Venus in The Sky (Thai BL) – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Getting Closer

Episode 5 of Venus in the Sky starts with Sky helping Venus make deliveries from Janus’s Seven-Eleven store. Afterwards, they both head back to the store and help each other pack more customer orders for delivery. They make a delivery to the hospital, and Sky becomes weak from exhaustion and almost faints. He did not rest after his shift because he wanted to spend some time with Venus. Venus stays with him until he gains his strength back, and they drive back home.

Janus invites Sky in for a meal and later leaves them alone to have a meal together. While discussing the design of his house, Sky mentions that he has not slept soundly for a while. The last time he had a good sleep was during his college days when he spent time with Venus. His words make Venus emotional, and he blushes, drinking some water to hide his emotions. Later, after sending Sky off, Venus cannot hide the smile on his face. 

Janus over-exerts himself and does not let Bomb help him out. He starts having a backache and hides it from Bomb, pretending all is okay. Meanwhile, Sky realizes he has a three-day shift and is exhausted due to a shortage of assistants working during his shift. He manages to convince Day to take some of his shifts but still has so many cases to monitor. Regardless, he finds time to check on Venus and order him some food. 

Venus offers to make a delivery to the hospital to give Bomb and Janus time to rest. At the hospital, he sees Sky looking pale from overworking. In the midst of being busy with hospital rounds, Venus notices that Sky still takes time to check up on him. He runs back to the shop and makes Sky a cold drink. Back at the hospital, the nurse tells him that Sky is busy making his rounds, and instead of giving the nurse the drink, he chooses to wait for Sky.

Sky is overwhelmed and tired after the ward rounds. The nurse tells him that someone has been waiting for him, and the minute he sees Venus, he is overjoyed. Venus gives him the drink, and Sky asks for a hug of encouragement. Venus is too shy to hug him at the hospital lounge, so Sky leads him to the fire escape. 

Venus tells Sky the reason he did not respond to his texts is that he had many customers at the shop. He agrees to let Sky get a hug. Sky tells him that he misses him, especially when he is exhausted at work. He thanks him for the drink, and Venus hugs him back. Sky asks to have dinner together and talk. Venus agrees to wait for him at home after his shift. 

Janus continues to stop Bomb from helping him out at the store despite his bad back. Elsewhere, Kla and Tong are too busy, but Tong insists on them having their night-time calls regardless. Kla says it is okay if they do not talk for a few days, given that they are too busy, but Tong insists. Kla says that at times, they are too tired to talk during the call, but Tong insists on calling him before bed. 

Meanwhile, Venus anxiously waits for Sky to come by after his shift. He keeps looking out the window, waiting, and when Sky says he is done with his shift and on the way, Venus nervously starts cleaning the house. He even disturbs Janus and Bomb, who are already asleep. Sky arrives when Venus is sitting outside singing to the fish, and Venus is happy to see him. Sky comes with food.

During the meal, Venus notices that Sky is eating too fast and asks whether he has something to eat during the day. Sky says he was too busy and had no time to eat. Sky had no time to eat, but he had time to order food for Venus. 

After the meal, they take some time to look through the interior design plan Venus is making for Sky’s house. They make some changes, after which Sky asks Venus to take a break since there is no rush. Sky asks Venus to sing him a song, and he pretends to fall asleep. Venus is drawn to Sky’s cute sleeping face, and he almost kisses him. However, Sky is not asleep, and he opens his eyes when Venus pulls back and starts working on his laptop again, letting Sky lean on his shoulder. 

The Episode Review

Sky’s sincerity is reaching Venus, and he is starting to reciprocate. He is amazed by how much Sky cares for him and looks out for his welfare, even when he is exhausted from work. He wants to become his encouragement, and simultaneously, he is opening up his heart to accept Sky again.

The episode showed the differences between a relationship where the partners prioritize each other regardless of their busy schedules, and another where they let work get in the way.

Tong is trying to keep their relationship working, but Kla seems to be pulling away and letting work get in the way. Janus needs to trust Bomb more and stop taking all the responsibilities alone. Bomb wants to help out, and he should let him. How will these relationships develop in the next episode?

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