Venus in The Sky (Thai BL) – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Another Chance to Love

Episode 3 of Venus in the Sky starts with Venus and Sky at the movies. Even though Sky has a ghost phobia, he still chooses to watch a ghost movie, saying he is no longer scared when Venus shows concern. At the movies, an alternative scene of how it might go down if Venus is the scared one ends with a romantic scene of Sky kissing Venus. However, in reality, Sky is the scared cat, and he keeps his eyes closed throughout the movie. 

When the movie ends, Sky is still extremely terrified even to drive. He also refuses to go home alone and insists on showering at Venus’s house. He throws a fit when Venus refuses, forcing Venus to allow him into the house. Sky drips water onto the floor since his clothes are wet from trying to shower outside with the hose pipe. The wet floor makes Venus slip and hurt his toe.

Sky grabs first aid tools from the bathroom, and after disinfecting the wound, he takes the opportunity to ask Venus for another chance. He apologizes for rejecting him back in college and tells him he realized his mistake. He likes Venus very much and begs for another chance. However, Venus is not having any of it. He gets angry and asks Sky to cry in the bathroom. 

While taking a shower, a distressed Sky reminisces the past and how his life was back in college after he rejected Venus and was left alone without him. He was sad and lonely, especially when he visited the places they used to go together. He was happy with Venus and enjoyed spending time together, and it was not until Venus left him that he realized how much he meant to him.

Sky is done showering, and he helps Venus up the stairs after much pleading. Janus arrives when Sky is coming down from the room, and he tells him that Venus got into a little accident but is feeling okay. 

The following day, Sky arrives at the hospital. His gloomy face shows his feelings, and his friend Day notices. He talks Sky into being cheerful at work since everyone in the hospital will notice his distress. Sky admits that he is weak in the matter of feelings. He wants to hide his emotions since saying what is in his heart and expressing his love is all in vain if the person he is expressing them to chooses to turn a blind eye. 

In the next scene, Sky tries his best to keep his emotions in check at the hospital, working diligently to check on patients and give medical advice. Day asks him to order food using his phone since they both have been too busy to eat. The food order is sent to Janus’s Seven Eleven, and no one else is available to make the delivery; hence, Janus asks Venus to make the delivery. 

Venus arrives at the hospital and runs to Sky first. Sky insists on helping Venus make the delivery and cleaning and dressing his wound, but Venus does not have it. Day arrives, and Venus and Day are middle school classmates and know each other. Sky tries to make Day cut the catching-up conversation short so he can talk to Venus. However, Venus still does not give him a chance and leaves as soon as Day takes the order. 

 Bom still worries that Venus is not okay with his relationship with Janus. Janus asks him to stop overthinking and talk to Venus. Bom opens up and asks if Venus is okay with him dating Janus since Bom had liked Venus at first before he found himself in love with Janus. They clear the air between them, and Venus affirms that he is not against their relationship and is happy that Bom can make Janus happy.

Tong visits Venus, and they spend some time together. He also spends time with his boyfriend, Kla. Janus’s work running a business becomes hectic due to unscheduled deliveries. Bom offers to help, but Janus asks him to have his meal first. Venus wonders why Janus chose to run a business when it is so hectic.  

In the following scenes, Sky tries to get Venus to talk to him and stop being angry, but Venus refuses all his advances. He does not respond to his line messages, hides when Sky visits him at the shop, refuses Sky’s food gifts, crumples his letters, and returns his fruit baskets. Venus would do as Sky did when he rejected him and would keep saying no and pushing Sky away.

At the end of the episode, Kla gives Sky a different idea to pursue Venus. Venus posts on social media that he takes design and interior decoration orders. Kla suggests that Sky try talking to Venus about work and see if he replies.

The Episode Review

Understandably, Venus was hurt when Sky rejected him, but it is evident that he still likes him. Sky is baring his heart, knowing Venus is still angry and hurt, but he is not giving up. His efforts to win Venus back are touching.

On the other hand, Venus is still holding a grudge and is afraid of getting hurt again, but I hope he sees the sincerity in Sky and opens up his heart soon. I also hope we get to see a little more of Tonkla and his boyfriend, Baitong, in the next episodes. 

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