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Aside from Korean and Thai dramas, Japanese dramas are also seeing a huge boost in popularity over the years. J-dramas are known for their bold content as well as comedy. Being shorter than regular Korean or Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas are quick to watch with an average of 10 to 12 episodes per season.

From romance to comedy to thriller and slice of life, J-dramas offer a wide range of genres with their shows that depict unique stories. Here is our list of the upcoming J-dramas that will be released in March of 2023.

Backstage in New York (Jiyuu na Megami)

Release Date – March 4th

Cast – Igeta Hiroe Takeda Shinji Furukawa Yuki Miura Ryota

Network – Tokyo TV

Plot – Watanabe Sachi is a 25-year-old construction worker who lives in the suburbs. Her hobby involves designing and making clothes, but she feels she lacks the confidence in order to pursue this as a career. That’s until she meets legendary drag queen “Cool Mint”, and decides to move to Tokyo in order to become a fashion designer.

Know When to Give Up! (Ojogiwa no Imi wo Shire!)

Release Date – March 8th

Cast – Mikami Ai Aoki Yuzu Higuchi Hina Miyama Ryoki

Network – MBS, TBS

Plot – Ichimatsu Kairo’s ex-girlfriend, Kusakabe Hiyori, disappeared 7 years ago but suddenly appears before him once again. As someone who was converted into a devout follower of the Hiyori religion, Ichimatsu became unable to live in reality when Kusakabe left. After they are reunited, she makes an unreasonable demand asking for his sperm.

#Who Am I

Release Date – March 8th

Cast – Sekimizu Nagisa, Morita Kokoro, Hama Shogo

Network – Fuji TV

Plot – Aoi Akane, a university student and influencer, loses her memory when she falls from a height after being pushed by someone. After surviving the fall, she resorts to regaining her memories using social media. Ali Akane is determined to figure out who the perpetrator of her fall is and rediscovers her ‘true self’.

Angel Flight (Kokusai Reikyu Sokanshi)

Release Date – March 17th

Cast – Yonekura Ryoko, Matsumoto Honoka, Shirota Yu

Network – Amazon Prime

Plot – Yonekura Ryoko will take on the role of a hearse transporter travelling between international borders to bring bodies and mortal remains back to bereaved families. The show is a story of the people who work hard to serve those who pass away while abroad and give the bereaved a chance for a final farewell.

Love You as the World Ends Season 4 (Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni)

Release Date – March 19th

Cast – Takeuchi Ryoma, Iitoyo Marie

Network – Hulu

Plot – The story takes place 20 months after the end of Season 3. Hibiki has lost his friends and loved ones who fought alongside him, and even his beloved child, Mirai, has been taken from him. Wounded with wounds all over his body, Hibiki wanders alone through the apocalypse, only to be rescued by the Niiyama Foundation Group led by Asuha. When he is reunited with his former companion Kanae, she cannot hide her surprise at seeing Hibiki as a different person.

At the Niiyama Foundation Group, Hibiki obtains the information that Mirai is in “Utopia,” which is rumoured to be the last city of hope for mankind.


Release Date – March 19th

Cast – Matsuoka Mayu, Miyamoto Ariana

Network – WOWOW

Plot – The show follows the life of Komatsu Kie, a magazine writer from Tokyo who teams up with Omine Sakura. Mine Sakura is an Okinawa native who wants to pursue the truth of a mysterious sexual assault case.

History of Grace (Grace no Rireki)

Release Date – March 19th

Cast – Tacit Kenichi, Ono Machine

Network – NHK BS 1

Plot – The show is the story of a woman who was o her way to Narita in her beloved car called, “Grace”, After she is killed in a bus accident, her husband, Kikuo gets access to her GPS. Seeing the history of the places his wife visited before her death without his knowledge, Kikuo suspects infidelity. He sets out on a journey to trace the car, Grace’s history and solve the mystery of his wife’s death

Girl Romance (Shojo Koi)

Release Date – March 21st

Cast – Matsumura Sayuri, Sota Ryosuke

Network – Fuji TV

Plot – Shoji Shoko is a 26-year-old beautiful woman who works hard and is admired by everyone. Her problem is that she’s still a virgin and wanted to change her virginity status. Shoji Shoko moves into a love-hunting sharehouse called “Love House” and ends up living with six other people where her love life takes an unexpected turn. Love House has three guys and three girls and is a place where relationships often become complicated.

Utsubora: The Story of a Novelist

Release Date – March 24th

Cast – Maeda Atsuko, Kitamura Yukiya

Network – WOWOW

Plot – After a beautiful woman named Aki dies mysteriously, Sakura appears in front of popular novel writer Mizorogi and introduces herself as Aki’s twin sister. However, Mizorogi has stolen Aki’s novel, Utsubora from Sakura. Sakura had the original manuscript to Utsubora and had made some suggestions to Mizorogi. Mizorogi publishes the novel as his own and the plagiarised story soon drives Mizorogi into darkness.

Nagatan and Aoto: Ichika’s Cookbook (Nagatan to Aoto: Ichika no Ryourijou)

Release Date – March 24th

Cast – Kadowaki Mugi, Sakura Ryuto

Network – WOWOW

Plot – Set in post-war Kyoto around the 1950s, the show depicts the life of Kuwanoki Ichika (Kadowakii Mugi), the daughter of a long-established restaurant owner. She is left with only a kitchen knife as a keepsake after her husband doesn’t return from war. Wanting to be independent, she decides to work in the kitchen of a hotel that focused on Western cuisine. Now at 34 years old, Ichika remarries a young man fifteen years younger than her and takes on the challenge to rebuild her family’s restaurant together with her new husband.

Me, My Husband and My Husband’s Boyfriend (Watashi to Otto to Otto no Kareshi)

Release Date – March 28th

Cast – Hotta Akane

Network – Paravi, TV Tokyo

Plot – The show follows the story of Misaki Nakamichi, a teacher who has been married for 5 years to her attractive husband. On the outside, she has a life that many would be envious of. However, in reality, her marriage is in trouble due to the lack of intimacy. Her husband only sleeps with her once a year, on the day of their wedding anniversary. Misaki Nakamichi continues to question her husband’s sexual desire for her when their next anniversary arrives and she receives a shocking confession from him.

From Me To You (Kimi ni Todoke)

Release Date – March 30th

Cast – Minami Sara Suzuka Ouji Sakurai Kaito Kumada Dinka

Network – Netflix, TV Tokyo

Plot – The original story of the show follows high school student Kuronuma Sawako, who is nicknamed “Sadako”. She is isolated by her classmates due to her plain and gloomy appearance. Despite rumours circulating around the school, she is approached by Kazehaya Shouta, one of the most popular boys in the school. Through her interactions with Kazehaya Shouta. Kuronuma Sawako gradually manages to open up to him and her feelings towards him begin to change.

Which Japanese drama are you most looking forward to in the month of March? Which do you think could become the best of 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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