Velma – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Sins of the Fathers and Some of the Mothers” Recap & Review

The Sins of the Fathers and Some of the Mothers

In Velma Season 1 Episode 6, Principal Rogers tells Velma about her mother, Dr. Edna Perdue. She discovered how to keep the human brain alive outside of a body.

Army General Harry Meeting thought he could use her research to spy on meddling kids (as everyone knows, the biggest threat to American life). He wanted Edna’s help to put a soldier’s brain into a meddling kid, calling his plan the Special Covert Operations Brain Initiative, a.k.a. SCOOBI.

The plan didn’t work, however, and Edna eventually went insane while doing her research. Velma wonders if there’s a connection between Edna’s research, Diya, and the recent murders. But every time Principal Rogers tries to talk about Diya, Velma’s hallucinations prevent her from hearing what she has to say.

Norville tries to help Velma think of a cure for her hallucinations. Velma realizes something else happened the day her visions started. Her dad told her to stop looking for her mom because he believes she left them. Velma and Norville start to think the hallucinations are brought on by Velma’s need for her father’s love and approval.

Velma talks to her dad about her need for him to believe that Diya was kidnapped. Aman decides to spend the rest of his paternity leave with Velma to help her out.

Meanwhile, Fred’s father continues to try to change his son. He hates that Fred is attracted to Velma, so he buys a stripper’s contract to get her to date Fred–with Aman’s help as his lawyer.

Velma then realizes that Aman has just been using her as an excuse to be able to work while he’s on paternity leave. Velma angrily confronts him and storms off to tell Principal Rogers she’s finally ready to hear about her mom.

She tells Velma that Fred’s family purchased Edna’s house after her death, and that interested Diya. Diya uncovered Edna’s journals and the existence of a lab underneath her house. She must have been looking for the secret lab on the night of her disappearance.

Daphne’s birth parents tell her their plan to sell their haul of crystals and move to Angola. On the night they plan to leave, Darren pulls a gun on Daphne. She’ll be their insurance policy in case the Blakes try to stop them from leaving town.

But her moms suddenly arrive to arrest the entire gang. As it turns out, they’ve been onto Darren and Carroll since they first threw a geode through Daphne’s window.

They also find Brenda’s tank top on Darren. He insists Carroll found it in the mines. When bats from the cave fly down, Carroll is able to escape.

Daphne confronts her moms about stealing her from her birth parents. They finally tell her what really happened. Darren and Carroll didn’t have enough room for Daphne and their stolen goods, so they left Daphne on the dock. That’s where the Blakes found her. They never told her the truth because they didn’t want her to feel unwanted.

Velma goes to Fred’s to look for the secret lab. She and Fred find the lab entrance, but it looks like it hasn’t been touched. When Fred pushes in a brick, the whole wall collapses on them and knocks them out. When Velma comes to, her dad is there.

They all go down into the lab. When Velma starts to hallucinate, Aman telling her he believes her makes the vision go away. And he’s telling the truth: In the lab is the note “Jinkies” in Diya’s handwriting.

The episode ends with Carroll making a break for it. On her way out of the mines, she finds a necklace (belonging to another murdered girl, perhaps?). It seems Carroll won’t have time to figure it out, because a masked person approaches her from behind and raises a knife to her.

The Episode Review

Things are starting to come together, albeit a tad sloppily. The best thread in this installment, to me, isn’t one of mystery but of the emotional arc Velma takes in relation to her dad. Aman may only lose out to Fred’s dad when it comes to the worst father of the year, but I appreciate his effort here (however strained) to help Velma. 

I wonder–If the killer is trying to make use of Edna’s research, why are they hiding out in the mines, where several people live? Is it just that they didn’t know the hideout wouldn’t be so secretive? Or are perhaps crystals not so useless after all? Could they be helpful in implementing Edna’s research? Or could the killer even be a member of the Crystal Mines gang? (If the killer is at all related to Harry Meeting, they sure have found themselves among some meddling people.) Even as we get closer to finding out the truth, this episode raises a lot of questions.

I’m not sure I have any concrete theory as to what’s going on with the serial killer. But I do have a weird one about Scooby Doo himself. If we ever see Scooby appear on this show, is he going to be a result of Edna’s research? A human’s brain transplanted into a dog? I shudder to think…

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