Vincenzo – K-Drama Ending Explained

How does Vincenzo end?

We’ve covered the ending pretty substantially in our episode 20 recap. The link to that can be found at the bottom of this page!

Long story short though, Vincenzo thwarts the threat of Han-Seok and the other Babel Group cronies. He tortures Han-Seok and kills him. Vincenzo flees back to Italy to evade the police, where he grows from consigliere to crime boss.

His time in Korea has softened him slightly though, with Vincenzo turning his attention to the “garbage” of the world. He wants to take them out before they hurt any innocent people.

Who dies in the Vincenzo finale?

There are a whole string of deaths in the final chapter, starting with Prosecutor Jung thrown off the rooftop onto the hood of his car in episode 19. This essentially paved way for a host of other characters to die in the finale.

Han-Seo died thanks to his brother shooting him in the stomach. Han-Seok then hired two goons to stab Seung-Hyeuk at the courthouse. He received a knife wound to the stomach and another to the shoulder. Seung-Hyeuk’s death is suitably flamboyant and showy; something that mirrored his character traits throughout the season.

Vincenzo then tortures Myung Hee and makes sure she dies slowly. After cutting her feet open, he has gasoline poured on her head from sprinklers and sets her alight. He plays Zumba music and let her dance while she burnt to death. This is another symbolic death, with Myung-Hee’s dancing a key part of her character.

Vincenzo then used the “spear of atonement” against Han-Seok; a torture device with a drill attached on the end. This killed him slowly over time in the most painful way possible.

What happened to the Italians?

Vincenzo paid off the Italians in episode 19 with a hefty sum of money. He drew up a contract and paid them 80 million euros. This squared the debt and stopped him being chased – it also allowed him to stay in Korea and fight against Babel group.

However, Vincenzo did kill several members of the Luciano family during the year time-jump. It seems he resolved some bad blood there and used them as manure when he head back to Italy.

What happened to Inzaghi?

The lovable pigeon Inzaghi was last seen in episode 17 when Vincenzo fed him on the windowsill of his apartment. Ultimately, this bird has been a symbol of karma, an important spiritual connection between good and bad.

Every time Vincenzo did something good and helpful for the bird, he in turn was given good karma. Likewise, early on he was disrespectful and nasty to the pigeon and received bad luck. This all culminated with Inzaghi helping Vincenzo by bringing in a whole flock of pigeons to take out the agents on the rooftop.

Interestingly, Han-Seok’s final shot with the crow pecking at him could be interpreted as his own Inzaghi of sorts or a reincarnation of Han-Seo. Either way, we’ll leave that to your own interpretation!

Where is the gold being stored? What happened to it?

Across episode 20 we saw shots of gold bars hidden in Mi-Ri’s piano. However, the gold was actually being stored in Cha-Young’s house. This was a temporary measure though as Vincenzo decided to use the gold to buy an island and secure comfortable living for his Cassano family. The other residents don’t get a part of this stake – at least if the episode is anything to go by.

What happened to Vincenzo Cassano in the year time-jump?

This is a point of contention and not something that’s explained in much detail across the episode. We do learn Vincenzo was made a crime boss and rose the ranks. He’s also expanded his operation to take over olive fields in Malta. This is, of course, a bit of a throwback to the early episode 1 scene. If you’ll remember, Cassano drove past numerous fields to meet that powerful Italian contact. Now it seems he has ascended to that same level of power.

What happened to the Geumga Plaza residents?

Cheol-Sook survived his knife-wound and ended up looking after his beautiful baby boy with Yeon-Jin after all. Mr An and Mr Cho ended up working together with Director Tae. The monks also rebranded their temple to become a place for marriage proposals. This is also a nice nod toward George Anderson and his wife, who ended up proposing there earlier in the season.

The rest of the residents continue to fight the good fight, standing up for what’s right and presenting themselves as the Cassano Geumga Residents!

Is there a post credit sequence?

No, there’s no post-credit sequence although we do receive a lovely montage of all our characters at the end during the final credits.

Do Cha Young and Vincenzo kiss at the end?

Yes! The pair do finally kiss away from the numerous eyes watching them at the art gallery earlier in the season. This passionate kiss takes place during their one-day reunion at the Italian-Korean diplomacy meeting.

Why wasn’t Geumga Plaza destroyed? Didn’t we see it collapse in episode 1?

Yes we did, early on in the season we saw Vincenzo Cassano watch as Geumga Plaza was destroyed. Now, this appears to be one big vision and not at all indicative of the truth. This could well have been his way of processing what would happen if he failed to get the gold.

Will there be Vincenzo season 2?

It’s unlikely we’ll see this one back for a follow-up. Most Korean dramas aren’t renewed for a second season but if this changes, we’ll update the page accordingly!



To read our full recap for episode 20, feel free to click HERE for a more in-depth analysis of everything that took place over the 90 minute long chapter!

Thanks for reading our Ending Explained article! What did you think of Vincenzo’s ending? Do you think all the characters had a good send-off? Let us know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Vincenzo – K-Drama Ending Explained”

  1. I don’t understand that why vincenzo leave korea and went to italy.
    Is he never married or will never return to hong cha yong after kiss her in the end.

  2. Can someone explain something, or maybe I missed it. I have watched Vincenzo seven times since I ordered Netflix in December. His mother sent him to an orphanage and was then adopted by a couple. Vincenzo stated to Miss Hong that his mother and father died, or were they killed when he was young so how did he become the son of the Mafia Don who was in the casket in the beginning episode?

    Every time watched this drama, I learned something new. I could probably recite the whole 20 episodes…in Korean…now! NOT, only kidding. Thoroughly enjoyed this dark comedy. Loved all the actors.

  3. In addition to the bars there were a bunch of other items, Vincenzo offered 80 million to the enemy family so he didn’t have to return to Italy. He also purchased an island and had a compound for the family. Cha young only had the bars at her house and he thanked her for keeping it. I think that means he cashed out some of the artifacts prior to leaving to be able to afford or the expenses. He owned the building so probably they got the free rent he promised since he is a man of his word.

  4. The gold went to the people who knew about it. Each got a share. Hacker girl kept hers in her old piano, the monks only wanted the Buddha. Cha-young and the paralegal had to have gotten their share too – most likely kept with Vincenzo’s share at Cha-Young’s place. Han-seok’s money went to the residents. And the baby is a girl. Meanwhile although Vincenzo can’t go back to Korea except for sneaking in with the Italian delegation, he runs legitimate businesses but now also head of the Cassano family. Paolo’s most likely in prison (since he won’t kill his own “brother”) but gave Interpol evidence of Paolo’s crimes. He has taken revenge on the Luciano members who murdered his friends and set up a safe haven for his family on an island in Malta where Cha-young and other people can visit him.

  5. I think Cha-yong, Mi-Ri (hacker girl), Mr. Nam (paralegal), two Monks all got some gold. Remember it’s a full BUNKER packed with gold bars, Cha-yong’s share is only the size of a small bed, Mi-Ri’s a piano’s size and the monks’ a gold statue. My guess is the rest of the plaza got a piece of the bank account wiring Vincenzo had Mi-Ri hacked from Myung Hee wire transfer at the end before Vincenzo killed her. When Vincenzo said he put the money to a good cause he would never mean building an orphanage in Africa (ha ha!) He is not stingy with his Italian Cassano family, why would he be stingy with his Korean Cassano family? The Pawn Shop lady and the ByeBye Balloon Guy’s generosity to the student hinted that they are not tight financially.

  6. I think they got the gold and instead of being greedy, they used it for good. Why else would they over pay a struggling student for his old tablet

  7. Hey guys, I agree with you Areesha that Han-Seok’s death felt a little rushed but I do think his character had a good arc overall.

    @Char Sui – Me too, I think the residents had such big personalities they kinda did deserve a little more for their characters. Then again there’s so many of them it would have been difficult to satisfy everyone!

    @DragonKing – I’m not sure if he did or not. I mean you’d imagine he would have done after everything but the shots of the piano and buddha gold statue I thought were before everyone moved the gold bars across to Cha-Young’s apartment. I assumed because it’s all the different residents moving them that they gave it up, especially when Vincenzo mentioned he distributed the gold between himself and his family. You’re right though, he’s definitely a man of his word but it was left a little ambiguous.

    Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it!

    -Greg W

  8. I love Vincenzo but I felt Han-Seok’s death was rushed, I mean I get that he was being chased by the police but I didn’t like that his death happened in just two days. Love the rest of the show!

  9. I think the Recap is wrong about the Gold.
    Those who are in the team Got the Gold. The monk got the big Buddha Gold statue. The hacker/piano teacher have her share in the piano.
    So I believe Gold was given to those who knew.
    As for the other tenants ; I believe they receive some sort of compensation for thier efforts. Vincenzo Cassano is a man of his words… when he said he will give them a Shop lot each if they moved. That we can speculate he will be generous enough to leave them with some rewards but not as much as the team involved in moving the Gold.

  10. Vincenzo used enemies (including Paolo?) as manure; I think he did the same – probably via Cho – with Myung Hee and Han-Seok’s bodies under the strip of vineyard with his name on it; Cha Young presses down some soft earth there and smiles. Also there was no mention of their bodies being found. Cheap grapes – ha!

  11. I don’t agree to the above comment lol. There’s literally no reason for them to deserve gold. They did nothing but inconvenience Vincenzo

  12. Wish Vincenzo had shared some gold with he Geumga Plaza tenants. After all they r his extended Cassano family in Seoul. The scene about Mr. Lee’s family seemed to imply he received a bit if gold, being generous to the student. What happened to the Italian Chef? The dry cleaner & the dance teacher? What about the female accountant n her colleague ?

    Would like these loose ends be tied up. The characters deserved that respect.

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