Vincenzo – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Working With The Enemy

Episode 7 of Vincenzo begins with Vincenzo Cassano being led into the courtroom as the surprise witness. He’s not just a witness though, he’s actually an assailant too; the assailant who assaulted several managers at Babel Chemicals. This is how he’s worked into the court-room.

As the hall looks set to explode into a frenzy of rejections, Vincenzo brandishes the cell phone belonging to the head researcher. Within this is confirmation of corruption.  It’s pretty incriminating evidence, and something the court is forced to use. In fact, Vincenzo even goes on to threaten Director Gil, promising to beat him down.

Next up is a medical expert in the form of Director Gil’s wife, Professor Kim. She rocks up to the court-room and introduces herself, revealing that she’s there as an expert witness to the important piece of evidence relating to the perjury.

Despite Babel’s objections, the judge allows this to continue and for Kim to be used as a witness. It turns out Vincenzo met her at an art gallery with incriminating evidence against her husband, including his hidden affair and the slush funds. The evidence they have also includes emails to Dr Ramos, someone he openly discussed this whole case with.

This brings Dr Gil onto the stand for questioning, where his wife shows off Gil’s “bonus”, which happens to be recreational drugs. They ask Gil to roll up his sleeve but he refuses to do so – essentially proving as much. Kim slaps him in the face and eventually beats him senseless with the microphone.

Vincenzo claps enthusiastically, enjoying this Jerry Springer-esque scenario. Joon-Woo keeps a straight face though, deciding to hold a press conference the following day. They’re going to disband the BLSD department and punish everyone involved in this defeat. This way it saves face for the company.

With the case closed and Vincenzo and Cha-Young successful, they both head out and celebrate. This begins with Vincenzo going suit-shopping and trying on no less than 10 different styles. Cha-Young hilariously falls asleep but she does wake up to applaud him.

Meanwhile, Joon-Woo takes Gil and Myung-Hee out in his car. Gil is a blubbering mess while Myung-Hee stands her ground and tells Joon-Woo she’s sorry and that she let her guard down. In order to prove their Loyalty, he gives them both 3 days to get to the bottom of this and demands revenge on both Cha-Young and Vincenzo.

Well, our two protagonists head back to visit the Plaza residents, telling them all the big news. However, Vincenzo is interrupted by a call from Deok-Jin, confirming that the Plaza is due to be demolished in one week’s time.

In the hallway, Vincenzo hears creepy giggling coming from the beauty salon. As he edges nearer, a menacing face half-covered by hair shows. Vincenzo screams, backing up as this guy reveals himself to be Young-Ho. This is his new hobby, as it turns out, and he’s doing videos online.

Back home, Vincenzo catches wind of Coach Rossi flying in to Korea from Milan. As he watches the news, Vincenzo thoughtfully looks at the pen Cha-Young got for him. He then receives an important call regarding the architecture professor.

Together, they head in to the temple while the two monks are distracted outside. There, Vincenzo learns that the construction work on the Plaza is less than ideal. In fact, the foundations really aren’t very strong at all. On the back of this, Vincenzo realizes he needs to stall for time.

That’s easier said than done though, especially when the homeless man arrives before all the Plaza residents with news. He knows there’s gold hidden somewhere in the plaza and even has a photo of the gold to prove it. All of them giggle nervously, writing it off to being a hoax. However, you can tell one or two aren’t quite sure.

Joon-Woo and Han-Seo drink together and honour their Father’s memory. As they drink, Han-Seo outright asks whether Joon-Woo is going to do the same to him. As we soon see, Joon-Woo killed his Father, injecting him in order to take over the company for himself. Joon-Woo threatens the puppet chairman, pointing a fork at his face and threatening to take his eyes out.

After the Babel apology on-air, Vincenzo breaks the news to the residents that they’ll all be moving on soon. Only, they all suddenly change their mind when Park Seok-Do shows. This, and the gold bar story, prompts them all to make the decision to stay behind and fight.

Well, straight after this police arrive and arrest Cha-Young for malpractice, embezzlement and a a slew of other charges too. Apparently they have evidence, although they refuse to show it until they’re down at the police station.

With Cha-Young behind bars, she figures out that Vincenzo is in the Mafia. Between the syringe pillow and Vincenzo’s constant mentions, he promises to do his best to break her free. Well, that begins with him chasing Myung-Hee, watching as she begins gambling.

Interestingly, Vincenzo rocks up next to her at the table and begins winning the bets. Eventually the pair sit and talk about Prosecutor Hwang. He asks her to help release Cha-Young in exchange for him lending a helping hand to dealing with Hwang.

Vincenzo shows up at the soccer field ready to talk to Hwang. He promises to help Hwang’s son out, bringing in Chief Rossi to check his son. This is how he gains leverage, as it turns out Vincenzo knows this soccer coach and promises he’ll give Hwang’s son preferential treatment.

Hwang then rings Myung-Hee and promises to hear her out this time around. Myung-Hee scoffs incredulously, as Cha-Young is released. She charges out her cell and right toward Vincenzo. Instead of hugging him though, she grabs the coffee cup and flamboyantly puts her jacket on.

Back at Geumga Plaza, Seok-Do rallies the troops and prepares to storm the place. Only, Vincenzo is wise to this and decides to play them at their own game. He hires a group of decoy protestors to pose in red jackets while using Yeong-Ho to film the entire event.

Seok-Do shows up at the Plaza with his men, with no protestors and only Manager An outside casually wearing a red jacket. All of the thugs begin beating him down, prompting the residents inside to head out with random items ready to fight back.

When Vincenzo shows up, he sees the residents are the ones who have fought on their own. He learns that the demonstrators he had planned seemed to contract a virus and didn’t show up for fear of infecting others. As they look up in shock, the residents all stand proudly over the thugs.

The Episode Review

Vincenzo returns this week after a brief hiatus to deliver a super-charged episode of drama and comedy. There’s some great takeaways here – namely Cha-Young’s cute quips and hilarious operatic singing after figuring out Vincenzo’s secret.

There’s little moments here too that help her stand apart from other female leads, including sleeping during the clothes shopping scenes and charging past him to drink coffee. Given how many characters are lusting over Vincenzo in this series, it’s refreshing to see this female lead take such a nonchalant stance towards him.

The Geumga Plaza residents continue to stand out now too, with each of them becoming more archetypal and hilarious as the weeks tick by. The two monks are a great inclusion while Young-Ho’s bites of horror and the vlog videos both give him a credible reason for filming and spying.

Meanwhile, the Babel group intrigue with Joon-Woo’s English a definite stand-out moment. It really helps add an extra layer of menace to him. The juxtaposition between him being cold and calculated while still eating gummy bears adds an unnerving edge to his character; you really can’t figure him out.

Overall, Vincenzo has been a decent Korean drama so far and that’s mostly thanks to its character ensemble rather than the story. The plot is still good but doesn’t quite have that spark one may expect from some of the best Korean dramas. Still, we’ve got plenty of story to come though and this one is definitely worth sticking with for the long haul.

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  1. Todays episode was boring to me. Many things were just exxagerated. Actually today many characters were really annoying.
    Cha young was like a assistant to Vincenzo in the court.
    Actually she was a bit awkward in first two episodes, that awkwardness again returned.
    And the villain is performing well undoubtedly.

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