s all Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan (also solid picks to be fair)

Back at the bar, Preacher makes his decision and takes Jack up on his offer of the partnership. Speaking of which, Jack has a ring and decides to ask Mel to marry him. As he heads out though, Char blindsides him and admits that she’s got married to Todd already. They’ve also decided to try and file for custody of the kids, claiming Jack doesn’t have a right to see his biological twins. she’s  also unwilling to risk her marriage to defend him. Honestly, this woman is a complete melt.

Elsewhere, Brie has decided this season just hasn’t really been up to scratch so she’s leaving town. She sits with Mel and tells her what’s going on. Unable to be cross examined by Jack, she’s trusting that she can hear her out.

Back in Sacramento, Brie’s relationship took a pretty dark turn, especially when her ex ended up having sex with her after she said no. If that wan’t bad enough, she believes the miscarriage she was suffering from could be a result of that incident.

Meanwhile, Preacher learns that Paige is nearby, just past Yeoman’s Ridge. Paige wants to turn herself in but wants to say goodbye to Christopher first. Preacher is intent on reinforcing why she’s on the run though and hurries off with Sally to find her. However, Preacher suddenly feels dizzy out in the woods and collapses. Sally sees this and takes off.

Up at the logging firm, Brady is stopped by Calvin. All evidence against him has been dropped and he has a proposition for Brady. He’ll help pay off the growing debts in exchange for “diversification” and looking the other way while he goes about his business. Brady defiantly refuses, bu this also means Calvin’s men will come after him instead.

Meanwhile, Lizzie tells Ricky to go off and live his life as Parker is back in the picture. She’s understandably annoyed about his lying and has decided to pull away from him. However, Lizzie is not about to get back with him anytime soon.

Brady’s afternoon with Brie is interrupted by the police arriving, determined to search the premises. There, they find a gun wedged under the seat of his car. He claims he’s been set up and it’s been planted (my money’s on Mike) while the officers arrest him.

As the episode closes out, Jack looks set to propose to Mel…but she has news of her own. She’s pregnant! Only, she’s not sure if Jack is the father.

The Episode Review

Virgin River bows out its third season finale with absolutely no answers and a really tepid and lacklustre conclusion. The entire season has been baiting us with answers and in the end we get none.

Hope’s condition means she’s still an unknown for season 4 while Lizzie and Ricky’s relationship is doubtful too. Then we’ve got Jack and Mel’s will they/won’t they romance which hits another road bump at the end.

That’s to say nothing of the whole Brady situation where it seems painfully obvious he’s not the one who shot Jack. In fact, I’d wager a guess that it’s actually Mike who planted the weapon there and could even be the one who shot Jack too.

That’s still speculation at this point so we’ll have to wait and see how the show pans out. Preacher’s situation is left precariously uneven too, with lots of meaningless drama with Christoper eventually ending with him passed out in the woods.

On the whole though this series has been a bit of a mess. It’s been a season of turbulent ups and downs, typified by numerous contrived bursts of drama that are quickly wrapped up either in the same episode or in the next.

Virgin River has always felt like a below-average soap with above-average characters but this third season has been a real step down from what we’ve seen before. What a shame.

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  1. I think Calvin and Co planted the gun on Brady but I no longer care. It’s like the writers made a list of crises and made them all happen.

  2. Second-rate soap opera is right. “Mel” -all sugary sweet, is too much. And if she was a “strong woman”, she’d have told “Jack” about the IVF as soon as she got back to Virgin River. Charmaine is a conniving you-know-what! I’m pretty over the show & don’t care if there’s a season 4 or not

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