Upload – Season 3 Episode 3 “CyberDiscountDay” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Upload Season 3 titled “CyberDiscountDay” has Nathan finding out that Jamie is dead and one of the executives from Choak Tower hanging out at the Beyond HQs. He suddenly gets a nosebleed but when he meets Nora he says he is fine.

They show up at a community housing where his mom, Viv stays. She is dating Mauricio but kicks him out so she, Nathan and Nora can sleep in her room. Though, she doesn’t mind if Nora and Nathan want to get frisky as she has earplugs and a sleeping eye mask.

It is CyberDiscountDay and Ingrid is broke, unable to buy the buffet for Backup Nathan. He, however, is super excited and is busy getting ready as she comes up with an excuse to go to the real world for a manicure.

Outside, Aleesha’s family visit Lakeview with Luke flirting with her mom as she proudly reveals that she is hosting dinner for them. But her happiness is shortlived as her leave is revoked since her manager, Lucy needs to cook dinner for her husband. The AI guys overhear and Luke whips a tale of how the weekend and time-offs came into existence.

As for Nora, she picks up a shift by working remotely at Lakeview. She looks up downloaded humans and learns that the inventor, Dr. Kapoor was fired after his program failed. While fixing an AI concierge, she overhears Ingrid telling Tinsley to get her and Backup a free meal but the Angel says they need to eat it in their room. Curious, Nora checks her suite and finds Backup Nathan singing in the shower.

As for the real Nathan, he tries to get a job but to no avail. He resorts to scavenging through landfills. He spots an ad for help at a hug suit shop and is surprised to see that it has been filled by none other than Ingrid. She says she has moved on, making him jealous by saying her new boyfriend is packed, muscular and loves his mom. But she does help Nathan by telling him that there is some work at a 3D printer shop.

Meanwhile, Aleesha is having a tough time as her mother interrupts her 3D printer and ruins the food. The AIs all take time off after hearing Luke’s story. She promises to throw a dinner for the AIs if they work extra hard at CyberDiscountDay after she feels sorry that they are not allowed to take a break till they break down for good.

When she returns, she is hurt to see her family has started the meal without her and pick on her cooking. She goes back to Lakeview and sees Luke and the AIs waiting for her to start their dinner party.

Nathan returns for a misprint of a turkey which tastes like ham and everyone is excited while finding it funny. Meanwhile, the Backup Nathan keeps looking forward to the buffet till Ingrid shows up and starts crying. She gags and acts disgusted that she is broke and has to work. Backup Nathan is amused but says he is proud of her. He hyped her up for being a boss lady and she is touched. He suddenly wonders why his mom has not checked in on him yet.

Well, that is because, she is having a great meal with Nathan, Nora, Mauricio and her niece, Neveah. Nathan and Nora update them on their findings – Ingrid has a job and there is a hot backup of Nathan at Lakeview. Nathan, of course, is indignant which Neveah plays on as she pokes fun at him for not being hot anymore but at least cuddlier.

Suddenly, Backup Nathan video calls Viv and everyone panics. She picks up and tries to keep it short as Nathan keeps trying to get a glimpse. Viv cuts the call and everyone teases him that Backup Nathan is indeed hotter and they joke around with Nora saying she loves him. His smile falls as his nose starts bleeding profusely at the end of Upload Season 3 Episode 3.

The Episode Review 

Okay, maybe the comedy is growing. It could possibly be because we have a different writer and director from the previous two episodes. Whatever, they’ve changed in Upload Season 3 Episode 3, can they keep it for the rest of the series? We finally have funny interactions, one-liners and comebacks that will have viewers laughing right till the end.

And Aleesha and Ingrid finally have their own storylines, independent from whatever is happening at Lakeview. It allows us to understand their characters more and root for them. Ingrid and Backup Nathan are pretty cute as a couple too, maybe even more than real Nathan and Nora who haven’t been doing a lot in season 3.

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  1. Season 1 was awesome, season 2 started to get weird towards the end, season 3 is a complete joke, so many disjointed and strange story lines, seem to be added as fillers, I keep asking questions about series 3 e.g. how did Nathan accidently stumble into where Ingrid was working….there’s dozens of others e.g why fly in a crate by drone to avoid detection, wouldn’t that lok suspicious, it’s just too stupid for words, bordering on embarrassing, an amazing start in season 1, not sure if I’ll bother with season 4, should have ended end of S2 with Nathan marrying Nora happily ever after

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