Venus in The Sky (Thai BL) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Past Loves and Regrets

Episode  2 of Venus in the Sky starts with a flashback to Venus and Sky’s university days. Venus arrives at the canteen, where Sky waits for him with lots of food on the table. Venus claims he has no appetite since he is stressed about school, but Sky force-feeds him until he agrees to eat. He urges him not to think about schoolwork but to eat slowly, and an idea for the project will come to him. 

Sky invites Venus to spend the night in his room since his roommate, Tonkla, has moved out to stay elsewhere with his boyfriend, Tong. Venus agrees. Later in the room, Venus makes a drawing and tries to get Sky’s opinion, but he is too engrossed in his studies to hear Venus call him.

Back to the present, Venus is in his room sitting on the bed, and there are sketches of his work, including the one he made back at the university. Janus walks into the room without knocking, making them bicker for a while because of that. Janus tries to get Venus to let him wash his clothes, but Venus refuses since he knows Janus wants to wear his clothes again. 

Venus asks Janus to leave since he is cleaning the room, but Janus complains that Venus has been cleaning his room for days. He says cleaning up entails just putting stuff here and there, but Venus scolds him for being sloppy and not caring about aesthetics. Janus notices the sketches on the bed, among them a portrait. He thinks the portrait looks familiar. 

Elsewhere, Day gets a drink for Sky, who looks sluggish and exhausted at the hospital. He drags him out to the lounge to rest. Sky asks if Day has ever been in a relationship. He wants to know if doctors like them can have lovers. Day answers that it is difficult for them to be in relationships due to the long working hours and stressful environment.

Someone like Tonkla, Sky’s friend, is lucky since he found someone who understands his work and hectic schedule. Sky reminisces, admitting that he regrets not realizing his true feelings for someone earlier. 

Sky calls Tonkla to ask for advice on how to get the person he likes to text him back. He says that although difficult, he will still go after Venus. Tonkla almost chokes on water when he hears the name of the person Sky is interested in. He affirms that it will be hard to ask Venus out because of their complicated past. Tonkla encourages him to try and ask Venus out for a meal and to keep trying even if he refuses, but only after he confirms Venus is still single.

Sky texts Venus and invites him for a meal the next day to celebrate Venus’s resignation. He agrees to pick him up at the store. Venus has to make a delivery the following day, but his car is at the repair shop. He does not know how to ride a motorcycle, so the only option is to use a bike. Later that evening, Sky arrives at the shop and is told Venus is out making a delivery. He sets up a chair and sits outside the store, waiting for Venus to return. He is tired, and he drifts off to sleep.

Janus arrives for his shift at the store and finds a crowd outside. They surround someone, and they think he is a celebrity. Venus is not yet back. Janus approaches the crowd and recognizes the doctor. He wards the crowd off and wakes up Sky. Janus invites him to wait in the store, but Sky rejects the offer since he promised Venus he would not disturb him inside the store. He continues to wait, optimistic that Venus will not break his promise.

Soon after, Venus arrives, and they go out for a meal. Similar experiences during the meal lead to a flashback to the university. Sky, Venus, Tong, and Tonkla have a hot pot, and the interactions between Sky and Venus are similar to the experience at the barbecue and hotpot restaurant. After the meal, Sky drops Venus off at his house. Janus is waiting in the dark and ambushes a smiling Venus, who is texting with Sky. He refers to Sky as Venus’s boyfriend, but Venus denies having feelings for Sky.

The next day, Tonkla calls Sky for feedback on the date with Venus. He advises Sky to take the next step: take Venus out to a dimly lit room, get closer and confess his love. Sky imagines the naughty, but Tonkla suggests inviting Venus to watch a movie. Venus agrees to go out with Sky, making him ecstatic, but his joy is short-lived. Day requests him to cover his shift since Day’s mother is visiting. Sky has no choice but to cancel the date.

On the other hand, Venus is happy about going out with Sky, and the thought of their time together during the meal brings a smile to his face. He even invites Janus to join him, but before he can tell who he will be going with, he receives Sky’s text saying he is held up at the hospital covering his friend’s shift. 

Venus no longer wants to go out. Instead, he goes home and says he will not be coming to the store the next day. Later that day, Venus is at home trying to convince himself that he no longer feels for Sky. He calls Tong to tell him about meeting Sky. He says that Sky acts like nothing ever happened in the past. He insists that he does not have feelings for Sky, but Tong tells him that he might end up realizing that he still likes Sky. 

Later that night, Bomb arrives home and publicly displays affection for his boyfriend, Janus. Venus is annoyed at their couple moments, especially when Bomb cuts Janus’s nails because they remind him of a similar experience with Sky. In a flashback, Venus and Sky clip each other’s nails in their room at the university. Back to the present, he scolds Janus and Bomb, then walks away.

Elsewhere, Tong arrives home and calls his boyfriend, Tonkla. They have both been busy lately and rarely spend time together. Tong complains that he almost forgets how Tonkla looks, and they joke about it. They both agree to support Sky and Venus. Tong bids Tonkla goodnight and complains when he does not say he loves him back before hanging up. 

The next morning, Venus wakes up to texts from Sky telling him he is still at work. He counts how long Sky has been at work and realizes he has been working for 32 hours. When Sky still asks him out to the movies, he appreciates that he has been working for so long and still wants to spend time together.

Sky orders a delivery from Janus’s Seven-Eleven and learns from the delivery staff that Venus did not go to the shop but is at home cleaning. After work, he goes to pick up Venus. He offers to help him clean the compound, water the flowers, and feed the fish as he waits for Venus to prepare. Venus notices that Sky is exhausted and wants him to go home and rest, but Sky insists on going out.

Sky is afraid that Venus will not want to go with him another day, and the episode ends as they leave to go to the movies.  

The Episode Review

The episode connects the past to the present through flashbacks and helps viewers understand the relationship between Sky and Venus. Their past interactions indicate that they cared for each other deeply. In the present, Sky regrets his reluctance in the past, and Venus tries to deny his feelings. However, he is not doing a very good job since he can’t help but think about Sky. 

The episode also discusses doctors’ relationship struggles due to long working hours and exhaustion. Venus seems to appreciate Sky’s efforts to spend time together despite his exhaustion from work.  We look forward to seeing them learn about each other and be true to their feelings. 

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