Urusei Yatsura – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2 starts with Ryunosuke leaving a bathhouse and discovering Ten hanging from a tree. Ryunosuke drops Ten off at Ataru’s home. Lum thanks Ryunosuke for her actions by letting Ryunosuke eat dinner with her, Ataru, and Ataru’s parents. Ryunosuke compliments Ataru’s mother’s cooking, filling Ataru’s mother with glee. After eating, Ryunosuke returns home and asks her father for intel regarding her mother. 

Ryunosuke’s father refuses at first, but Ryunosuke’s violent outburst convinces him to spill the beans. Instead of relaying a tale about Ryunosuke’s mother, he shares a story about his first crush, which infuriates Ryunosuke. Her father shares another false narrative with her and suggests she think of him as her mother, which angers her further. Ryunosuke violently hurls her father into a wall and leaves home disappointed. 

Ryunosuke bumps into Ataru, Lum, and Ataru’s mother and rushes over to Ataru’s mother’s arms to let out steam. She, Ataru, and Lum visit a park and Ryunosuke informs them that she’s upset she doesn’t know much about her mother. Before she recalls a memory she had with her mother, Ryunosuke’s father arrives. Ryunosuke’s father says he misses his wife and that wallowing in sadness won’t bring her back. 

Ryunosuke apologizes and Lum and Ataru are shocked that they resolved their issue swiftly. A few days later, Ryunosuke watches a news report and learns that her father lied about his wife (seemingly named Masako) passing away. The first segment closes with viewers learning that Masako dumped Ryunosuke’s father. The next segment begins with Ryunosuke waking up from a nightmare and glancing at her father.

She’s still upset that he lied to her about her mother and wants to punish him for it. Ryunosuke stops herself when her father starts weeping over Masako leaving him. Her father wakes up and thinks of Ryunosuke’s Masako, which causes a funny chase sequence to ensue. Ryunosuke throws a case at her father, helping him properly wake up. The two discuss matters for the remainder of the night. At school, Ryunosuke tells Mendo and the others about what happened between her and her father. 

Ataru tells Ryunosuke she may resemble her mother. Additionally, Lum says Ryunosuke’s father may have a family album stashed away somewhere. This entices them to visit Ryunosuke’s father’s shop at the school to look for it. Ryunosuke notices her father’s looking through the album and swipes it from him. Ryunosuke looks inside and realizes this album only contains photos of her father during his youth. She confronts her dad about it and he shows her an album that contains photos of him and Masako. 

He warns Ryunosuke that she’ll regret looking at the photos. Ryunosuke thinks otherwise and ganders at the photos inside. While all seems well, Ryunosuke notices her father’s been with multiple women and asks him which one is her mother. Her father confesses that his wife was never around, so he had female customers play with Ryunosuke to give her that mother-daughter experience. These constant antics resulted in Ryunosuke’s father forgetting Ryunosuke’s mother’s identity. 

Ryunosuke decides to abandon her father and stay with Ataru and his folks for the time being. This second segment closes with Ryunosuke’s father appearing on a news show again, begging Ryunosuke to come home. The third segment follows Onsen-Mark, our protagonist’s instructor. He’s worried about the upcoming home visit schedule because he knows it’ll take a toll on him. He visits Ryunosuke and his father’s home and gets his butt kicked. 

He wakes up in Sakura’s office and Sakura tells him to focus on healing his wounds. Onsen-Mark refuses because he wants to get the job done. Sakura legitimately kicks Onsen-Mark out of her office so he can continue his home visits. The episode closes with a shot of a random alien informing the audience we’ll pick up on Onsen-Mark’s home visit journey in a future episode. 

The Episode Review

Urusei Yatsura Season 2’s second episode gives fans three segments instead of two. This isn’t a rare sight since the previous season delivered episodes with a similar format. Additionally, the third segment, though full of humor, didn’t feel necessary to include and should’ve been saved for a full-length episode instead. 

As for the two segments that came before Onsen-Mark’s set piece, they contained fine comedy and drama. They gave Ryunosuke and her father a share of the spotlight, which is nice. Seeing Ryunosuke grieve over not knowing her mother’s identity was saddening to see. Many people who grew up in single-parent households can relate to her anger and frustrations.

On that note, seeing her bond with Ataru’s mother was touching. It shows you don’t need to be blood-related to have a solid connection with someone. As for Ryunosuke’s father, this episode continues to show why he’s one of Tomobiki Town’s underlying menaces. While it stays true to his character’s roots, many fans will be infuriated by his careless actions illustrated in this chapter. 

Therefore, it was satisfying to see Ryunosuke punish her old man for his nefarious ways. By and large, this wasn’t a fantastic episode of Urusei Yatsura Season 2, but it gives Ryunosuke fans something enjoyable to watch. Normally, this anime’s single-segmented chapters produce the best results, so hopefully, episode three will be a great one. 

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