Urusei Yatsura – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Love Thief / That Mizunokoji Girl

Episode 4 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2 starts with Kurama complaining to her birds that she needs a husband. One of her birds tells her that they’ve been using a computer from Planet Kurama to help her find one. The birds use the machine and inform Kurama they found her a husband. Kurama looks at the boy and orders her birds to bring him to her immediately. 

Elsewhere, Ran and Rei spend time together. Suddenly, Kurama’s ship arrives and forces Ran and Rei onboard. Kurama greets Rei and says she wants to have children with him, angering Ran. Ran tells Kurama she’s not going to let that happen, but Kurama ejects her from her ship because she’s ruining her moment with Rei. 

Ran falls on top of Lum and the two discuss what happened between Ran, Rei, and Kurama. When Lum learns Kurama’s involved she refuses to help Ran. Ran tells Lum that if things go south, she plans to have her and Rei commit suicide. Additionally, she plans to haunt Lum’s nightmares, injecting her with awful childhood memories. 

Fortunately for Ran, this persuades Lum to help her. Meanwhile, Kurama tells her birds to make more food for her and Rei. One of them leaves to grab some groceries and winds up picking up Ataru too. The bird tells Ataru that Kurama plans to have intercourse with a new hubby, upsetting Ataru.

On Kurama’s ship, Kurama orders her birds to make more food, but they tell her they’re waiting for the ingredients. Ran and Lum arrive and when Rei sees Lum he swiftly transforms into his pig-ox form, making the birds panic for a bit. Fortunately, Kurama doesn’t notice Rei transform but the birds plan to prevent Rei from doing it again. 

Rei starts getting touchy with Lum and Ran gets upset over it. Kurama is curious about Lum’s relationship so Ataru arrives and tells her Rei and Lum used to date in the past. Ataru suggests that he should take Rei’s place as her husband, but Kurama doesn’t like that idea. Before Ran leaves with Rei, Kurama entices Rei to come to her side. 

Ran gets upset and Ataru attempts to shower her with love. While he, Lum, and Ran squabble, Kurama sends the three somewhere else via her ship’s trap door. Rei transforms again because he’s worried about Lum. The birds shield Kurama’s eyes to prevent her from seeing Rei’s beast form. Rei reverts to his regular form and her birds insist she and Rei head to the bedroom to make children. 

Rei and Kurama enter Kurama’s bedroom and find Ataru, Ran, and Lum inside. Kurama’s puzzled and one of her birds remembers that the trap door would send people here. Lum, the birds, Kurama, and Rei get into a brief and amusing quarrel. Ataru realizes Ran’s not in the area and Ran reveals she used the time to head to the main floor to gather the food.  

Ran accidentally falls but Rei catches her. They share a tiny moment, but Rei notices the food so he transforms and gobbles it. Kurama notices Rei’s beast form and is no longer interested in pursuing him. This segment closes with her and Ran yelling. The next set piece starts at the Mendo Family Estate. 

Mendo’s father says he’s scheduled someone to marry Mendo. Mendo argues he’s too young for marriage, but his father insists he goes through with this arrangement. Before Mendo accepts his father’s offer, Ataru arrives and tells him he’ll accept it in Mendo’s stead. Mendo and Ataru bicker briefly and then one of the Mendo Family servants arrives to deliver a message to Mendo. 

He tells Mendo that his sister Ryoko is upset about the arranged marriage. Mendo says he’s not willing to back out since he doesn’t want to bring shame to his family’s name. However, he’s taken aback by this marriage when his father tells him he’ll be marrying Tobimaro’s little sister. A servant tells Ryoko about this development and she’s shaken by this news too. 

Mendo shares his concerns about this arranged marriage with his father. However, his father doesn’t think it’s a terrible idea. Ataru intervenes in the conversation again, resulting in another clash between him and Mendo. Ryoko arrives and offers to marry Tobimaro and her father thinks it’s a brilliant resolution, unlike Ataru and Mendo. 

Mendo tells Ryoko he won’t allow that to happen and says he’ll accept the marriage offer. Mendo travels to the Mizunokoji Family Estate to speak with Tobimaro. Tobirmaro reveals he doesn’t have a sister. He and Mendo argue about it briefly. Ataru shoves them into a nearby river and tells them to pipe down. 

They spot several women carrying one of Mendo’s spies and eavesdrop on their conversation about Tobimaro’s younger sister. Tobimaro can’t believe his family would hide his sister’s identity from them and yells. This catches one of the female guard’s attention, but thankfully, Mendo, Ataru, and Tobimaro avoid detection. 

Then, Tobimaro’s sister (dressed in a suit of armor) arrives and chats with these women. Tobimaro’s sister and her guards head to the estate’s track field. While Tobimaro and Mendo bicker over his sister, Ataru leaves to spy on Tobimaro’s sister and the guards. He tries getting touchy with Tobimaro’s sister, but she hurls him back to the river where Mendo and Tobimaro are arguing. 

The episode closes with the guards comforting Tobimaro’s sister about what happened. 

The Episode Review

It’s ironic how we touched upon Rei needing more screen time in our prior recap and review. As always, while the segments touched upon in this episode had great comedy, the chapter doesn’t offer anything too complex or groundbreaking. Nonetheless, the comedy remains prolific in this series and fans will surely find this one’s developments entertaining. 

From Kurama’s dispute with Ran to Ataru’s lustful habits, fans will find it difficult not to chuckle at the humor presented in these set pieces. On the other hand, this episode falls into the same trap as the previous one for another reason. It introduces another character in the fray concerning Tobimaro’s sister.

While it’s great to get more intel about Tobimaro’s family, we predict his sister won’t receive that big of a role once her arc in this story comes and goes. However, Urusei Yatsura’s known for being a surprising work (at points), so there’s hope we’ll get to see her shine more after next week’s chapter passes by. 

Hopefully, that’ll be the case. Overall, Urusei Yatsura continues to be a delight to watch for its humor and drama (to some extent). Unfortunately, it’s repeating old habits, which could make it a mild dud like the previous season. Nonetheless, we’re optimistic Urusei Yatsura will turn things around soon. 

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