Urusei Yatsura – Season 2 Episode 23 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Boy Meets Girl: I Want You When I Can’t Have You

Episode 23 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2 begins with Ataru and Lum arriving at Tomobiki Town’s football field. Rupa explains the tag competition rules and rewards to everyone. The competition starts and Ataru flirts with a few girls. Ataru hopes this will entice Lum to punish him as she normally does. This would allow Ataru to grab her horns and claim victory. 

Does Lum fall for Ataru’s tricks and what does Lum discuss with Rupa about in the flashback scene?

Lum doesn’t fall for Ataru’s tricks and continues fleeing. Ataru pulls out a microphone and tries persuading Lum to yield. Lum ignores Ataru and electrocutes him seconds later because he calls her terrible things. While that’s happening, we enter a flashback. In it, Lum explains why she wants her and Ataru to participate in this tag game. 

Lum argues this event will convince Ataru to tell her he loves her. Rupa tells Lum he’s willing to let her use his pigs. Lum understands. Rupa asks Lum what she plans to do if Ataru refuses to say those words to her. Lum says she’ll abandon Ataru. Rupa reflects on Lum’s words in the present. 

What does Master Upa tell Lum’s parents and how are things going between Lum and Ataru on the competition’s fifth day?

Meanwhile, Master Upa visits Lum’s parents. Upa tells them that Rupa has canceled the marriage. Also, Upa says Lum wanted him to share a message with them. Before Upa reveals that message, we cut to “Day 5” of the competition. Ataru tries capturing Lum but struggles. He utters more mean comments to convince Lum to quit.

However, Lum doesn’t yield. Ataru’s friends throw things at him and suggest that Ataru tell Lum that he loves her. 

Do Rupa and Carla make amends and what device does Lum’s father reveal to Ran, Benten, and Oyuki?

Next, Rupa visits Carla. Rupa tells Carla that he wants to let the earthlings use his pigs regardless if Lum defeats Ataru. However, Rupa says he won’t move forward with that decision. Rupa argues if the humans want to use his pigs, Carla must promise to return home with him. Carla and Rupa argue briefly. During this argument, Rupa reveals that he wants Carla to be his wife. 

Carla ponders it over and cries into Rupa’s arms, indicating that Carla’s willing to forgive Rupa. Then, Lum’s parents’ ship floats over Tomobiki Town. Benten, Ran, and Oyuki enter the ship. There, Lum’s father shows the trio his memory scrubber device, much to the trio’s astonishment. 

What happens after Benten and her friends reveal Lum’s memory scrubber plan to Shinobu and the others?

The trio returns to Earth seconds later. They inform the others that Lum plans to wipe Ataru and the other earthlings’ memories of her and her alien friends if Ataru doesn’t admit to loving her. The others plan to keep this intel hidden from Ataru. Unfortunately, Ataru reveals himself and says he heard every word. Ataru says he’s willing to accept those consequences.

Lum reveals herself next. Ataru tells her to erase his memory on the spot because he’s not backing down. Lum electrocutes Ataru and flees via her ship. Benten and Oyuki chase after Lum. Lum, Benten, and Oyuki arrive at her father’s ship. Lum prepares the memory scrubber. Benten tries convincing Lum to think of alternative ways to handle her issues with Ataru.

Additionally, Benten doesn’t want the humans to forget her since she grew fond of them over time. Ultimately, Benten says if Lum uses the memory scrubber she plans to cut ties with Lum. Benten breaks a table and Lum’s father reveals that doing so activates the memory scrubber. The memory scrubber flies off somewhere.

Meanwhile, Ataru rests in his room, pondering Lum’s remarks. Ataru wakes up, opens his palm, and stares at Lum’s old horns. He promises never to forget Lum.

What happens between Lum, Ataru, and their friends during the competition’s ninth day?

On Day 9, Ataru continues chasing Lum. Benten and Oyuki monitor the two’s activities from Benten’s vehicle. Oyuki reveals Lum’s family equipped the memory scrubber with a timer. She reveals the device won’t go off until the competition’s final day. Also, we learn from Lum’s father that the device will shut down if Ataru grabs Lum’s horns.

Meanwhile, Mendo and his team plan to track down the memory scrubber. Mendo wants to see if he and his team can deactivate the device. Then, Inaba says a strange device was floating near them. Ten tells the others that it’s the memory scrubber. Mendo yells at his team for being incompetent. Then, Mendo and the others equip themselves with jetpacks and ball-like projectiles. They exit Mendo’s aircraft and start chucking these balls at the memory scrubber.

They hope one of the balls will hit the memory scrubber’s deactivation switch. Unfortunately, they fail to deactivate the device. Meanwhile, we continue examining Lum and Ataru’s developments. Lum notices Ataru’s starting to wear out and shows concern. Ataru plummets.

What does Ten accidentally reveal to Ataru and what do Rupa and Lum discuss in the present timeline?

At night, Ten wanders into Ataru’s room. He’s upset that Ataru’s sleeping majestically. Ten argues he’s not worried about never seeing Ataru again. Ten reveals the memory scrubber has a timer that’s slowly counting down. Ten leaves Ataru’s residence upset. Ataru wakes up and ponders Ten’s remarks about the memory scrubber. Simultaneously, Lum and Rupa discuss the future.

Lum reiterates that she wants Ataru to tell her she loves her.

Does Ataru defeat Lum and prevent the memory scrubber from wiping everyone’s memories of the alien characters?

Then, the final day of the competition arrives. Everyone urges Ataru to tell Lum he loves her. Ataru continues chasing after Lum. While doing so, Ataru ponders his situation with Lum. Ataru feels if he says he loves Lum, she won’t be able to tell if he means it. The two continue their game, with Lum showing more concern for Ataru’s health as it goes on.

Ataru and Lum stop at their school’s rooftop. The former tells the latter he’ll never forget her. Ataru drops Lum’s horns on the ground and reclaims them seconds later. Lum cries, realizing Ataru will never change. At the same time, Lum reflects on her past circumstances with Ataru and understands that Ataru does cherish his time with her. Ataru jumps and grabs Lum. The latter yields and places one of Ataru’s hands on her horns. 

Ataru claims victory over Lum and the memory scrubber deactivates.

How does Urusei Yatsura Season 2 end?

Eventually, Rupa sends his pigs to clean up all the mushrooms Carla brought to Earth. After we receive several stills of the cast in various settings, we return to following Lum and Ataru the next day. Lum electrocutes Ataru for flirting with more women. Lum and Ataru run off somewhere. Suddenly the whole cast arrives and chases after the two. The season ends with someone throwing a can at Ataru’s head. 

The Episode Review

Urusei Yatsura Season 2 is complete. It leaves viewers with a finale that’ll leave most satisfied and others mixed. To start, many will value the series for going for a “show and not tell” route regarding Ataru’s romantic response to Lum. It’s great that he didn’t back down despite the others telling him to. Most people will argue it’s best to showcase your affection for someone rather than blurt it out for the public to hear. 

On top of including brief snippets of past episodes, notably the exceptional ones, it made that scene impactful and downright adorable. At the same time, one can’t help but wish that the series had made our protagonists’ romantic quarrels a strong focal point throughout the season’s run. On that note, Benten’s remarks were questionable. 

Benten and other side characters this season barely received screen time. Besides the main group, no one in Tomobiki Town has any strong attachment to Benten, let alone Oyuki and the other female aliens who appeared in this series. As for Rupa and Carla, their dilemma produced a fine result. The previous episodes decently built up the couple’s problems with each other. Although it’d been lovely to have another chapter focusing on the two, the result should satisfy those who wanted Rupa and Carla to make amends.

All in all, this was an okay way to close the book on Ataru and Lum’s wacky and romantic tale. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Rumiko Takahashi’s works receive the remake treatment. 

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