Upload – Season 3 Episode 5 “Rescue Mission” Recap & Review

Rescue Mission

Episode 5 of Upload season 3 titled “Rescue Mission” begins with Luke taking an AI gardener to the Grey Zone by saying it is a cool place. Aleesha calls to update him on her new special project thanks to Karina. He is happy for her but quickly cuts the call to hide his location.

Nora officially becomes Holden’s plaintiff liaison and she and Nathan have been living in her apartment. However, Bruno, Holden’s dog accidentally eats most of the pills Dr. Kapoor gave Nathan. While Holden takes him to the vet, Nora is worried. Luke suddenly calls to say he has been imprisoned by Zalan. Turns out, he regretted giving the AI to Zalan and tried to back out.

He helped the AI escape but got caught. At that moment, Backup Nathan calls Luke and all 3 end up in a shocking conference call. Nathan sets up a quick rendezvous point and cuts the call. Backup Nathan thinks that someone has cloned him and Ingrid pretends to glitch and runs off.

While Nathan heads to a library to get a VR set, Angel Nora shows up in front of Backup Nathan. It gets awkward as there are some lingering feelings between them but Backup Nathan ends up fawning over his fanny pack.

As for Aleesha’s special project, it is to download an AI into a clone to experience the real world and become better at handling humans in Lakeview. Aleesha is to guide him through 10 New York City blocks but he dies while crossing the road. He is just recloned and this time Aleesha is more careful.

As Nora and Backup Nathan head to the Grey Zone, she reveals that she is dating the “clone” he saw on the call. She is in love and he gets jealous. Ingrid spots them and gets mad as she rants on social media about fake people. No one pays attention and she resorts to calling one of her old friends, Mersaydeez to hang out with her.

The AI is having trouble as he hates the heat, is almost punched by someone and runs into a mailbox. Aleesha calms him down and Karina is touched. He then sees a charging station and starts jerking off. Lucy finds it hilarious while Aleesha and the rest are awkward and try to give him privacy.

As they reach the edge of Lakeview, Nora finally tells Backup Nathan that he is the knockoff. He is offended especially once Nathan shows up. He keeps asking Original Nathan things only Nathan would know and they end up dancing the same way. Both Nathans are delighted while Nora gets impatient. Backup Nathan even gets Original Nathan to follow him even though he is headed in the wrong direction and Nora decides to check in with Dr. Kapoor.

She runs into Holden who says the pills are over-the-counter fart pills and Nora is confused as to why Kapoor would lie. Meanwhile, Backup asks Original about Nora and is slightly sad about the way Original Nathan and Nora are in love.

Elsewhere, Ingrid shows up at a HorseyButt yoga class with Mersaydeez. She is excited to talk and catch up but Mersaydeez just comments how rough she looks and cuts her short as class starts.

Original Nathan tries to mock Ingrid by wondering if she still controls Backup Nathan including his clothing. Backup Nathan says she has changed and Original Nathan claims all credit, saying the backup only came into existence a few days ago. Backup Nathan is hurt but they patch up as they come up with a plan on seeing some avatars in the Grey Zone.

As for the AI guy, he resumes his mission and ends up empathising with a homeless guy. The tech team is moved but he gives his hat to the homeless guy – the hat is the only way to track him.

After the horse yoga class, Mersaydeez tries to run off and Ingrid is hurt. Mersaydeez says there is nothing to talk about as Ingrid will just go back to Nathan as loyalty is her worst quality. Ingrid claps back that it is her best quality and returns to Lakeview, promising to wait for Backup Nathan.

The Nathans show up as Prince Eric AIs and are shocked to see Luke as Princess Leia from Star Wars. Zalan catches them anyway as Disney AIs would have reacted negatively to unlicensed Star Wars IP. However, Original Nathan negotiates a trade with Zalan – to take Backup Nathan with the fanny pack in exchange for Luke. Backup Nathan calls Original Nathan a traitor as Zalan agrees.

Luke is sad they lost the other Nathan but consoles himself that it was a knockoff. Suddenly another Nathan pops up! Turns out, the Original Nathan pretended to be the knockoff with the fanny pack. Once he was imprisoned, he simply took off his VR headset. Luke apologises to Backup Nathan who doesn’t mind and they all head back to Lakeview.

Meanwhile, Nora sees some strange people at Kapoor’s House. They insist that the place has always been an Ethel Waitebraithe’s residence. She finds it suspicious and runs off. Two men from the house follow and corner her. At the end of Upload season 3 episode 5, she wakes up in Lakeview.

The Episode Review

Upload Season 3 Episode 5 goes back to the mish-mash of jokes from the season premiere that don’t land like the first meeting between Nora and Backup Nathan, and the AI guy jerking off. But for what it’s worth, the season has finally found its groove. It is still funny and thrilling. The 2 Nathans rescuing Luke kept the episode entertaining.

As for the AI special project it felt like a hilarious video game, making the viewers engage with the storyline. And with us entering the second half of the season, about time we got a bigger baddie or some mysterious component to keep the plot moving – in the form of those mysterious people targeting Kapoor and Nora. 

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