Valeria Season 2 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Does Val sign her divorce papers?

Episode 8 of Valeria Season 2 picks up after the successful launch of Val’s book. In fact, she’s thinking about writing a sequel too. She mentions a thread that keeps people together as a slick animation picks up, showing our four friends tied together in this intricate web of romance and drama.

It’s Christmas time and Val’s world comes to a head when she receives her divorce settlement through the post.

The next part of the finale does a lot of jumping back and forth, skipping to Friday and Saturday so we’ll break down each of these instances individually.

What happens to Carmen over the weekend?

We then cut across to Carmen as she prepares to pack her things and leave. Well, to begin with anything. Things inevitably get hot and heavy between her and Borja. Midway through the act though, Borja’s Mum walks in on them. Oops!

Anyway, they agree to set up a dinner date for Sunday to try and hash out this awkwardness, as the girls all meet on Saturday night for a dinner date.

What happens to Lola?

From Lola’s perspective, all the girls gather together and hand over gifts. After enjoying time with the others, Lola reveals that she’s going to visit Vienna in the near-future.

Lola heads over to Victor’s place and finds herself surprised by a girl sitting on the couch. She interprets this as Victor sleeping with someone else, making a quick getaway after handing back his music.

What happens to Valeria over the weekend?

Valeria continues to reel over the divorce settlement and despite her novel being a success, is left alone to set up all the decorations. As we jump to the evening, Valeria receives a Christmas tree decoration – something that intentionally keeps her mind off the men in her life. Well, after Lola’s big find, Valeria contemplates whether Victor has another girlfriend or not.

What happens to Nerea?

At work, Nerea is confronted by Victor but things are awkward, to say the least – especially when he ends up being her new customer. Val rings though, deciding to move the secret Santa shindig to that night to get her mind off things.

Nerea keeps the Victor issue a secret, and even lies when he rings that evening. When Val quizzes her, he claims it’s actually Chus on the phone.

Do Victor and Valeria get together in the end?

In the dark, Victor shows up alongside the four girls as these time jumps stop and we stick to one timeline. Things are awkward between them until Victor reveals that the woman in his apartment isn’t actually a new girlfriend – it’s his sister, Aina.

It doesn’t take long though for Val and Victor to get busy, skipping out on the dark dinner and making love instead. Val immediately feels guilty after though,contemplating what to do about this.

Val is more disappointed in Nerea, at least for a few minutes anyway. It doesn’t take long for them to patch up their differences after a quick apology from her regarding working with Victor and keeping it a secret.

Does Carmen convince Borja’s Mother?

Meanwhile, Carmen’s breakfast with Borja’s Mother is inevitably awkward. Borja sticks up for Carmen though, confronting her Mother and reminding the woman that what they were doing is absolutely fine. Carmen is proud of her boyfriend and hopefully this means good things to come.

How does Valeria Season 2 end?

Val eventually signs her divorce settlement, ready to move on to the next stage of her life. While she does, all the girls join together for their Christmas celebrations. There’s a brief montage of all our characters readying themselves for the next stage of their life, with Val sitting down and deciding on the title of her sequel “Valeria in the mirror.”

Just then, Victor messages and asks about his earlier offer. Val smiles knowingly with an answer to his message…but we don’t see what this is. We’ll have to wait for season 3!

The Episode Review

Given Valeria’s themes revolve around empowerment and femininity, it seems like Val has made her choice and her knowing smile – especially on the back of  that earlier montage – seems to hint that she’ll be forging her own path and not going back with her ex. The ending is good enough to serve as a conclusive chapter to the show as a whole, while leaving things wide open for a possible third season.

Much like the first season, there really isn’t a lot of substance to this show and despite the four different friends going through their individual arcs, this finale has a really irritating style of editing, repeating the same segments again and again from different perspectives.

Still, fans of season 1 should find enough to like here and the ending leaves enough on the table for a season 3.

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  1. I LOVE this series!!! I’ve watched it multiple times and while I am thrilled that VAL is becoming a more secure & strong woman… I desperately want her to end up with Victor. Watching them go back-and-forth you know that they both love each other & timing is everything and I hope this Bruno person doesn’t destroy it, but I can’t wait for a season three!!! I definitely predict a love triangle but please let Victor triumph! Maxi Is Spectacular!

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