Valeria Season 2 Review – A slight improvement over last year’s tepid effort

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Anyone who read my review of Valeria season 1 will be well aware of my thoughts toward this series. And much like the first season, this is essentially still a Spanish twist on Sex and the City.

Now onto its second season, Valeria takes the same approach as the first, with its run-time split between its four central characters and their individual subplots.

Thee story starts with Val returning to Madrid with big decisions to make regarding her love life and career. Following the first season’s love triangle, she’s in a rut of sorts, something that’s seen in her professional life with the ongoing novel writing. Most of the story sees this interweave around Val’s woes with both Victor and Adri, eventually culminating in some closure (but also a big cliffhanger) during the finale.

Elsewhere, each of the girls have their own busywork with Carmen and Borja indulging in the usual couple woes. Lola and Nerea are arguably the weakest characters this time around, although there are a couple of nice moments dotted through the season for the pair.

If you watched the first season then the style here will hold absolutely no surprises. Expect plenty of musical montages, slapstick and crude humour and lots of sex scenes dotted throughout the run-time.

The finale is one sticking point here and tries to be more clever than it has any right to be. Through this artistic endeavor, we jump back and show a weekend across four different perspectives. While good on paper, it doesn’t work and highlights some of the less desirable aspects of this show.

Unlike the first season, which was mainly used to establish the different characters, Valeria feels a little more reflective this time around. Each of the characters do have a good arc and episode 5 serves as a decent stop-gap for the final act as each of the girls contemplate what they really want from their lives.

Still, it doesn’t really excuse Val’s behaviour in the first season though, as she messes around with Victor behind her husband’s back. Because of this, she remains a difficult character to warm to a second time around.

While watching though, one can’t help but feel this is a pale imitation of Sex and the City. The ideas are incredibly similar, right down to the love triangles and some of the plot developments. While the second season is perhaps a mild improvement over the first, in this dense, packed TV landscape, this is not a show to remember.

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  • Verdict - 4/10

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