Urusei Yatsura – Season 2 Episode 21 Recap & Review

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Episode 21 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2 begins with Rupa taking Lum to his castle. Ten somehow accompanies Rupa and Lum there without the two knowing. Meanwhile, someone sends Lum’s parents a videotape. On it, Rupa’s great-grandfather tells Lum’s parents that he has Lum. He plans to wed Rupa with Lum. Lum appears and chomps on Rupa’s great-grandfather’s head.

Her parents notice her Oni horns are gone in the footage. Before Lum’s father and his troops visit Rupa’s castle, Rupa’s great-grandfather drops a bomb near them. The bomb explodes. Then, Ataru arrives at class late and drops off the bag in front of Mendo’s desk. This bag contains a directory, documenting every good-looking female’s details from every school. 

Ataru wants Mendo to give him a spaceship in exchange for these books.  Mendo says he doesn’t own a spaceship and questions what Ataru did to Lum. Then, Benten and Oyuki arrive in class. Ataru, Mendo, Benten, and Oyuki visit a restaurant to discuss this Lum predicament. Benten and Oyuki tell the boys that Lum’s home planet’s been radio silent for quite a while and the boys predict it has something to do with Rupa. 

Ataru shows Oyuki an image of Rupa and searches through her trading book. She discovers information about Rupa and his family and knows where to track them down. Meanwhile, Lum’s father has his men scrape off Rupa’s great-grandfather’s mushrooms. The bomb that diffused was a mushroom bomb that caused the place to be riddled with mushrooms. 

Lum’s father says these mushroom’s spores ruined their technology. Next, Oyuki tells Ataru, Mendo, and Benten that Rupa comes from the Dark Dominion. This reminds Ataru of Sakura and Cherry’s warning about Lum getting engulfed in the darkness. Benten and the others head for Ran’s ship and use it without her consent. They plan to head to the Dark Dominion to stop Rupa’s wedding with Lum. 

Meanwhile, Lum starts hurling items at Rupa and his men while Ten uses his fire breath on them. Simultaneously, Ran argues with others for taking her ship to help Lum. Benten and Oyuki ignore Ran’s complaints and use Ran’s ship’s “warp jump” mechanism to arrive at Rupa’s castle. Rupa’s comrades inform Rupa that Ataru and his friends arrived at the Dark Dominion’s airport. 

Ten and Lum overhear their remarks and Lum can’t wait for Ataru to save her. Lum and Ten are locked up but attempt to escape. Rupa stops them and urges Lum to follow him to the wedding ceremony. Lum harms Rupa with Ten’s fire breath, angering Rupa’s men. Rupa shows Lum that they captured Ran, Benten, and everyone else, along with Ran’s ship. 

However, Lum notices Ataru’s not present. Also, one of Rupa’s men says Ran’s ship collided with Lady Carla’s ship, making Rupa panic. Rupa tells his men to start the wedding ceremony immediately. Then, Carla notices Ataru in a lake and orders him to sign a marriage contract. Carla wants Ataru to sign it so she can interrupt the marriage ceremony and prevent Lum and Rupa from becoming a couple. 

Then, one of Rupa’s henchmen tells Rupa that Lum put the wedding dress on. However, Rupa’s henchman is concerned about Lum throwing a fit and ruining the wedding ceremony. Fortunately, Rupa’s great-grandfather (Master Upa) uses a copyshroom to make a Lum clone. Upa says if Lum acts up, they’ll use this clone of hers to continue the wedding as normal. 

While Carla and Ataru head to the wedding venue, Ten gives Benten and the others the run-down about Rupa and Lum’s wedding and how Lum got caught. Then, Carla and Ataru crash the wedding. Rupa stashes Lum inside a hidden basement and Upa supplies Rupa with Lum’s clone without Ataru and Carla knowing. Ataru asks Lum to head toward him but Lum refuses.

Meanwhile, Carla interrogates Rupa about his love for her. Rupa confirms Carla forced him to fall for her in the past so he played along with the idea out of fear. Carla tells Rupa she plans to kill him and herself afterward. She starts firing her weapon, murdering the clone Lum in the process. The clone Lum falls through the trapped door, freeing the true Lum. 

Lum runs to Ataru’s side but Ataru shoes her away because of her harsh remarks toward him. Then, an amusing chase sequence occurs between Ataru, Rupa, Carla, and Lum. The episode ends with Benten and the others heading for the wedding venue. 

The Episode Review

In episode 21 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2, we explore Ataru and his friends’ plight with Rupa, Upa, and the other Dark Dominion folks. It contained the usual comical banter and slapstick that’ll make many folks smile and laugh. From Carla’s outbursts and militaristic-like rampage to Benten and the others’ methods, fans will enjoy most of the outrageous events that transpire here. 

At the same time, this episode was filled with convenience from left to right, making matters feel less eventful and more predictable and bland. Nonetheless, some fans will enjoy seeing Upa utilize his planet’s ecosystem to sabotage Lum’s friends’ and families’ efforts to rescue her. It shows that this elderly fellow has many tricks up his sleeve and will use any means necessary to accomplish his goals. 

The Ataru and Lum bit, while touching, didn’t carry as much drama or impact as one hoped. It’d been in the showrunner’s best interest to draw that scene out more to make Ataru’s frustrations with Lum hold merit. Mostly, having that scene switch to a comedic segment seconds after doesn’t make the intentional genuine moment hit as hard as it should. 

Nevertheless, we anticipate Benten, Ataru, and the others will find a way to save Lum from Rupa’s clutches. Whether or not, that resolution provides great and authentic results, begs to be seen. Hopefully, this story arc will conclude on a fabulous note before the series wraps up later this month. 

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