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A new month is here, and this can only mean one thing: we are getting new content. July might just be the luckiest month for BL lovers as it has so many treats in store for us. From the debut of JesBible in 4 minutes to the return of Off Daou, we will be booked and busy this month.

The lineup is one of the best we have seen in 2024, and we can only pray that the shows live up to the hype of their trailers. Without further ado, here are the titles dropping this month. Which one are you excited to see?

This Love Doesn’t Have Long Beans

Network: ONE31 and iQIYI.

Premiere date: 5th July

The excitement for this show has been keeping us going since the trailer was released a few months ago. Fans of PitBabe could barely contain their excitement for SaiPon’s second project. This will be the first time they will be the main leads, and we are sure they will deliver. The show follows Model Plawan.

He is paid quite a lot of money to join a cooking competition and train under head chef Chef Oab. However, Chief Oab is a well-known perfectionist and Plawan will need to up his kitchen skills. However, the real crisis is if he falls for Chef Oab, will he complete the real mission he was sent to accomplish at the restaurant?

The Boyfriend

Network: Netflix 

Premiere date:  9th July

This is a Japanese gay dating reality show set to debut on Netflix. The show follows ten men who will live together for a month and run a truck together.  If the vibes are right, then they will start dating each other. We can’t wait to see if these men will find love. 

Century of Love

Network: Netflix, One 31, one

Premiere date:  10th July 

This is slated to be OffDaou’s return after Love In Translation. This fantasy romance follows San, a devoted lover who has been waiting for the return of his love, Wat, for a century. However, the possibility of their reunion is threatened when Wat is afflicted by the power of the five shades stone.

If he fails to find Wat by the end of the century, he will die for good. With time running out as the final year of the century comes, Wat meets  Vee, a goofy Adonis. Unbeknownst to San, Vee is his reincarnated Wat.  Will San recognise Wat in Vee before it is too late? 

Meet You at the Blossom

Network: iQiyi, Viki, WeTV

Premiere date: July 11th

This is one of the highly anticipated BLs of the month. The show is adapted from the novel  “Hua Kai You Shi, Tui Mi Wu Sheng” by Shui Qiang Cheng. Shui Qiang Cheng is also the author of  the novel  “Professional Body Double,” which was adapted to the current hit Thai BL, “ My Stand-in.”

Meet You at the Blossom follows Jin Xiao Bao, the son of the richest man in the Jiangnan region. He is set to marry a beautiful but troublesome lady, an emperor’s daughter. However, one night, he rescues  Huai En and falls in love. What is the real identity of his new love, and why does his betrothed have so many enemies?

I Saw You in My Dream

Network: WeTV

Premiere date: July 24th

Imagine having prophetic dreams every last night of the sixth and twelfth month of each year but never dreaming of your love. Then, finally, on the last night of the year, you dream of a warm love. However, the problem is that the man of your dreams turns out to be the annoying neighbour, Yu, whom you hate with a passion. Can you turn him into the perfect man of your dreams?

4 Minutes  

Network: ONE31 and iQIYI

Premiere date:  26th July

After two years of begging and pleading with BOC to finally give us a new show starring Bible, they finally answered our prayers. This BL stars Bible and his new onscreen partner, Jes, and we are so excited to see the show unfold. The show is about Great, a university student and the son of a wealthy businessman.

One day, he gets the gift to see 4 minutes into the future, a gift he has used to change many events. As life goes on, he coincidentally meets Tyme, a resident surgeon and a relationship blossoms between the two.

Battle of the Writers 

Network: Not Announced Yet

Premiere date:  29th July 

Little is known about this next TutorYim project. So far, we only know that the show is adapted from “The  Great Battle of Games” by Ping Guo Shu Shu Shu. The plot is about a writer being accused of plagiarism by a fellow novelist. The two are then forced to work together on a project, and one thing leads to another.

Which BL are you most looking forward to from this line-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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