Valeria – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Love Triangle

Episode 3 of Valeria begins at a party as Carmen takes Borja into a photo booth and starts kissing him. Only, he wants to take things slowly with her and refuses to have sex with her, which certainly disappoints Carmen as she turns around in a huff.

Valeria starts working at the museum after all but continues to message Victor rather than Adri. Later on, Val meets all the girls and they encourage her to drop the novel for now and continue it after Summer is over. The conversation then turns to sex, with Nerea speaking up on behalf of the group with her thoughts on this topic.

Val realizes she’s running late and hurries off to meet Adri at the restaurant. The gay couple they sit with are clearly deeply in love and it certainly juxtaposes against their own strained relationship. It gets so bad that the two have a fight back home where Adri proposes they break up completely.

In the morning, Val runs into Viktor again and she tries to keep her cool in his presence. They head to the exhibition together and start looking at all the exhibits, including one with multiple telephones inside. When things start to get really flirty between the two, Val quickly takes her leave.

Meanwhile, Carmen continues her hunt for an apartment, finding one rented out by a gorgeous landlord. When she meets the girls again, they encourage her to sign the lease and try to woo him. Only, he actually has a girlfriend so her attempts to do this are all in vain – leaving her with an apartment she doesn’t actually want.

While Adri gets closer to Alicia, at the office Carmen berates Borja following his pitch about seductive perfume, based on her rejection from her landlord and Borja wanting to take it slow with her. When he tells her he really likes her however, it seems to do the trick and she instantly feels brighter. She takes him back to her apartment where things get a little awkward as they try to navigate the tight space together.

Back home, Val and Adri profess their love for one another but deep down Val clearly has feelings for Victor and not him. In bed, she struggles to fall asleep and mentions Alaska – the exact plan that Victor had, which is where the episode ends.

With Val’s novel narrative seemingly dropped for now, the show turns its attention to the bubbling love triangle in the wings with Valeria, Adri and Victor. It seems pretty obviously that Val will end up with Victor at the end and given Adri’s new female subject at work, it seems likely that he’ll end up with Alicia. Unfortunately the show slips up with its continuity between episodes and given this is the second time in a row we’ve seen this, it’s certainly worth addressing.

Valeria suddenly taking the museum job off-camera is certainly a surprise, especially given the argument with Adri it caused last episode (that seemingly was for nothing) feels like a necessary contrivance to stir things up for the sake of drama rather than logic. With a bit more of Nerea explored this episode and a love triangle to follow, Valeria is a simple enough show to watch through but it’s also one that continues to miss that killer ingredient to really make this spark into a brighter melodramatic romance.


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