Upload – Season 3 Episode 7 “Upload Day” Recap & Review

Upload Day

Episode 7 of Upload Season 3 titled ‘Upload Day’ begins with Nathan building his own Upload Centre which is super cramped. It is one month since he downloaded and they don’t want to take any risks. However, he has second thoughts and they push his upload to the next day.

Ingrid and Backup Nathan promise to be honest as they both reveal they almost kissed someone else. Of course, she explodes and tells Tinsley to get her Nora’s avatar.

Meanwhile, Aleesha tells Luke that Karina is sketchy and she is worried. Outside, an AI gardener hears Ivan telling Backup Nathan that he took Choak’s hard drive. Ivan is sceptical as the AI says he can keep a secret. But he soon realises that the gardener has told all the other AIs and panics.

Nathan’s Upload Day celebrations are put on pause as Holden needs Nora. At Lakeview, Ingrid shows up as Angel Nora. Backup Nathan gives a whole speech as he says is in love with Ingrid but all she hears is that he said there was a spark with Nora.

Holden’s case reaches an obstacle – all uploads belong to upload companies which means Choak’s hard drive is stolen property and inadmissible. And since Nathan signed away the rights to his brain scan he cannot testify. Elsewhere, Luke runs into Aleesha and Karina who is excited for the 3 to hang out.

Ingrid Nora gets gross in front of Backup Nathan. He catches on that she is Ingrid as she calls him babe and doesn’t correct him when he calls her Norma. He messes with her till an IT guy catches her and puts her to work. She is told to fix an avatar and she messes up.

Holden offers Nora a job who is torn as again her plans for Nathan are delayed but he is excited for her. At dinner, Luke reveals all his hacks to impress Karina and Alessha is happy they are getting along.

The IT guys are sexist as they joke about women in tech and Ingrid Nora calls them out. That night, Luke shares that Karina is nice which has Aleesha happy. However, after she leaves, his premium Lakeview hack is disabled. Turns out, Karina told IT to fix all the glitches Luke told her. Ingrid Nora is a big help and the tech guys are impressed.

Ivan’s secret reaches Aleesha but he is able to play it off by saying the secret is that they have a crush on her. Ingrid finally goes back to Backup Nathan who jokes that he suddenly finds Nora unappealing. Ingrid tells him to give Nora a break since she has a tough job. He messes around with her but doesn’t push as she says she loves him.

Nora brings a fake Blue Man for Nathan to dance in front of the firm’s building and he is happy. As they watch, Dr. Kapoor shows up. The firm reveals he took a bribe to sabotage the first download and wants to testify. Nora and Nathan celebrate as it means he is fine and he doesn’t need to upload. At the end of Upload season 3 episode 7, a snackbot is hijacked as it causes an explosion and kills Kapoor.

The Episode Review

Upload season 3 episode 7 is bittersweet and hilarious. Nathan’s upload day celebration keeps getting delayed but he is happy for Nora securing her future. The added bonus is that he is actually a proper download and does not need to die and get uploaded again. Things seem to be going great for Aleesha as her possibly only friend at the moment, Luke gels well with Karina…till Karina ruins everything. 

Okay, so Backup Nathan does end up getting his redemption arc after almost messing it up in the last episode. He does mess around with Ingrid but understands her insecurities and doesn’t push her too much. She too literally steps in Nora’s shoes and comes to a temporary truce. As the penultimate episode, it has the right blend of comedy and drama while setting up the final showdown.

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