Urusei Yatsura – Season 2 Episode 19 Recap & Review

Lum’s Wrath / Steal My Heart

Episode 19 of Urusei Yatsura Season 2 begins with Lum knitting Ataru a scarf on her ship. Lum visits Ataru’s home and puts the scarf on him. During this time, Ataru and Ten are fighting. Ten uses his fire powers to burn Ataru, causing the scarf to crumble. Ataru yells at Ten for ruining Lum’s scarf, making Ten feel awful. Ten flees and Lum tells Ataru she’s not mad at Ten for doing that, despite Ataru telling Lum she should be. 

While flying away, Ten’s scared Lum will punish him for ruining Ataru’s scarf. Ten tries asking Cherry for advice but all Cherry can think about is food. Therefore, Ten flees to Mendo’s place to ask him how Ten should apologize to Lum. Mendo demonstrates an “honorable” apology method but Ten finds it ridiculous and moves on. 

Ten stumbles upon Ryonosuke arguing and apologizing to her father. Unfortunately, Ten doesn’t like her violent apology methods and flees. Left with no other option, Ten plans to combine everyone’s apology methods to create an ultimate one to present to Lum. Meanwhile, Lum ponders Ataru’s words and reflects on a moment when her father punished her for ruining one of their family’s devices. 

Lum explodes in rage as soon as Ten arrives, instilling the alien toddler with fear. Later, Sakura notices Ten leaving Tomobiki Town with a bag of belongings. Ten tells Sakura why he’s leaving and Sakura insists he writes Lum an apology letter.

Next, Ten visits Ataru’s place to find something to write with. Later, Ataru asks Lum if she’s seen Ten around and Lum says she hasn’t seen him anywhere. Lum continues knitting and we learn Ten wrote an apology letter on Ataru’s shirt. This segment closes with Ataru insisting Lum lose her temper when she sees Ten next time.

The next set piece follows Ran, carrying a basket of goodies. A candy salesman stops Ran and she buys love candies from him. Eventually, Ran meets with Rei and feeds him numerous love candies. 

Lum notices Ran strolling through Tomobiki Town. She wonders why Ran’s upset and Ran tells her to buzz off. Ran throws her sack of love candies at Lum and departs. Lum eats one of the candies and a heart appears above her head. The next day, Ataru notices Lum has a heart floating over her head so he grabs it. Lum becomes overly infatuated with Ataru and electrocutes him. 

Ataru and Lum arrive at school and several of Ataru’s classmates grab Lum’s heart. Lum falls in love with each classmate who holds her heart. Eventually, Lum retrieves her heart and shocks everyone that comes near her. Then, Lum feeds Ataru one of the love candies. Ataru grabs the bag of candies and tries feeding one to Shinobu and Ryonosuke. 

Cherry arrives and eats each candy, much to Ataru’s annoyance. Ataru hurls Cherry out of the school and feeds all his male classmates candy. Onsen-Mark arrives and confiscates all of Ataru’s male classmates’ hearts, causing them to fall in love with Onsen. Some time passes. Lum, Ran, and Ataru head to school. Lum learns Onsen’s been absent from school lately. 

Lum predicts Onsen doesn’t want to attend school because he doesn’t want to deal with his male students’ recent infatuation with him. This segment closes with Onsen wondering what’s gotten into his male students.

The final untitled segment begins with Lum’s father discovering a device on his ship. Meanwhile, Benten visits Oyuki and marvels at the Oyuki’s gifts. Oyuki tells Benten she can have some. 

Benten notices a gift from “The Dark Dominion” and Oyuki tells Benten those people stem from a universe far from their own. Next, Lum greets Ran and Ataru. Lum wants Ataru to wear a specific coat, but Ataru learns it’s a love coat. Ataru nabs Lum’s coat and tries putting it on Sakura, but Sakura avoids that debacle. Then, Lum’s parents discuss the device Lum’s father found while searching through his belongings. 

An older gentleman (who looks like he’s related to Lum and her parents) is inside the device. Lum’s father notices a note on the device from “The Dark Dominion.” The Dark Dominion tells them that Lum will be in danger soon. We receive a shot of two mysterious figures on a spacecraft and return to following Ataru harassing other women with love coats. 

After that, we return to following those strange individuals. They plan to capture Lum. Next, we enter a flashback involving a young Lum and Ran. Lum and Ran play in a flower field and Lum stumbles upon the same figure we see in the present. The episode ends with the male figure telling Lum he promises to make her his bride when she’s older. 

The Episode Review

Out of all the Urusei Yatsura remake episodes we’ve received since it started airing this one might be the most confusing, title-wise. This episode was listed with two segments on HiDive. Therefore, next week’s episode may leave many viewers puzzled, considering it was inserted after the theme song concluded. On that note, it might be wise to inform fellow Urusei Yatsura enjoyers of this final segment so they don’t go into episode 20 confused. 

That weird debacle aside, this chapter went full-force with its humor. It doesn’t deliver anything too meaningful about Lum and Ataru’s romantic endeavors. From Ten’s apology issues to a hot potato-like love affair with Onsen-Mark, fans can add this to the list of other chapters that lack significant material. Despite lacking importance, several fans may find something to chuckle at with these segments. 

As for the untitled segment, there’s some potential here. This segment evokes similar feelings as some of Urusei Yatsura’s best episodes concerning its tone and plot set-up. Whether this significantly impacts Lum and Ataru’s love, begs to be seen. Nonetheless, if this is Urusei Yatsura’s final affair, we’re optimistic David Productions Studios will close matters with a bang. 

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