Upload Season 3 Review – Despite a rocky start, the sci-fi comedy sticks the landing

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Episode 1 -| Review Score – 3/5
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Episode 8 -| Review Score – 4/5

Upload Season 3 is back and has reclaimed its spot as the current #1 comedy show on Amazon Prime. It picks up right where the previous season left off with Downloaded Nathan trying to take down Freeyond with Nora while trying to survive without his head exploding.

In Lakeview, Ingrid has her hands full with a backup copy of Nathan suddenly making an appearance. Aleesha gets a mysterious project while Luke turns to the Grey Zone to pay for his existence in Lakeview.

Upload Season 3 is well, episodic in nature like a sitcom. Each episode has a different trouble till they go about fixing it hilariously. And underneath it all, there is still that overarching mystery of Choak, Freeyond and the Upload Companies that keeps all the different stories running in the same direction.

It tackles all these different mysteries but with a superficial lens and solves them quite conveniently. But maybe we can forgive that as the Prime Original is primarily a comedy that focuses on Nathan rather than the Upload conspiracies.

Unfortunately, the comedy in the premiere is awkward and the jokes don’t land, making us cringe rather than laugh. However, as different writers and directors enter the fray, the Amazon Prime show finds its groove, giving us a good balance of comedy and drama. 

Andy Allo as Nora has some work to do. She is awkward and underwhelming in emotional scenes. Is it just us or does she not know what to do with her hands? But Robbie Amell runs the show and is a good casting choice as the main lead. He has the Herculean task of not only playing two roles but two editions of the same character. But he does it well enough that we can find it believable that there are two Nathans of different timelines in front of us.

Finally, some of the other characters also get their due like Aleesha and Luke. They have independent storylines, different from what is going on with the main characters, though we wish we had spent more time with them. All the characters get a chance to grow, yes even Ingrid who viewers are bound to like a whole lot more by the end. Even the AI guys get hilariously cute character arcs which make them super endearing. 

Upload Season 3 takes time to find its footing, but once it does, which means you have to give it a little time, the payoff is worth it. The rest of the season is executed smoothly as it drops us right in the middle of several parallel storylines which all tie up in the finale.

Even the finale is a satisfying episode, a rollercoaster of emotions while still being hilarious and sweet. Its realistic take doesn’t even make us mad about all the loose ends which may stay unanswered if we don’t get a Season 4. But hopefully, as the #1 comedy show on Amazon Prime, the studio will renew it.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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