Urusei Yatsura – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Continuation of: That Mizunokoji Girl

Episode 5 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2 starts with Mendo fantasizing about Lum, Sakura, Shinobu, and the other girls flocking toward him. Then, a large version of Tobimaro’s sister arrives and this wakes Mendo up. Mendo’s slightly terrified about marrying Tobimaro’s sister but to maintain his family’s good name, Mendo doesn’t plan to back down from this marriage proposal. 

Later, several of Mendo’s family servants help Mendo prepare for his casual meeting with Tobimaro’s sister. However, someone tells Mendo that they’re preparing him for an engagement ceremony, resulting in Mendo trying to back out of the ordeal. Before they grab Mendo, Lum arrives with Shinobu and Ataru at her side. 

Lum electrocutes Mendo’s servants. Shinobu tells Mendo Ataru to inform them about the situation and entices him to jump inside her carrying basket so she can hide him. Shinobu flees with Mendo and Ataru disguises himself as Mendo. He and Lum confront Mendo’s father but Mendo’s father realizes what he’s up to and ties Ataru up. 

Additionally, one of Mendo’s father’s men informs Mendo’s father that they’ve retrieved Mendo from Shinobu. Mendo’s father throws Shinobu, Ataru, and Lum out of their estate. Ataru tells Lum and the others he plans to crash the ceremony. Elsewhere’ Tobimaro’s sister’s female guards try to prep his sister for her first meeting with Mendo. 

They lecture her about men briefly and try to remove her armor. Tobimaro’s sister refuses and starts panicking. Her guards realize she’s still shaken up because of Ataru’s actions. One of them confronts Tobimaro’s sister and tells her that she’ll get to see her brother soon. They briefly explain what a brother is to Tobimaro’s sister. 

Then, we cut to Mendo and his family arriving at Tobimaro’s family’s estate. Everyone heads inside and Mendo’s father asks Tobimaro’s father where Tobimaro’s sister’s at. Before Tobimaro’s sister (Asuka) shows herself, Mendo is hopeful her armor appearance will make his father reconsider the marriage ceremony. 

Despite being trapped in a cage while wearing armor, Mendo’s father is not willing to have Mendo back out of the ceremony. To make matters worse, Ataru arrives in a female disguise, causing Asuka to break out of the cage and flee. A wild chase and battle sequence ensues at the estate, resulting in guns being fired. 

After Ataru grabs ahold of Asuka, Lum shocks both of them. This immobilizes Ataru and shatters Asuka’s armor. Asuka grabs a tree and uses it to catapult herself away from the estate. She ends up landing on Tobimaru nearby, resulting in a funny skirmish between the two. Then, we cut to a flashback involving Tobimaro and his family. 

This scene is set moments after Tobimaro’s mother gives birth to Asuka. Tobimaro and his father want to see Asuka, but Tobimaro’s mother says she cannot interact with any men (even if they’re blood-related) until she’s fifteen. In the present, we see Mendo’s family, Tobimaro’s family, and Shinobu, Lum, and Ataru discussing Tobimaro’s family’s ridiculous customs at the dinner table. 

Shinobu and Lum inform Mendo that Asuka is a human girl, surprising Mendo since he thought she was an armor-humanoid figure. Meanwhile, Asuka notices Tobimaro has eyes like hers. Tobimaro wonders if she’s his sister while Asuka believes Tobimaro’s a girl like her. Tobimaro tells Asuka he’s a man, resulting in her grabbing and throwing him somewhere. 

Asuka visits her estate’s riverbed and recalls her “brother” discussion with her guards. She realizes that Tobimaro could be her brother. Mendo, Ataru, and the others arrive, startling Asuka. A hilarious chase sequence between Mendo, Asuka, and Ataru ensues. Meanwhile, we see Tobimaro contemplating Asuka while sitting in a tree. 

Asuka and the boys head Tobimaro’s way. Before the situation turns violent, Asuka’s guards fire an elephant tranquillizer dart at her, silencing Asuka. Asuka awakens in the dining area and notices everyone’s present from Ataru to Tobimaro. Simultaneously, Asuka realizes she, Mendo, and Ataru are chained up. 

Her mother confronts her about her “fear of men” and tells her to toughen through it. Asuka’s mother tells Tobimaro that they’ll be leaving Asuka in his care. After leaving, Tobimaro attempts to harm Mendo because he doesn’t want him to terrorize Asuka. Lum tells Tobimaro to cut it out. The girls try to ease Asuka’s worries about men, but this plan fails. 

Tobimaro stands up for Asuka, causing her to blush. Elsewhere, Mendo’s family’s guards inform Ryoko (Mendo’s sister) about Mendo’s developments. Ryoko plans to crash the ceremony. At the same time, Mendo and Ataru use their combined strength to break the wall that’s bounding them. They attempt to confront Asuka, but Asuka panics and breaks the wall she’s bound to. 

Asuka and her bound wall land on top of Tobimaro. She breaks free, helps Tobimaro out, and hides behind him. Ataru realizes Asuka’s developed a special type of connection with Tobimaro. He and Mendo unload their grievances with this phenomenon with Tobimaro. Asuka’s stomach growls, so everyone takes a break from the topic for a while.

After eating, Asuka rushes to Tobimaro’s side again. Ataru and Mendo bring up marriage and Asuka questions what that entails. Afterward, Ryoko has her men place bombs everywhere, resulting in them exploding and damaging Tobimaro’s family’s dining area. During this excursion, Ryoko checks on Mendo while Lum and Shinobu inform Asuka about marriage. 

After another hilarious act of violence ensues, the episode closes with Mendo’s father and Tobimaro’s father deciding to cancel Asuka and Mendo’s engagement plans. 

The Episode Review

Piggybacking over one of its segments introduced in the prior episode, Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Episode 5 delves into Mendo’s potential engagement ceremony with Asuka. This chapter was littered with all types of chaotic humor from your usual slapstick to witty one-liners. Additionally, it provides Tobimaro and his family with fine development.

This gives fans hope that other characters will receive similar treatment. Having said that, many will find Tobimaro’s family’s customs fascinating since it sets their family apart from others introduced (so far). Simultaneously, some folks may find these traditions unfavorable since they prohibited Asuka from having a proper social life. 

On that note, it appears Asuka may be serving a similar narrative purpose as Ryoko after today’s events. Since she’s just been introduced, many fans could overlook her similar role, as long as the story gives her more decent development and traits. While being a strong female is a compelling aspect of her character, others like Shinobu have shown to be insanely strong, too. 

Therefore, it’d be great if the narrative added more to Asuka’s character as we progress. By and large, this was a funny and eventful chapter of Urusei Yatsura. 

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