Vincenzo – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

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Episode 10 of Vincenzo begins with forensics arriving at the grizzly crime scene featuring Director Gil. As they begin piecing together what happened, our Babel group gather. They reflect on what’s happened, as we see they managed to obtain phone records of the victims’ families, confirming their involvement in the chemical factory burning.

This confirms without a doubt that they’re the ones responsible for what happened. Unfortunately the police chalk this up to a suicide and refuse to look into this in more detail.

Cha-Young is not happy by this development and tells the police officers they need to do an autopsy. They refuse to do so, leaving Vincenzo to take control of the situation and promise to look at this himself.

As they head to the mortuary together, Cha-Young promises this will be the last time she cries and lets her guilt consume her. After this, it’s game on and they’re going to get revenge. Vincenzo too is enraged, especially after innocent lives have been killed. This goes against his very principle.

He tells Cha-Young to keep her heart cold as the dish they’re serving up is revenge. In fact, Vincenzo wants to outright kill the boss when he finds him.

News of these deaths reach the Geumga Plaza residents too. Cheol-Wook tells them they need to be vigilant, especially as they could be next on the hit list. However, they remain convinced that Vincenzo will keep them safe.

Vincenzo has a plan of his own, and that involves catching out Detective Seo. It turns out he’s been bribed and Vincenzo catches him being paid off by Wusang. He even records this too.

Vincenzo single-handedly takes out both men and leaves them tied together in an abandoned warehouse building. With them both on computer chairs, he kicks them closer to the edge of the building. In doing so, he forces them both to hand their notices in and pass over the case files too. Cha-Young arrives for the final blow, eventually convincing them both to follow Vincenzo’s plan.

Trouble continues to brew at Babel group. Seung-Hyeok takes Han-Seo aside and tells him he could have Babel all to himself. With them both trading verbal blows, Seung-Hyeok starts crying as he believes they’re in need of a stable and proper leader. In fact, he even tells him that Han-Seo is the real leader to him in his heart.

Vincenzo receives a call from one of his men that evening. He knows someone has been asking around Italy about him – which leads out Italian to believe this is Babel group. Well, he heads into his apartment and finds Cha-Young there waiting. Together, they wind up drinking before sleeping yet again in the living room – thanks in part to Inzaghi still in the bedroom.

In the morning, the group manage to get hold of CCTV footage from the victims’ car. There’s another following them too, right by a place called Yangdong Underpass. Red marks on the neck also back up the theory that these victims were knocked out and kidnapped. It’s now clear this was a murder.

While they check the footage, Manager An arrives and drops off some food. He walks away in slow motion (has he been watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League?) but overhears what they’re saying. He feeds this back to the rest of the residents too, who all decide to team up with Vincenzo and fight for their building…and the gold.

Vincenzo begrudgingly agrees, as they decide to make a public announcement against Geumga Plaza. In fact, they all sit with masks on. Hilariously, Vincenzo’s is a pigeon called Inzaghi. They bring up all the issues surrounding the law firms and promise to expose everything – starting with Law Firm Wusang.

They turn their attention to Myung-Hee first, showing off her ridiculous dancing. Next, they throw shade at Seung-Hyeok for being a loyal subject. Finally they call Han-Seo a dimwit. This riles them all up…except Joon-Woo who really isn’t bothered. He tells the others not to be either as they adjourn their meeting. However, this doesn’t stop Myung-Hee from ringing Cha-Young and berating her. Cha-Young simply hangs up.

That night they begin their revenge. With an insignia of “C” planted around, Myung-Hee is shocked at the launderette by our acting zombie. It’s so convincing in fact that she passes out on the floor. Meanwhile, Seung-Hyeok simply has a C planted up on his wall courtesy of planted cleaners.

Finally, Han-Seo is chased by a remote controlled car (handled by Toto and Manager An.) When the countdown ends, it simply has the letter “C” on a little flag. Its meaning? Well, Cha-Young tells Mr Nam it stands for THAT C word which I am not writing out in this recap! However, it’s actually a C for the Cassano family.

When Joon-Woo catches wind of this, his earlier smile fades. He even makes a call to someone who promises to be at the airport very soon. Well, this man arrives and confirms that Vincenzo is a consigliere for the Mafia.

Joon-Woo is excited, especially when he sees the various different photos of what he’s done in the past. Han-Seo is rattled though, believing this is not the right person to use as a sparring partner. Joon-Woo however, most certainly does.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Jung arrives at the law firm, with Vincenzo immediately flipping the board over to hide their current operation.

Anyway, he’s enraged over Director Gil’s case, especially the way it’s been wrapped up as a suicide. He promises to help them and cooperate, but Vincenzo rejects his help. It’s nothing personal of course, and using the metaphor of a rotten apple they tell him they can’t trust his law firm.

That evening, Joon-Woo rings Cha-Young and encourages her to show up and meet. He has big news about the law firm. While she’s out, masked men arrive at Geumga Plaza looking for Vincenzo. He immediately takes out Chef Toto with a single punch while Vincenzo records another video, this one with the footage from the Underpass, unaware of what’s happened.

With Vincenzo out the building, it’s Park Seok-Do who shows up and tries to help. Only, it turns out they’re actually the Twin Swords Gang. They’ve been tasked with removing them from Geumga Plaza, going on to rough them up and force them all to leave in two days.

Tak Hong-Sik, of all people, shows up with a pair of scissors and uses his skills to fight off all five on his own. He stabs them repeatedly. It turns out Joon-Woo sent them because he wanted to see Vincenzo in action.

Just then, Cha-Young appears and speaks to Joon-Woo. It turns out he just wanted an excuse to see him but doesn’t have any news. However, when they find out about the Geumga Plaza attack, Joon-Woo offers to give them all a lift.

At the Underpass, Vincenzo stands ready with his gun, hiding behind one of the posts and thanking his foes for gathering together in one place.

Vincenzo fights them all off on his own, but this also means he’s too distracted to answer the phone to Cha-Young.
Instead, Vincenzo takes the phone off one of the thugs and demands to know who the Chairman is.

Before he can find out, Cha-Young shows up with Joon-Woo and the others. She throws her arms around him and he hugs her back. He knows who the chairman is and looks over her shoulder, straight at Joon-Woo. Cha-Young follows his gaze.

The Episode Review

Oof, how about that for an ending? The gloves are off and now Vincenzo knows what we’ve know for a while. This really opens everything up for next week and it’s perhaps telling that this show doesn’t have any preview for episode 11. This really leaves the possibilities wide open for where this may go next.

Apart from the final 15 minutes or so, a lot of this episode reverts back to that usual cat and mouse game we’ve been seeing but not quite as dramatic and intense as yesterday’s episode.

However, there’s still some highlights and seeing all the residents doing their stint online with masks is a nice touch. Perhaps even more so given Vincenzo’s is of a pigeon. This is a lovely nod to the on-running gag about the birds and easily one of the best jokes this time around.

While it’s not the best crime drama out there, Vincenzo’s characters are enough to elevate this one and make it a memorable watch. For that alone this one’s worth watching and sticking with for the long haul. That ending though makes next week’s episode an absolute must-watch!

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  1. It’s coming down to the nitty griddy😊. Episode 11 is going to be very interesting. Vincenzo is crafty and witty in his own right. Do not mess with women and children. That is a no no. 💕 Each episode.

  2. I think there will be a few more twist and turns in the story. Will we have a happy ending or is the villain able to escape for vengeance another season? And who will get the gold? I like the thought of Vincenzo knows where all the hidden treasure is of the mafia and like a pirate has many adventures finding! Chicago mafia next?

  3. I’ll be so disappointed if they don’t see through the reveal and it turns out they think Mr. Lee from the plaza is acting as a decoy. Although my guess is Mr. Lee might be there to protect Joon Woo

  4. The comedy was a hit or miss for me (up to episode 6), but I’ve always liked the more serious elements of the story. Maybe I’ve gotten used to the comedy, or maybe they were able to find the right blend, but I’m all for it right now. As for the characters, I love Cha Young – she’s tough, level headed, and has good intuition just like her father. And Joon Woo…man, is he a character. I was so scared when they got in his car to head to the underpass. Really loving this drama.

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