Venus in The Sky (Thai BL) – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Will Venus Open Up His Heart for Sky Again?

Episode 4 of Venus in the Sky starts with Tonkla arriving home from work, and Tong is waiting to welcome him. He takes a shower while Tong tries to make some food, which does not turn out well. Tonkla is exhausted, and he goes to bed before eating. 

Sky arrives at Janus’s store and asks for his help. He wants to hire Venus as his interior designer but knows he will not agree if he asks. The following day, Janus tricks Venus into agreeing to see a client. Realizing that the client is Sky, Venus almost refuses, but Janus convinces him.  

Venus and Sky look through the house, with Venus making notes and suggestions of the possible interior designs they might implement. Sky has no idea what he wants and goes with Venus’s suggestions. The whole time, he is just looking at Venus affectionately. He is happy to spend time together.

Venus chooses to implement a modern minimalist style. He will send him plans later, and he promises to respond to Sky’s messages if they are about work. Sky drives him home. Meanwhile, Tong tries to get affectionate with Tonkla, but Tonkla is busy, making Tong unhappy. 

Sky tries to get Day to switch shifts with him since he is on a seven-day shift. Day refuses, and Sky complains about having no time for a ward summary. He asks Venus to accompany him to choose furniture the next day, and he agrees. Sky is excited enough to have the energy to work for seven days. 

The next day, Sky picks up Venus. Janus mentions both dressing up and asks if they are going on a date or to the furniture store. They arrive at the store, and Venus tells Sky to choose furniture based on style, color, and function.

Sky says nothing much happens at his house since he sits on the sofa when he arrives home and falls asleep soon after. Venus suggests they start by looking at the sofas and the bed. Sky gives Venus complete control to choose what they will buy. 

Later, Sky asks Venus to accompany him to buy a microwave. The experience of choosing a microwave reminds Venus of spending time together at the university. He teaches Sky how to cook in the microwave to avoid burning food and the banter afterwards. Sky notices Venus is stunned, and he mentions their time making food using the microwave at the university. 

Day asks Sky if he likes Venus at work, and he unknowingly agrees. Day mentions how everyone in their middle school was into Venus. Sky complains that Venus is avoiding him and not responding to his messages. Day texts him to see if he is busy and suggests they meet the next day. Venus replies to his messages, making Sky jealous. They make a deal for Sky to meet with Venus instead.

Day makes an excuse the next day during the meeting, saying he had an emergency at work, and asks Venus to wait for him. Day accompanies Sky up to the café but does not go in. Sky arrives and tells Venus that Day asked him to come. Later, Day messages Venus again, apologizing for standing him up, and asks for a meeting the following day. He promises not to stand him up. However, Sky also tags along. 

Sky drops off Venus later and says he will keep pursuing Venus as long as he remains single. Venus thinks he will find a boyfriend, and Sky says he will destroy all his relationships and ensure he likes him again. Janus notices that Venus is smiling when he enters the house. 

Next, Sky visits Venus at the store; this time, he does not show animosity towards him. Their interaction is funny. Sky wants to buy Venus some water, but he forgets his phone, so he asks Venus for money. Another time, he helps Venus carry some boxes into the shop, and Venus lets him help. He also sends Venus a night-time snack to his house, and Venus likes it. He smiles when he reads the note, sends Sky a photo, and sends a message asking Sky to take care of himself first. 

When Day asks if everything is going well with Venus, Sky says he is unsure. Venus is a kind person, but he is also decisive. Sky knows that Venus will not open up his heart to him quickly. Day promises to do his best to help him.

At the end of the episode, Venus has to make some deliveries to a customer, but Janus has his car. Sky arrives in time and offers to drive him to make the deliveries. Venus is first concerned and asks Sky to rest but then agrees to have Sky go to him to make the delivery. He also lets him hold his hand. 

The Episode Review

In this episode, Venus is starting to open up to Sky. In the previous episodes, he was adamant about avoiding Sky and not letting him get close. He always got angry when the Sky was persistent, but in this episode, he accepted his help, responded to his messages, and let him hold his hand.

The story progression is slow and understandable, so because Venus was hurt by Sky before, he does not just rush in this time round and is like giving Sky time to prove himself. What is happening to Tonkla and Tong’s relationship? 

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