Upload – Season 3 Episode 2 “Strawberry” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Upload Season 3 titled “Strawberry” begins with Nathan and Nora roadtripping to give back the victims’ hard drives to their families. Their first stop is someone called Elijah Bennett’s home. His parents, Bill and Cheyenne are wary but Elijah had told his younger brother, Logan about his plan to upload.

At Horizen Customer Care, Aleesha is promoted to managing AIs and teaching them how to be more in tune with the humans at Lakeview.

Meanwhile, Ingrid confronts Tinsley about secretly rebooting Nathan’s backup and wonders if she likes him. She realises that she owns Tinsley, making her avatar look ugly, getting her to tell Backup Nathan that Family Day has been canceled and give him celebrity collab outfits.

The Bennetts have Nora and Nathan for dinner and as they talk, the family wonder if the two are married. Bill says they should get married but Nora and Nathan are awkward as they cannot even decide how many kids to have or if he will even survive the download.

Meanwhile, a sad Luke makes a sculpture of Nathan. His mood worsens as Aleesha says she has been promoted and that Batia is his new angel. The AI class begins but the AI guys are not interested in learning and keep messing with Aleesha. Luke goes through his memories with Nathan and Aleesha and starts deleting them.

During dinner, the conversation turns to the Ludds and Bill and Cheyenne think they are violent. They also blame the rebels for the loss of their farm. Nora tries to argue with them but Nathan stops her. Later, Nathan skips on cleaning the dishes as he needs to rush to the toilet and Nora offers to do them. Nathan tries different nicknames with her but she doesn’t like that he left the dishes for her, calling him a prince.

Nathan bunks with Logan who says Elijah claimed that they lost their farm because Monsanto sued them for no valid reason. Nora, who is sleeping in the next room, talks to Nathan through the wall. He promises to help wash next time and she forgives him. He still cannot figure out a nickname for her and as she laughs, we see that she has the uploading machine that killed Sato with her.

The next day, the Bennetts put the two to work and they are shocked at how much has changed – since pigs keep getting cancer, pig cancer blobs are used to make pork.

Ingrid decides to get a makeover while gossiping with the AI hairstylist of how Nathan doesn’t remember anything after poker night. So, she will do everything to keep him, even if it means acting selfless like Nora. As for Luke, he puts episodes of Dragon Tales and Fairly OddParents in the memory gaps but this leads to him tripping.

It gets worse at the farm where the Bennetts work – there is one long cow with several teats that churn out everything from cottage cheese and curd to parmesan. Nathan is grossed out and tries to skip but Nora stops him. 

Aleesha’s next class on feelings is still not going well. The AI guys cannot seem to understand even though they are very clearly showing feelings. She sees Luke crying and visits him. 

While working, Nora and Nathan start throwing the curd at each other. She overdoes it and he is annoyed and walks off. Cheyenne observes and talks to Nora. Nora says after long-distance, getting together, there are several small things like Nathan acting snobby that annoy her. Cheyenne says even though her husband is not perfect she likes him regardless. 

In Lakeview, Choak sees Backup Nathan and tells him he saw him in the bathroom at Freeyond. Backup Nathan is confused and is even more surprised when Ingrid shows up with Nora’s old haircut.

Meanwhile, Aleesha restores all of Luke’s deleted memories. One of them is of Aleesha teaching him twerking and she wonders why he would delete the happy ones. He says all of his friends moved on, so even he wants to. She tells him about how her classes suck. He says she is a rockstar and she is delighted.

As for Choak, he makes Ivan’s Angel do body sushi while asking if their brain scans can degrade. He asks since he saw Nathan in the real world and then in Lakeview, he is confused as to what is real. Ivan misdirects him by saying Nathan never left and that he and Choak have had this conversation many times. 

Outside the farm, Nora helps Nathan clean up. He says he is not a prince and never was as he used to help at home. Nora points out that she did have to serve him as an Angel which is why it all got to her. He says they are equals now. He hugs her despite the curd on his clothes and they kiss while laughing. After a busy day, Nathan and Nora finally leave by hitchhiking on the farm’s truck.

Ingrid tries to change like asking for vegetables and Backup Nathan notices. She says she was dishonest judgy, negative and jealous. He says people are positive and negative and he likes everything about her. Convinced, she tells him the truth – her real body is in a virtual suit in a bathtub and she is eating a power bar.

She says she loves him and wanted to be with him so she lied about her suiscan. She is worried he hates her, but he is touched that she did all that for him. He says that they are good but no more lies. At the end of Upload Season 3 Episode 2, she tells Tinsley who was about to delete Nathan’s backup to save it. 

The Episode Review

We are trying to give the series a chance, but the humour is still a hit-and-miss as seen in Upload Season 3 Episode 2. At least Robbie Amell is funny. Ingrid’s lines are pretty hilarious too but come on, for a comedy show, it is doing a really poor job. Honestly, just take it out, the show has enough of other intriguing themes, characters and plot twists.

Ingrid is definitely getting her glow up with the way she is becoming a much more likeable character. The same goes for Luke who can be a little grating but finally, we get to see him as an independent character, not always linked to Nathan. This episode also gave time to explore Nathan and Nora’s relationship, all the kinks that may surface and how they go about fixing it.

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