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The genre of J-dramas is now seeing newfound glory after Netflix and Disney+, among other popular international streaming platforms, announced interesting titles that initially catapulted with shows like Alice In Borderland.

Being shorter than regular Korean or Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas are quick to watch with an average of 10 to 12 episodes per season. This month there are a large number of Japanese dramas releasing and they all come from different genres like romance, comedy, historical, mystery and thriller.

Below you’ll find the most popular Japanese titles to be released this month. Here is a list of the most exciting J-dramas to watch in July 2024.


Umi no Hajimari

Release Date: July 1
English Title: The Beginning of the Sea
Genre: Drama, Romance, Family
Episodes: TBA
Network: Fuju TV

Plot: Tsukioka Natsu grows up having a complicated relationship with his family and lives a life avoiding troubles and headaches. He was in a relationship with a woman called Nagumo Mizuki during his college days. The relationship was going well until one day Mizuki decided to break up. Since then, Natsu graduated from college, started working, and moved on with his new life.

7 years later, Natsu learns from his friends that Mizuki has passed away. At her funeral, Natsu finds out that Mizuki has a daughter and that he is the father. Natsu then struggles to become a father while thinking about the time the mother and daughter had spent together.

Shinjuku Yasen Byoin

Release Date: July 3
Genre: Medical
Episodes: TBA
Network: Fuju TV

Plot: The show is set in Sei Magokoro Hospital which provides emergency medical treatments. Due to its location, the patients are usually from various mysterious backgrounds, such as homeless people, foreign residents, hosts, and prostitutes.

Yoko Nishi Freeman is an ex-military doctor who visits Japan to fulfil a promise she made to a soldier she met at a field hospital. Her arrival at Kabukicho will bring light to the darkness of the district.

Meanwhile, Takamine Toru is a cosmetic dermatologist who learns anaesthesia at Sei Magokoro Hospital at night and works at a beauty clinic during the day. He enjoys partying and his encounter with Yoko will slowly change his way of life.

Billion × School

Release Date: July 5
Genre: High School, Comedy
Episodes: TBA
Network: Fuju TV

Plot: Kagami Rei, a newly assigned teacher to the 3rd year group of students at the private Eto Gakuen, where students with “zero motivation, zero talent, and zero future potential” are gathered.

Handsome and mischievous, Mr. Kagami has an unusual teaching style that does not follow the academy’s framework. In fact, he is the Chairman of the leading Japanese giant corporation Kagami with almost endless resources. Coming to this place with a hidden identity and grows with his students while facing various problems.

Watashi wo Moratte

Release Date: July 6
Genre: Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: TBA
Network: NTV

Plot: Ichijo Ryoei was born as the son of a business owner and led a perfectly prepared life until one day when he got involved in an accident and lost consciousness. Morikawa Natsumi too, was involved in another accident on the same day and time as Ryoei and became unconscious, but wakes up miraculously after a few weeks.

Ryoei, who is now a ghost, waits for Natsumi at her home and tells her that she owes him her life, which she does not remember. He also shares that she is the only one who can help him during his 49 days.

Aoshima-kun wa Ijiwaru

Release Date: July 6
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 10
Network: TV Asahi

Plot: The show narrates the story of Yukino Katsuragi, a general affairs employee at the beverage manufacturer Cat Beverage who is about to turn 35. After being dumped by her boyfriend, who she had been dating intending to get married, she has been enjoying her single life ever since she put an end to her search for a husband.

Although she works hard at her job, she is treated like an old lady by her junior, Rika Kimura. One day, Yukino goes to the systems department with Takako Suzuki, a colleague from the sales department.

There she meets Mizuki Aoshima, a 26-year-old young employee who recently joined the company and is recommended by Takako, who is the most popular guy in the company. Just as he said, Aoshima is surrounded by female employees, but Yukino is not interested in him at all.

Mountain Doctor

Release Date: July 8
Genre: Medical, Rescue
Episodes: TBA
Network: Fuju TV, KTV

Plot: The show is a medical drama that narrates the story of the treatment of illnesses and injuries that occur in the mountains. Doctors who are skilled in both mountain and medical knowledge are known as mountain doctors. The story is set in Nagano and features Miyamoto Ayumu, a young doctor who returns to his hometown to work at Shinano General Hospital.

Ayumu has loved the mountains since he was a child and has been appointed to concurrently work as an orthopaedic surgeon and a mountain doctor. On the other hand, Emori Gakuto is a cardiologist who works at the same hospital. He is also a mountain doctor and has many years of experience working overseas.

Douka Watashi Yori Fukou de Ite Kudasai

Release Date: July 10
English Title: May Your Misery Exceed Mine
Genre: Family, Suspense
Episodes: 11
Network: NTV

Plot: The show narrates the story of Natori Keiko, a beautiful but ordinary housewife who wants ordinary happiness, and her younger sister, Aihara Shiho, who finds pleasure when Keiko faces unhappiness.

Keiko suspects her husband Shinichi is having an affair with her best friend Yuka, and is shocked when Shiho tells her that she witnessed them meeting each other. However, this was Shiho’s plan and it was Shiho who was having an affair with Shinichi.

Classmate no Joshi, Zenin Sukideshita

Release Date: July 11
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Episodes: TBA
Network: NTV / YTV

Plot: Edamatsu Suneo is an aspiring novelist whose main source of income comes from his part-time job as a pest exterminator. He plagiarised a novel written in a notebook which he happened to come across and ended up winning a newcomer award.

Suneo decides to find the true author behind the novel before the world discovers the truth and the key to it is “the female classmates whom Suneo fell in love with in middle school”.


Release Date: July 13
Genre: Police, Investigative
Episodes: TBA
Network: NTV

Plot: The story is set in the Metropolitan Police Department Unidentified Person Consultation Department, where it focuses on identifying nameless bodies and having them returned to their families.

Mita Sakura is an investigator who volunteered to be assigned to the “unwanted department”. Meanwhile, Tsukimoto Makoto is a fellow investigator who used to be a journalist and has a sad past. Together, they do their best to identify the bodies by relying on the few clues left.

Minami-kun ga Koibito!?

Release Date: July 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: TBA
Network: TV Asahi

Plot: The show is a romance comedy about a high school girl, Chiyomi, who grew up in a Showa-era retro shopping street. Chiyomi is confronted by her boyfriend, Minami Hiroyuki, who suddenly turns into a 15cm palm-sized man.

Which Japanese drama are you most looking forward to in July? Which do you think could become the best of 2024? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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