Valeria – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Simmering Tensions

After a hot and heavy night, episode 4 of Valeria begins with Nerea awakening and preparing for Lola’s big trap party that night. While they do, Carmen and Borja plan to arrive as Beyonce and Jay Z while Val and Adri start to look through the clothes for an outfit of their own. Only, Victor happens to be in the same store and things are instantly awkward between them until Lola arrives to save the day.

Nerea finds herself at a meeting full of women, including one called Olga who takes a fancy to her. This stimulating new group of women sees her longing for a new group of like-minded women to hang around him. While they talk, Carmen informs them she’s renting a country cottage with Borja.

While Adri and Val try to find common ground and patch up their differences, Nerea visits the feminist group and offers up some suggestions on how to grow their social media presence. While they start to come up with ideas, they task Nerea to come up with a new hashtag for them.

Meanwhile Lola sleeps with Sergio again and tries to convince him to her friends. Given their affair is all about sex, he reminds her of the ground rules and tells her he didn’t want things to become more than it currently is. Deciding to break things off, he leaves while she struggles with her own emotions.

That evening, the trap party begins and Val immediately gets embarrassed by Adri’s dress-wear. Realizing that her interests lie elsewhere, she tries to get Viktor’s attention on the other side of the party and starts flamboyantly dancing in his line of vision. It seems to work too and he starts to glance over more and more.

That evening Lola has a fight with her brother Dani, blaming him for ruining her life and while things bubble over for them, Val and Victor finally talk about what the future may have held for them both as they continue to debate over whether they’d be better together or not.

Unfortunately the aftermath of these conversations see all the group’s issues come spilling out as Nerea branches out to her “lesbian pool” instead of her friends when they don’t listen to her. She tells Val her novel is terrible and that she needs to break up with Adrian.

In the aftermath of this, Carmen throws herself at Borja and they start to screw around in the bathroom while Lola and Val discuss the latter’s conflicted feelings toward Victor and Adri. Eventually she caves and Val succumbs to temptation and starts kissing Victor. Only when she does, Lola arrives and immediately passes out after seeing them together, which is where the episode ends.

With a bit more characterisation for Nerea and some nice bouts of melodrama, Valeria delivers a better episode this time around, even if it does continue to struggle with its originality. The entire episode sees Val’s story mentioned once too so it looks like the show has moved beyond that plot device now to focus a lot more on the soap opera drama with the girls which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

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