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There are quite a few Japanese dramas releasing in September, making August a comparatively slow one. The genre of J-dramas is now seeing newfound glory after Netflix, among other popular international streaming platforms, announcing interesting titles and catapulting with efforts like Alice In Borderland.

Being shorter than regular Korean or Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas are quick to watch with an average of 10 to 12 episodes per season. From romance to comedy to thriller and slice of life, here is a list of the most exciting J-dramas to watch in September of 2023.

I Am Dead! (Ore wa Shinji Matta ze!)

Release Date: September 1st
Genre: Drama, Mini-series
Episodes: 7
Network: WOWOW

Plot: The show follows an unpopular host who leads an aimless life and suddenly dies due to an unexpected accident and cannot be reincarnated for some reason. While living under one roof with other ghosts in the same position, he starts to reflect on his life and gradually regains his humanity.


Release Date: September 1st
Genre: Investigative, Suspense, Mystery
Episodes: N/A
Network: U-Next

Plot: This show narrates the murder of a university’s administration director from 3 different perspectives – police detective Hoshino Naoto, the son of an alcoholic father, who is conducting the investigation with conviction; Tanimura Kaho, a university lecturer arrested as a suspect who had an affair with the victim in order to get a promotion; and Maruyama Souta, a reporter in the midst of divorce proceedings who wishes to relocate to another department.

The three of them who each have their respective personal problems, all have a common interest and form a cooperative relationship in order to expose the real culprit.

Undercover Investigator Matsushita Kouhei (Sennyuu Sousakan Matsushita Kouhei)

Release Date: September 1st
Genre: Investigative, Suspense, Comedy
Episodes: TBA
Network: TVer

Plot: Starring Matsushita Kouhei as himself, he takes on the role of an undercover police officer who infiltrated the entertain industry 15 years prior in order to investigate a well-known actor. He appears as a guest on 5 different variety shows from the TV stations involved, which will actually be broadcast in the shows themselves as well as the drama. 

Grey Maiden (Hiato no Otome)

Release Date: September 6th
Genre: Psychological, Suspense, Thriller
Episodes: TBA
Network: MBS, TBS

Plot: Kagami Tsutako has been obsessed with Ii Azami for 20 years. While stalking him one day, she encounters Ii Azami being hit by a car. When she discovers he has lost his memory as a result of the accident, she decides to claim they are lovers in order to fulfil her lifelong desire. As a result, Tsutako’s repeated lies begin to increasingly escalate.

My Niece Mei (Mei no Mei)

Release Date: September 8th
Genre: Slice of Life, Family, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Network: NTV, YTV

Plot: When Ozu’s older sister and brother-in-law suddenly pass away after an accident, 32-year-old Ozu temporarily moves to Fukushima from Tokyo, in order to look after their 12-year-old daughter and his niece, Mei during the summer vacation. He has a modern way of thinking but is lethargic about everything in his daily life.

In Fukushima, he meets the local residents who have been living positively with the aim of recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as the immigrants who have come from outside of the prefecture in order to realize their aspirations.

Sunset (Rakujitsu)

Release Date: September 10th
Genre: Mystery, Novel Adaptation
Episodes: 4
Network: WOWOW

Plot: Up-and-coming film director Hasebe Kaori asks new screenwriter Kai Chihiro for advice on a movie script. Kaori asks Chihiro to base the story of the film on “The Sasazukacho Family Incident” which occurred 15 years ago wherein a socially reclusive man stabbed his high school student sister to death and set the home on fire causing the death of his parents.

The town where the incident occurred is Chihiro’s hometown. Now that Kaori wants a film based on this case, it is unclear why since the verdict has already been finalized.

High School Girl Becomes a Monk (Joshikosei, Sou ni Naru)

Release Date: September 18
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Episodes: TBA
Network: MBS

Plot: High school girl Shimoshiraishi Mugi, a former idol otaku, is about to graduate high school but still is undecided in her career path. Her grandfather, who was the chief priest of a temple, passes away, and during the funeral, she discovers he had left behind considerable debt.

There, she also meets her childhood friend Isono Shuu, who had studied at a Buddhist University and is a qualified monk. Mugi, who doesn’t want to let go fully of her grandfather’s temple accepts Shuu’s proposal to become chief priest, and the two work together to rebuild the temple.

Everyday Scenery (Nichijou no Zekkei)

Release Date: September 20th
Genre: Life, Friendship
Episodes: TBA
Network: TV Tokyo

Plot: Based on Hachimachi’s book “Everyday Scenery: Familiar Streets, Unknown Views”, this show depicts two women of different types going around everyday scenery together and gaining energy. Kage Machimura works in the general affairs department of a camping product manufacturer and Hitomi Soda, her colleague, travels around towns and villages to see the everyday scenery.

Give My Regards to Kenshirou (Kenshirou ni Yoroshiku)

Release Date: September 22nd
Genre: Comedy, Manga Adaptation
Episodes: 10
Network: DMM TV

Plot: The story follows Numakura Koichi, a young man who swears to take revenge against the Yakuza, the person who took away his mother when he was young. He tries to master the “assassination fist” technique but somehow ends up as a masseur.

I Cannot Reach You (Kimi ni wa Todokanai)

Release Date: September 26th
Genre: BL Drama, Romance
Episodes: 10
Network: TBS

Plot: Childhood friends Yamato and Kakeru share a unique bond. Yamato is both handsome and academically accomplished, often the target of confessions from girls. In contrast, Kakeru’s grades are average, but his cheerful personality makes him a likeable presence.

Despite their classmates’ confusion over their close friendship, Yamato and Kakeru have been inseparable since childhood. One day, Kakeru asks Yamato if there might be someone he secretly likes, given his tendency to decline confessions. Yamato’s murmured response, “Kakeru,” leaves Kakeru puzzled.

Which Japanese drama are you most looking forward to in the month of September? Which do you think could become the best of 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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