Upload – Season 3 Episode 6 “Memory Crackers” Recap & Review

Memory Crackers

Episode 6 of Upload Season 3 titled “Memory Crackers” begins with the Nathans bonding as they reach Lakeview. Viv suddenly calls and says Ivan sent Choak’s hard drive.

Original Nathan tries to call Nora but she is MIA. As both Nathans worry, Luke mocks her for being overrated. When Backup Nathan tries to defend her, Luke snaps. The Nathans comfort him and he reveals that he is feeling jealous and lonely now that the two Nathans have each other.

Nora wakes up to Aleesha telling her she is dead. It turns out that she is not dead, Karina has drugged her, taken her to Fakeview, a showroom and plans to interrogate her to learn why she is snooping around Dr. Kapoor. She lies and manipulates Aleesha into helping her while she secretly drugs Nora to become more pliant. However, Aleesha helps her friend stay quiet as Karina questions her as an “Angel.”

The interrogation is futile and Karina thinks Nora doesn’t know anything and wraps it up. Nora finally picks up Nathan’s call – she is on a park bench with a headache and doesn’t remember anything after being cornered by the two men.

Meanwhile, Backup Nathan confronts Ingrid about being a copy. She tries to laugh it off and angry, he walks off, not telling her his plan to help Original Nathan. The plan is for Original Nathan to control Choak’s memories from an IR and go through them with the help of Backup Nathan and Angel Nora in Lakeview’s memory parlour while Luke is on the lookout.

A sad Ingrid gets drunk as she rants to an AI bartender of Backup Nathan also falling for Nora. She doesn’t want the usual mushy bartending advice and the AI bluntly tells her to be honest and accept the consequences of her actions which gets her motivated.

Backup Nathan and Nora bond as they tease Original Nathan for crashing at his ex, Holden’s place and not telling Nora who she is initially. Annoyed, Original Nathan cuts the call. Alone, Backup Nathan and Nora flirt before she realises and leaves. She panics in the real world where Holden tells her that it is not cheating since Backup Nathan is still Nathan.

As for Backup Nathan, he tells Luke that he is jealous of himself and Luke hypes him up. At the same time, Original Nathan calls Luke to confess he is insecure over leaving Nora and Backup Nathan alone. The complicated feelings of all 3 are put on standby as Nathan finds a Choak memory – it is about passing a law which allows Uploads to work. Nora sees Karina in the memory and gets a bad vibe from her.

Drunk Ingrid shows up at the IR courtesy of Viv and tells Nathan to control Nora and let her have Backup Nathan. Meanwhile, Aleesha gets roses from Karina and she is conflicted. She goes to Luke for advice but they end up talking about his mom as he cries over the two Nathans.

At the IR, Ingrid opens up to Original Nathan. She starts crying that despite everything, every single Nathan chooses Nora over her. They end up drinking and bond over how hard real life is. She says even if he was at his lowest point, she would still be into him and they laugh as he says he is at his lowest at the moment. 

At the same time, Nora and Backup Nathan talk. He is upset about Ingrid lying to him. However, she is thankful that Ingrid secretly cloned his body. They check in with Original Nathan and are surprised to see Ingrid who has offered to help. All 4 of them then see a memory of Choak with Ingrid’s father, Oliver.

Choak plans to replace live employees by killing them and making them Upload employees so that they can save half a billion dollars. Oliver jokes if Ingrid had also died with Nathan, his bank account would also become less burdened. Awkward, they cut the call as Ingrid tears up. She reveals to Original Nathan that she wishes someone would be proud of how hard she works.

He says he is proud and they hug. She tries to come on to him but backs off while still teasing him as he stops her. However, Backup Nathan and Nora get jealous of Ingrid and Original Nathan. Backup Nathan tries to kiss Nora but she stops him. She says that for better or worse, she has chosen Original Nathan. He understands and now also views Original Nathan like a brother.

And just like her, his destiny is Ingrid as he should love her for being loyal and passionate (albeit a little weird). At the end of Upload season 3 episode 6, Backup Nathan kisses Nora’s forehead and lightens the mood by joking that he may be a little unsure about Ingrid.

The Episode Review

Ah, so Karina is part of the bad guys, huh? Though, why did she get rid of Kapoor, he was flying under the radar. It will be intriguing to see how her character arc plays out, especially since she seems to genuinely like Aleesha who likes her back.

The Nathans finally working together and getting insecure of each other is pretty hilarious in Upload season 3 episode 6. The contrast between the two duos – Backup and Nora, Original and Ingrid is risky but pulled off well as we can’t really hate any of them. However, it is a little unfair for Backup Nathan to say he loves Ingrid because she tries. You don’t love someone because of effort and then joke about it. But maybe he can redeem himself next episode, who knows? 

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