Urusei Yatsura – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Electric Jungle

Episode 3 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2 starts with a scene involving a new male character watching a soap opera in his home. Then, we cut to Lum, who is waiting for Ataru to arrive for their date today. Elsewhere, Ataru hits on several girls but remembers he has a date with Lum. He notices a blond-haired girl nearby and asks her on a date. She accepts Ataru’s offer, shocking him. 

The two visit a cafe and the girl’s taking a long time ordering something. Ataru notices Kosuke nearby and has him substitute for him so he can see Lum. At the park, Lum contemplates what Ataru’s doing. The male from earlier arrives and greets Lum. Lum finds his affection toward her creepy and tries electrocuting him. 

Lum’s powers prove ineffective, resulting in her destroying her outfit. The boy latches onto Lum and Ataru arrives and notices everything. Ataru tries to depart but Lum stops and electrocutes him. Lum’s curious why her powers worked on Ataru but not on the unnamed male. The boy starts rubbing on Lum, angering Ataru. 

Lum notices Ataru’s reaction and smiles. However, Ataru takes it back, upsetting Lum. To make Ataru jealous, Lum plans to spend quality time with this boy. Before Lum and the boy depart, Ataru unloads his frustrations with this scenario onto them, resulting in Lum shocking him.

At the boy’s home, he introduces Lum to his grandfather, who he feels is the actor on TV. Then, he makes and gives Lum vegetable juice and introduces her to his animal companions. Later, Lum tries leaving but the boy refuses to let Lum leave. Lum stays because she wants Ataru to worry about her. 

At home, Ataru ponders his situation with Lum and the boy. At school, Ataru knows Lum’s using the boy to draw attention to herself. Ten arrives and asks Ataru about Lum’s whereabouts. Lum arrives and tells Ten that she’s being held hostage by the boy. She says she won’t leave the boy’s sight unless Ataru stops by and makes things right. 

Lum opens the school’s locker, opening a gateway from the boy’s jungle home to the school. The boy enters this portal and confronts Lum, telling her that she cannot leave without his permission. Mendo confronts the boy and the boy tells Mendo that he can get touchy with Lum because he’s his wife. Mendo confronts Ataru about what’s happening and Ataru has no clue. 

Chaos ensues, allowing the boy to flee with Lum. Mendo and his male classmates try to stop the boy but realize his home is protected by electricity. Ataru confronts Mendo about the situation and Mendo remembers his family has shockproof suits. Mendo introduces Shinobu, Ataru, and Kosuke to Mr. Saizo, his estate’s gardener, and informs them about his duties and issues involving his lost son. 

Shinobu notices a picture of Saizo’s son when he was younger. Then, the TV in Saizo’s workplace shows our crew what’s currently happening between Lum and the boy. The footage depicts Lum in trouble and this hurts Ataru. At the boy’s home, it’s revealed Lum set this scenario up. 

After we see the two scuffle for a bit, we cut to Ataru and his friends. With the shockproof suits on, the four travel through the electric jungle, hoping to discover where the boy’s hiding Lum. The boy and Lum observe Ataru and the others on television. The boy leaves home to stop Ataru and the others. 

The boy uses traps to entice Ataru and his friends to flee. Ataru and his friends endure the traps and Ataru calls the boy out for his cowardly antics. We continue observing the battle between the boy, Ataru, and Ataru’s comrades. Lum loves what she sees but when she notices Ataru might be in trouble, she tries lending a hand. 

Unfortunately, this backfires on Lum since she winds up knocking Ataru out with her electric powers. The boy takes Lum away and she desperately calls out to Ataru. At the boy’s home, Lum throws things at the boy and says she’d rather die than marry him. This hurts the boy’s soul and Lum tries apologizing to him. 

The boy doesn’t accept Lum’s apology and ties her up. Ataru and his friends find an abandoned building and seek refuge in it. They ponder what the boy plans to do with Lum. Shinobu finds a photo of Saizo and Shingo. After Mendo shares more insight about Saizo’s experiment debacle, Shinobu questions if the boy who took Lum is Shingo. 

Then, our heroes notice an animal stampede nearby. They learn they’re heading for the boy and Lum’s wedding ceremony. Our squad bumps into the boy and Lum and saves her from his grasp. The boy’s television breaks in the process, causing him to cry because he feels his grandfather perished. Shinobu reassures him that the TV actor isn’t his grandfather.

Mendo and the others take the boy to Saizo, and we learn the boy is Shingo. However, the boy notices the same actor on Saizo’s TV and rushes to it instead of Saizo. Simultaneously, Saizo rushes into Mendo’s arms because he still thinks he’s Shingo. The episode closes with Lum thanking Ataru for worrying about her. 

The Episode Review

Urusei Yatsura Season 2 gave fans an interesting chapter to sit through this week that’s a bit different compared to the previous two. Compared to the single-segmented chapters in the prior season, this one doesn’t offer the same level of tension. This one opts for comedy and splashes of drama, which can be hit or miss for Urusei Yatsura fans who love the series for its strong romantic endeavors.

Nevertheless, the comedy inserted in this episode is well-varied and should keep folks entertained. From amusing conversations to well-executed slapstick, it was difficult not to giggle at Ataru and Mendo’s attempts at defeating Shingo on his home turf. Speaking of, this episode gives Shingo a decent introduction. 

While his backstory helps to differentiate him a bit from other love interests, it feels like he’s another unnecessary addition to the story. Hopefully, this tale will give Shingo more chances to stand out. Otherwise, he’ll simply be the Tarzan version of Rei, who is another male love interest who could use some development too.

Nevertheless, this was still a funny and well-animated episode. It had unique world concepts and stimulating humor that’ll leave audiences pleased. Hopefully, the next chapter will provide us with something more emotional and intricate though. 

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