Venus in the Sky (Thai BL) Season 1 Review – Can lost love be reclaimed?

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Venus in the Sky is a Thai Boys Love romance drama that follows the story of an interior designer, Venus, and a doctor, Sky. Venus and Sky were University close friends. However, Venus’s feelings for Sky go beyond friendship, but when he confesses on his graduation day, Sky rejects his feelings.

Heartbroken, Venus cuts all connections with Sky, and they do not get into contact for the following three years. Fate brings them back together when Venus decides to take a break from work in Bangkok and move to live with his brother in their hometown. Sky sees Venus again as he is helping his brother in his newly opened Seven-Eleven convenience store, and he starts a chase to win his old love back. 

Venus in the Sky has a good plot potential, but the production is messy and frustrating. Some dialogues are interesting, while others are plain and tedious. There is so much more the script could have explored instead of the long, monotonous scenes, such as investing more in the backstories of the support characters.

The one-hour-long episodes feel overstretched, and most audiences will likely either skip through or bump the playback speed. Regardless, the script ideally covers Sky and Venus’s story and gives flashbacks to their backstories.

However, the backstories could have been better scripted if the writers delved deep into the past, like in the first half of the series, rather than using the confusing irregular switch between the present and the past. The production delivers cinematic and sceneries, especially the homely feel of Venus’s home and the surroundings. The depiction of the rocky relationship between Venus and Sky is spot on, given the anger and hurt from the misunderstandings of the past. 

The characters in Venus in the Sky portrayed their roles amazingly, which is the major strength of the series. Venus is spoilt and stubborn, given that his brother always gave in to him growing up after their parent’s separation. Therefore, he comes off as selfish and inconsiderate since he cannot interpret other people’s reactions, which constantly creates misunderstandings between him and Sky.

Consequently, he is still hurting and heartbroken from the rejection, hindering his understanding of Sky’s present feelings. On the other hand, Sky is patient and understanding. He knows how much he hurt Venus in the past and does not rush him to accept his feelings in the present. He is resilient and determined to win back Venus regardless of how much Venus pushes him away. He is also very romantic, making viewers root for him for both the subtle and glad gestures he uses to show Venus his true feelings. 

Janus and Bomb are most fans’ favourites in the series. Their relationship is mature and relatable since it suffers from a lack of communication, which most viewers struggle with in their individual situations. Janus is strong-willed and wants to shield his brother and his partner from the struggles of running a convenience store.

He, therefore, becomes secretive, which creates constant arguments between him and Bomb. However, he loves and cares for his brother and his partner, Bomb. Bomb is loving, caring, and considerate. He quickly notices that Janus is going through something and hiding it from him. He is understanding and constantly pushes Janus to trust him more and let him help with responsibilities. He does not give up on their relationship, and eventually, Janus learns to depend on him. 

Baitong and Tonkla’s story deserves its individual plot. It depicts the unavoidable changes that happen during relationships and the importance of partners accommodating the changes and adjusting to each other. In this regard, Baitong is patient and understands Tonkla’s busy schedule. He takes the initiative to visit Tonkla every free time he gets in his busy schedule. Tonkla’s character develops through the series, and he eventually learns to appreciate Baitong and prioritise their relationship. Finally, Day is a ray of sunshine. He is humorous, and the banter between him and Sky lights up the dull moments in the series. 

Overall, Venus in the Sky is a good romance story with realistic storylines. However, the episodes are overstretched with many redundant scenes, making it a frustrating and tedious watch. The character’s backstories are underdeveloped, but you will enjoy the chemistry between the characters and the fantastic sceneries, including the houses and the date atmospheres. 

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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