Vikings: Valhalla – Season 3 Episode 1 “Seven Years Later” Recap & Review

Seven Years Later – Recap

Here is the recap of Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Episode 1 which begins in Jomsborg, 7 years later. We see Little Harald and the village working on forging swords so that they can trade at Kattegat which remains a hotspot. Freydis has still not given up hope and continues to ask about Harald and Leif and learns that they are now part of the Byzantine army.

It cuts to the Byzantine siege of the Sicilian fort, Syracuse. The Syracuse army is skilled and almost takes down Romanos, the Byzantine Emperor. However, we see that it is Harald and Dorn (one of the redhead sisters from Season 2) who save the Emperor’s life.

Constantinople, the Byzantine capital is undefended which makes Romanos nervous. He wants to stop the siege and head back. General Maniakes is not happy as he believes this move will make them look weak. As usual, Harald steps in and claims he can take the fort in a day with simply his 700 Varangians (the Byzantine Vikings). Enter Leif who has turned into a full-blown scholar and scientist.

With the help of Dorn, Batu and Kaysan, he has been making bombs and underground tunnels that go under the fort walls. While Harald does a routine check, Kaysan jokes about him being the future king of Norway and we learn that Harald has still not given up on his dream. He believes that from the Syracuse treasure, he can fund his army. But Leif knows that Harald is ambitious as he wonders what the prince’s plans are after he becomes king.

Meanwhile, Jomsborg has a new visitor, Stigr the healer who has travelled all over the world. The village is wary as he claims he is an atheist and not a fighter even though he easily takes down the villagers. Freydis is intrigued and welcomes him. It is then revealed that Stigr’s father is a Jomsviking.

His stories fascinate Freydis and she asks him to teach Little Harald to be a healer. The village also sees a wedding between Hrefna and Kolr (the kids from Season 2). As everyone celebrates, Freydis and Stigr bond as she tells him about Jomsborg being the last holdout of the old ways. That night, she invites him to her room and they sleep together.

An unhappy Canute also makes an appearance as he heads to Rome to meet the Pope. The Pope wants Canute to build 300 churches as punishment for all the pillaging and raids. He also wants Canute to appoint a successor. The Viking king also needs to bend in the knee, kiss the Pope’s ring and talk to him via the Cardinal. In return, Canute will get the Pope’s forgiveness, blessing, backing, support and all that jazz.

Of course, Canute is insulted and creates a scene which offends the Pope. Emma is worried as she warns Canute that the Pope can excommunicate him. But Godwin fixes things by bribing the Cardinal. Emma wants to try a different tact as she believes bribery won’t earn the Pope’s sincerity but Godwin refuses to listen.

We return to the siege as General Maniakes doesn’t trust Harald. However, Romanos points out that he became the emperor of the greatest empire by using men who risk more than he does. Meanwhile, an unwitting Harald executes his plan which has Batu and Kaysan pretending to enter the fort via the tunnel.

The Syracuse army pours gasoline down the tunnel and sets it on fire to stop them. But turns out, this was exactly what Leif wanted. The fire spreads to the second tunnel which leads to the back of the fort. With Leif’s bombs already in place, the fire sets them off and the wall explodes allowing the Varangians to enter from the back and take the fort. And with that the recap of Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Episode 1 ends.

Episode 1 Review

Now that the recap is done, let’s get on with the review of Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Episode 1. It kicks off the new season with similar pomp, excitement and action as the previous seasons. All of our favourite characters return and some more and they have all been busy.

Poor Harald keeps getting waylaid and his throne seems even farther away now as he is busy fighting for an ungrateful emperor. Leif has turned into a Viking scholar courtesy of Mariam while Freydis has taken over Jomsborg. 

Canute is still his annoying self, being manipulated by his advisors left, right and centre. His story last season wasn’t that intriguing but it was the rivalry between Emma and Godwin that kept that subplot running. Which makes us wonder if it will escalate this season or if they are finally teaming up to keep Canute in check.

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