Valeria – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Will They/Won’t They

After a drunken night of love making to a stranger, episode 7 of Valeria sees Val return home and try to act normally around Adri. When he heads out to work, Victor shows up after Val left him a voicemail the night before inviting him to breakfast. Regrettably, she lets him in.

Meanwhile Nerea tries to come up with the right tactic for handling the feminist message in her group, coming to blows with Olga in the process, while Carmen and Borja struggle to connect, mixing their personal and professional lives up to make things awkward at work. This eventually brings her over to Val’s house where she’s invited up and Victor hides in her room.

After pretending Victor’s Mum ringing is her publicist, Val lies and manages to get rid of Carmen. As she leaves the apartment, Victor and Val kiss again but just as they’re about to get on the bed, Val stops him and he falls on the floor, prompting her to get a frozen ham to reduce the swelling in his back.

After her earlier outburst with Olga, Nerea leaves the association for the day but receives some words of encouragement from Gloria surrounding her idea of graffiting the magazine that’s been bad mouthing them. That evening they head off together and graffiti the windows but when Nerea heads home, ironically someone has done the same to her house.

Meanwhile, Lola has issues of her own as her Mother returns in her life and we finally see a different side to her persona. Given how much Lola has sacrificed with having to look after Dani when she left, her returning and wanting to now be a better parent is a bitter pill to swallow. She invites Lola to attend an orchestra that night but when she leaves, Lola leaves and throws her instrument away, ripping up the ticket along with it.

Victor and Val finally hook up but their sex is less than average, to say the least. In the aftermath of this, Val admits to hooking up with a random stranger at the bar and it prompts him to leave. Only, Val chases after him and the duo finally hook up again, getting hot and steamy in the shower. However, they don’t hear the doorbell ringing.

With Victor and Val finally hooking up, big questions remain around exactly how she’s going to break this to Adri. Regardless of how distant he’s been with his wife, it still feels a little difficult to watch Val sleep with Victor and mess around with him behind Adri’s back. The episode itself does do one thing well though – and that comes from deepening Lola’s character. Seeing the issues she’s had with her Mum in the past is a welcome inclusion in the episode and is easily the stand out moment here.

The finale is up next and the penultimate episode continues to chug along with this romantic melodrama and if you’ve made it this far, no doubt you’ll be seeing this one through to its conclusion.

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