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June seems like a rather packed month with a wide range of shows releasing from Japan to the wider world. The genre of J-dramas is now seeing newfound glory after Netflix, among other popular international streaming platforms, has announced some interesting titles that will be dropping Japanese TV shows throughout 2023.

Being shorter than regular Korean or Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas are quick to watch with an average of 10 to 12 episodes per season. From romance to comedy to thriller and slice of life, J-dramas offer a wide range of genres with their shows that depict unique stories. Here is our list of the upcoming J-dramas that will be released in June of 2023.

The Days

Release Date: June 1st 2023
Episodes: 8
Network: Netflix

Plot: This Netflix Original depicts the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident that occurred in 2011 over a period of 7 days. The show narrates three different perspectives – the governments, corporate organizations, and those who put their lives on the line while narrating what exactly happened on that day and in that place.

Ikemen Seven Days

Release Date: June 1st – July 13th
Episodes: 7
Network: TVK

Plot: The show follows the life of Yuka, a sophomore in high school who has a handsome and kind boyfriend named Sena. Yuka just started dating Sena but soon realises that her boyfriend has a unique ability to change his face and personality every time he wakes up in the morning. This is a slightly mysterious love story between Yuka and Sena, where Sena’s face and personalities change every day of the week from Monday to Sunday.


Release Date: June 2nd – August 4th
Episodes: 10
Network: WOWOW

Plot: The show follows the life of Hiroshi, a 15-year-old junior high school student. Hiroshi transfers from a private school to a public one in order to emulate the delinquents in his manga books. On his first day, he’s challenged by the school’s most notorious delinquent, Iguchi Tatsuya, and ends up getting beaten.

He is then caught by a detective before he finally gains recognition by winning a one-on-one fight against a student from another school, and joins the ranks of delinquents, leading a life of fighting against other schools.

Keiji 7-nin Season 9 (Seven Detectives Season 9)

Release Date: June 7th 2023
Episodes: 10
Network: TV Asahi

Plot: The show like its former seasons follows the lives of seven detectives who are slowly drifting apart as their detective careers begin weighing on them. At the same time, an anonymous individual starts an exposure channel to server as a whistleblower on the police, accusing them of wrongdoings.

Moichido Papa to Yoba Reru hi (The Day I Call You Papa Again)

Release Date: June 7th 2023 – June 28th 2023
Episodes: 4
Network: Fuji TV

Plot: TBA

Inu to Kuzu

Release Date: June 9th
Episodes: 10
Network: MBS

Plot: The show follows the life of Sakuraba Haruma and his childhood friend Inukai Shuji. Shuji was cut about Haruma in every way imaginable, living out the glamorous life bestowed upon him. Haruma, an unassuming salaryman, has lived his every day clutching onto his inferiority complex, existing only in Shuji’s shadow.

One day, Haruma coincidentally meets Shuji’s wife, Inukai Reika, who Haruma has always secretly admired since his high school days. With feelings of envy, jealousy, and more, a “secret” is born from Haruma’s repetitive days.

Saraba, Yoki Hi

Release Date: June 12th
Episodes: 10
Network: TV Tokyo

Plot: The show follows the lives of newlyweds Keiichi and Akira Hirose who have moved to a new city. Keiichi, who works as an author, and Akira, who works with kindergartners. However, the couple is hiding a big secret from the people around them.

Homeru Hito Homerareru Hito (Someone Who Praises Someone Who Is Praised)

Release Date: June 12th – August 3rd
Episodes: 32
Network: NHK

Plot: This drama follows the life of Sugi Shinya who, after losing his parents and sister lived with a closed heart. That is until he meets a woman who reminds him of his deceased sister. As a water meter reader, he encounters Tachibana Kaoru, the owner of a rice ball shop who has a meddlesome personality but brings smiles to those around her with her interactions with customers. A story of love and miracles unfolds as they cross paths.

Hokago Teibo Nisshi (Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater)

Release Date: June 13th
Episodes: 9
Network: N/A

Plot: The show follows the life of Tsurugi Hina, a first-year high school student who moved from the city. She is an indoor person who is not good at dealing with living things. While walking along the embankment, she met her senior Kuroiwa, and is forced to join the mysterious “Teibo Club” and she decides to start fishing. With the support of unique club members, she gradually discovers the joy of fishing.

4-gatsu no Tokyo wa… (Tokyo in April Is…)

Release Date: June 16th
Episodes: 8
Network: MBS

Plot: This BL drama follows the story of Kazuma, a new employee who has returned to Tokyo from America. After coming back to Japan, he reunites with his close friend from middle school, Ren, who is currently working as the top designer at their company. Ren was Kazuma’s best friend and first love before he had to bid him an abrupt farewell during their third year in middle school, 10 years ago.

Now, Ren is as strong and good-looking as ever and Kazuma is happy just being with him. However, Ren avoids the subject of their time in middle school rather unnaturally and acts like a friendly former classmate. He soon learns that Ren is behaving this way because he is gay and because he fears being rejected by Kazuma. Yet one night, the two of them get together again…

Let’s Get Divorced (Ryosangata Riko)

Release Date: June 22th
Episodes: 10
Network: Netflix

Plot: This Netflix Original follows the story of Shoji Taishi, a new third-generation lawmaker who comes from a family of politicians and had a sheltered upbringing. Taishi is a womanizer but is not particularly intelligent. He is married to Kurosawa Yui, an actress who got her big break from a drama series.

The two have been married for five years and act like a happily married couple for the sake of their work and public image, but their marriage has already broken down.

Taishi and Yui do not even see each other at home and barely have a conversation except when they are life streaming on social media. Although they have grown disenchanted in their marriage, they cannot get divorced immediately due to pressure from their families and endorsement deals. The couple has no choice but to join hands to meet their unshakeable goal of breaking up.

Daifugou Doushin Season 3 (Millionaire Doshin 3)

Release Date: June 23th
Episodes: 8
Network: NHK

Plot: The show follows the life of a police investigator, who is the grandson of an extremely wealthy merchant but lacks fighting skills, and running abilities. He has a fear of the dark but he somehow returns to action. This time he has returned to investigate a gang of thieves.

Yasashii Neko (Kind Cat)

Release Date: June 24th – July 22nd
Episodes: 5
Network: NHK G

Plot: The show follows the life of Miyuki, a single mother and nursery teacher who meets a Sri Lankan man, Kumara while visiting Tohoku as a disaster volunteer. A year later, the two of them who fulfilled a fateful reunion are gradually attracted to each other. Straightforward and charming, Kumara quickly becomes friends with Miyuki’s daughter, Maya, and eventually, the three begin to live together like a family.

Before Kumara and Miyuki could tie the knot, he is questioned by the police and placed in an immigration facility and ordered to be deported to his home country for overstaying his visa. The only way to save Kumara is to file a lawsuit, win over the judgment, and obtain special permission to stay. He just wants to live with his family of three… He keeps a small wish in his heart and challenges the battle

Nare no Hate no Bokura (The Shadows of Who We Once Were)

Release Date: June 28th
Episodes: 10
Network: TV Tokyo

Plot: The drama follows the life of Nezu, a man who was looking forward to his elementary school reunion. After all, his class was united by unbreakable bonds. But when his former classmate, Mikio, reveals that this reunion is a very real matter of life and death, Nezu finds those bonds being put to the test.

Which Japanese drama are you most looking forward to in the month of June? Which do you think could become the best of 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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