Virgin River – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Rumor Has It

After the bombshell reveal about the twins, episode 4 of Virgin River Season 2 begins with Mel finding Jack down by the river fishing. She admits that having twins is a big deal but Jack is worried that he’s going to screw everything up.

It’s certainly a big undertaking and having watched my little brother Fathering his beautiful baby twins, it’s certainly a massive task! However, Jack lives in Virgin River and Mel reminds him that the community are there for him. As he teaches her how to fish, the two continue to grow closer together.

Back home, Charmaine asks outright whether Jack and Mel are dating. He admits they slept together once and tells Charmaine to her face that he’s never lied to her.

Muriel and Doc show up at the Clear River Concert but given Doc forgot his glasses, shares the program with Muriel. With the prying eyes of Jo Ellen watching from afar, she sees the two getting cozy.

The next day, the Virgin River Community Picnic goes ahead where all the residents join together to enjoy a tasty barbecue, live bands and even an egg relay. It’s here Hope hears from Jo Ellen that Doc and Muriel were “canoodling” together.

Mel shows up too and everyone stares at her as she walks across the picnic. According to Jack it’s her “knockout dress” but as we later find out, it’s because Charmaine has been gossiping and broke the news that Jack and Mel slept together. Hilariously, the entire community is split between Team Mel and Team Charmaine.

Lilly shows up at Jack’s stall and admits that she’s had an offer for someone to buy out her farm. It’s a logger company too and despite there now being any logs around, Jack immediately senses red flags as he realizes Brady and Calvin are involved.

Preacher shows at Paige’s house to pick up her keys. However, he follows a ringing phone to the bedside table where he finds Wes’ phone still attached to the phone charger. There’s numerous messages there too, which he reads, and wonders exactly what to do. Eventually he shows back up at the Picnic and speaks to Connie, who promises to help him if he’s in trouble of some kind.

Meanwhile, Ricky tries to talk to Lizzie, relieving her at the stall she’s working on and managing to get her to do the egg relay race with her. Only, she has eyes for Brady instead and convinces him to buy her a stuffed pony from the carnival games. With the stall completely unmanned, Connie shows back up and accidentally knocks a box over. Inside, is a piece of paper confirming that Lizzie is on birth control.

The big egg relay begins and Jack and Mel predictably win. Ricky is left with no partner either, given Lizzie is too busy ogling Brady while they sit together on a bench drinking.

Back home, Charmaine fires Mel as her doctor after she speaks her piece about Charmaine gossiping about Jack and her having sex. As Jack and Mel talk, Mark’s sister Stacie suddenly shows to catch up. She sits with Mel privately and admits that she’s engaged to a man named Paul who happens to be her boss. However, she’s there to get her wedding ring back given it originally belonged to their family.

That evening, Jack asks Charmaine to stop spreading gossip and agrees to stay the night on Hope’s sofa. Hope happens to be there too and she promises to get him some blankets and a pillow.

The Episode Review

So which side are you? Team Mel or Team Charmaine? In all seriousness though, the love triangle stuff could easily be resolved with some good old fashioned communication.

If Jack doesn’t want to be with her then that’s fine, just don’t be with her. Right now though, the show gives the impression that Charmaine and Jack could still be an item going forward. If that’s the case, speaking from experience, staying together for the kids’ sake never, ever works.

The rest of the characters continue with their romances and issues though, with still no clues over exactly what Preacher has done with Wes’ body. Where is it? Is it buried somewhere? Still at the house? And why has no one come looking for him yet?

It seems like season 2 is doubling down on the love triangles too, with Lizzie/Brady/ Ricky joining the whole Muriel/Doc/Hope shenanigans and the obvious Mel/Jack/Charmaine gig. If love triangles are your thing, well season 2 will be right up your alley!

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