Valleyheart – Heal My Head | Album Review

Track List

The Numbers
Heal My Head
Vampire Smile
Your Favorite Jacket
Back & Forth
Warning Signs
The Days

This trio are lyrical masters, and Heal My Head is a record conveying sorrowful moments; times when despair outweighs natural happiness. And Valleyheart does well at describing their feelings, while putting resonating words on a page. Their words have become their trademark, and their poetry has that distinctive, often melancholic vibe.

The rousing guitar parts offer a different edge; a well-rounded sequence to fit in well with the lyrical forays. Valleyheart play like their lives depend on it, and like they’ve got to reach the summit of their dreams to feel properly validated.

The music here has been produced by a band searching through the rubble to find a glint of golden hope. Their hearts pulsate and their minds throb, while the world becomes a crippled animal.

Heal My Head starts with ‘Birth’. It’s a soft inclusion full of emotion, and the lyrical talent oozes here, breaking ground and showcasing unparalleled intelligence. The acoustic sound gracefully increases that musical dreaminess.

‘Miracle’ meanwhile, begins with a sudden riff. The visions are clear, and the city becomes a snapshot of energy. The vocals soften, and lyrics morph into a dark story.

‘Vampire Smile’ is also well executed. Acoustically driven and melancholic, the song becomes augmented by different styles.

‘Warning Signs’ opens loudly too, and the guitars here do not strain. There’s certainly a sense of optimism here, though the melancholy still rages on.

Valleyheart has developed a record that epitomises serious lyrical brilliance and the standard is certainly high here.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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