Vagrants – Be Consumed | Album Review

Track List

You Still Linger
Day by Day
Skin and Bone
When I Let Go Of What I Am
What It Means to Love
Be Consumed

This trio throws down epic riffs and poetry to create something special. Vagrants is a post-hardcore band on the chase for clarity, and they have developed an album that explores themes that’ll keep the wanderers from wandering into the void. This type of music is true too, and the honesty that the band show is admirable.

As a young band, the act journey through their state of paranoia and mental stability. The aching and longing for a chance to see things differently keeps this band from stalling, and their music highlights their pain and suffering.

Be Consumed focuses on loud instrumentals and evocative lyrics, providing a morose listening experience. Though this is true, the band does not hold on to the past, but looks to the future and fight for their stage. The record manages to stand out as a result.

Sometimes when a band drops their first full length album, it can be too raw and a little unfocused but Be Consumed sounds complete and original.

‘You Still Linger’ starts the record off with a bang. The pounding drums and well triggered guitar riffs welcome in the vocals. The chorus has been finely tuned, and the lyrics meet expectations.

‘Skin And Bone’ is a relatable track, one that resonates on a higher level. It begins softly until the rapid chorus increases the intensity. The band fight here for a clear picture.

‘Aimless’ starts calmly enough until the screams power through. The song has so many elements, but isn’t jumbled, as the chorus emerges like a significant segment. It is scintillating stuff.

‘Blind’ startles. It opens with reverberations, and the vocals are pivotal to this song. The group detail struggle even when the screams come in.

Ultimately, Vagrants is a band fully equipped to stand up and be noticed. This may be a debut album but Be Consumed packs a punch.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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