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J-dramas are now seeing some newfound glory after Netflix among other popular international streaming platforms announced some interesting titles that will be dropping throughout 2023. Unlike Korean, Thai and Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas are known for their bold content, comedy as well as unique storyline.

Being shorter than regular Korean or Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas are quick to watch with an average of 10 to 12 episodes per season. From romance to comedy to thriller and slice of life, J-dramas offer a wide range of genres with their shows that depict unique stories. Here is our list of the upcoming J-dramas that will be released in May of 2023.

Ashita, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo Season 2

English Title: Tomorrow, I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend Season 2
Release Date: May 3
Network: MBS, TBS

Plot: After a successful first season, the upcoming season of the Japanese drama follows the story of Luna, a female college student who works at a bathhouse (brothel) in order to cover her school expenses. There, Hayato, a popular idol singer who has a weak mentality becomes her repeat customer. The two begin to have a relationship outside of a bathhouse, and become more and more addicted to each other.

Sanctuary Seiiki

English Title: Sanctuary
Release Date: May 4th
Network: Netflix

Plot: This Netflix original follows the story of a tough, desperate kid who becomes a sumo wrestler, captivating fans with his cocky attitude ― and upsetting an industry steeped in tradition.

NoMAD Workout: Fuku Tore in NY

English Title: NoMAD Workout: FUKU Training in NY
Release Date: May 6
Network: U-Next

Plot: The show is a mockumentary set in New York depicting the life of an online muscle trainer named Fuku who has decided to live as a training video distributor. He moves out of Japan and heads to New York. There, Fuku sets up a training program called ‘FUKU Training’ that tries to get people who are not good at exercise to naturally start training.

Seigi no Tenbin Season 2

English Title: The Scales of Justice Season 2
Release Date: May 6
Network: NHK

Plot: Taking off from Season 1, the show follows the life of former doctor and genius lawyer Takano Kazuya who suffers the tragedy of being falsely accused. This time, in addition to Takano’s vivid reasoning and rhetoric, the four members of Shidanzaka Law Firm Room 1, led by Takano, will be spotlighted, and the “justice” that each of them holds will be drawn.

Kokando Josho Sapuri

English Title: Kokando Josho Supplement
Release Date: May 7
Network: Paravi, TV Tokyo

Plot: The show follows the story of Tanimura Yuji who is a salesman for a publishing company. While browsing on SNS, he sees an advertisement for a supplement that increases ones favourability among people. Yuji takes this supplement out of curiosity and sees a number appear above his head, that shows him the number of people that has a favourable impression of him!

Sabusuku Kanojo

English Title: Subscribe Kanojo
Release Date: May 8
Network: ABC

Plot: The show follows the life of Tomo a woman who is only by men that already have a girlfriend. Tomo ends up setting up a service called “Subscribe Kanojo” on SNS where she gives the men an option to date her with a monthly subscription fee in order to stop her feelings from getting hurt for free! After the service gets a lot of popularity online with many women taking part in the ‘subscription girlfriend’ program, Tomo meets Kosuke who ends up leading her to change her mind about love.

Kazoku Dakara Aishitan Janakute, Aishita no ga Kazoku Datta

English Title: I Didn’t Love Them Because They Were My Family, But Who I Loved Was My Family
Release Date: May 14
Network: NHK BS 1

Plot: Based on an essay written by popular writer Nami Kishida, the J-drama will focus on the daily life of the Kishida family that will make viewers laugh and cry with the family members.

After Nami’s father, a venture capitalist, passed away suddenly, and her mother suddenly became a wheelchair user, Nami becomes the inadvertent breadwinner of the family. Her younger brother has Down syndrome and her grandmother has symptoms of forgetfulness. Nami goes through different emotions as her family members make her laugh, cry, and think about the way her life turned out.

Aa, Love Hotel: Himitsu

English Title: Ah, Love Hotel: Secret 
Release Date: May 19
Network: WOWOW

Plot: The show in it’s 9 episodes will follow an omnibus drama with laughter and tears set in a “love hotel”. With a gorgeous cast of 50 actors, an up-and-coming team of directors will draw the sadness and joy that unravels behind the closed doors of a motel room.

Tai Ari Deshita.: Ojo-sama wa Kakuto Game Nante Shinai

English Title: Thanks for the Match.: Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games
Release Date: May 19
Network: Lemon

Plot: The mini-series follows the story of a group of girls from an All-Girl’s School who are enthusiastic about fighting games. Mitsuki Aya, who entered Kuromi Girls’ High School, one of the best girls’ schools in Japan, witnesses the most popular girl in the school, Shirayuri Sama, enthusiastically playing a fighting game in an empty classroom.

However, gaming is never allowed at a girls’ school but when Aya finds out that Sama is a gamer of the same rank as her, the two decide to even it out with a match.

Suiito Moratoriamu

English Title: Sweet Moratorium
Release Date: May 24
Network: TBS

Plot: This show is based on the life of Kashiwagi Kokoro, a university student. He enjoys his campus life and has begun dating Kamijo Sayo. One day, his ex-girlfriend Omori Ringo, who broke up with him in the first place visits his home and begins to live there. However, Kokoro doesn’t tell his Sayo about Ringo moving in with him which eventually lands him in a lot of chaos.

0.5 no Otoko

English Title: 0.5 Man
Release Date: May 28
Network: WOWOW

Plot: The show follows the Tachibana family, who live in a 2.5-generation household. In this type of household, the parents and their children live together in a two-generation home, with the addition of a single sibling from the younger generation. This joint family decides to rebuild their old home into a 2.5-generation household, and the 40-year-old unemployed and reclusive protagonist, Masaharu Tachibana, ends up living with his sister and her family.

Which Japanese drama are you most looking forward to in the month of May? Which do you think could become the best of 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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