Venus in The Sky (Thai BL) – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Promises of Forever

Episode 10 of Venus in the Sky starts with Sky showing around the scar he gets after Venus bites him. He asked Venus to bite him earlier since no one believed it when he told them he had a boyfriend. He tells Day and Tonkla they still do not believe him and says they will wait for Venus to tell them. 

What happens to Venus and Sky?

Since no one believes that Sky and Venus are dating, he gets upset when he learns Venus is not telling anyone about them. Venus starts stressing out, wondering if Sky is upset when he does not respond to his messages. Sky stops picking up Venus’s calls and texting him, making him more anxious. Baitong thinks Sky is busy, but Venus tells him that Sky previously took his calls regardless of how busy at work he was. Baitong tries to make him stay. 

Baitong pretended that he and Tonkla had a fight and came to keep Venus from meeting with Sky. Sky prepares a surprise party and invites all their friends and close family. Sky wants to show them he and Venus are dating since they do not believe him. Day joins them later. 

Sky asks Venus to accompany him to his house to see a surprise he has prepared for him. In his bedroom, he projects pictures of them while Sky promises that he will never be insensitive towards Venus’s feelings. Venus confesses his love for Sky and promises to stay together forever. 

Day reminds Sky to talk formally with Janus about Venus staying at his house so he does not worry about him. Later, Sky and Venus approach Janus and Bomb, and Sky tells them about his intention to take responsibility for caring for Venus. Janus agrees to let Venus move in with Sky. 

What happens to Baitong and Tonkla?

Tonkla accidentally sees the job offer email sent to Baitong. He meets with Janus before meeting Baitong, who seems stressed about telling Tonkla about the job. Baitong starts discussing the job offer over a meal, and Tonkla asks if he would break up with him if he says he does not want him to go. Tonkla tells him not to think about breaking up and taking the job if he wants to. Tonkla has always been busy, and Baitong put up with it. It is now his turn to cheer him on. 

Baitong accepts the job offer in Germany. He and Tonkla video call, and Tonkla encourages him to keep chasing his dreams, and he will wait for him. Tonkla sends him his favourite snacks and foods when he says that he does not like the food in Germany. Baitong appreciates Tonkla for waiting for him, although he has mixed feelings about his work since he misses Tonkla. 

What happens to Janus and Bomb?

Bomb stresses out about his family, making him choose between Janus and them. He seeks Janus’s advice, asking whom he would choose between Venus and him. Janus says that if he had to choose, he would go for Bomb since he is the person he wants to have in his future. Janus thinks that Venus would also choose his lover. Bomb seems to have made up his mind after the talk. He tells Janus that he loves him and asks for a hug. A car outside drives away afterwards. 

Janus and Bomb join Bomb’s parents for a meal, and when they return, Janus thinks Bomb’s parents do not like him. Bomb assures him that he will never break up with him, no matter what. Janus worries that he might because of his parents. Bomb reminds him of what he initially told him. Janus is his life partner, so he will always choose him no matter what happens. 

Bomb’s mother calls and asks to talk to Janus. She asks him to break up with Bomb, but Janus declines. He will never leave Bomb, and they will hold each other’s hands no matter what tests they face in the future. They will overcome difficulties together. He then asks Bomb’s mother to give them another chance. She finally agrees and asks Janus always to take care of Bomb. 

How does Venus in the Sky end?

Sky and Venus arrive at Sky’s room and sit on the bed. Sky thanks Venus for giving him another chance to love him again. He asks Venus never to abandon him, and Venus promises that from now on, he does not have to chase after him since he will always go to him.

The Episode Review

The episode summarises all the storylines perfectly. Janus and Bomb work out their differences, and Janus learns to depend on others and not shoulder all responsibility alone. Bomb realises that he would easily choose Janus over his family if they kept pushing him to make a choice. Luckily, he does not have to since his mother accepts their relationship.

Baitong and Tonkla learn to hold onto their relationship no matter the distance. Tonkla prioritises their relationship even at work as he sits in his office waiting for Baitong’s video call. Sky and Venus get their happy ending and move in together. 

The relationship between Tonkla and Baitong deserves more screen time though. It would be amazing to see a spinoff or another season exploring their relationship growth and challenges from when they met and got together in college. Their relationship has faced the most difficulties and undergone tremendous development, which this series does not explore well. In addition, the backstory between Janus and Bomb could make a fantastic spinoff. Would it be interesting to watch Bomb trying to chase after Venus but ending up becoming his brother’s boyfriend?

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