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The popularization of South Asian culture has seen a lot of growth. A genre of tv shows that is gaining a lot of attention lately is Chinese dramas also known as C-dramas. The shows from this genre are longer than usual K-dramas and have more episodes packing a bigger punch for fans of the genre.

With a wide range of C-drama releases this month, here is a list of interesting Chinese period as well as modern-day dramas that will be released throughout May of 2023.

The Ingenious One

Genre – Period Drama
Release Dates – May 1st 2023 – May 21st 2023
Network – iQiyi, Tencent Video
Episodes – 36

Plot: The show follows the story of Yun Xiang, a disciple of Yuntai who has entered the arena after ten years of hard practice. In the process of traversing the rivers and lakes, Yun Xiang meets several friends.

He gradually realizes the warmth of friendship. Shu Yanan is a weird elf; an intelligent and alert woman who makes Yun Xiang affectionate.

The Ordinary Road

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 3th 2023 – May 18th 2023
Network – CCTV, Tencent Video
Episodes – 36

Plot: This drama follows the story of the work-life balance of Pan Yan, a trainee lawyer at Rongke Law Firm. Along with Shu Yinan, Zuo Na, and Zhu Xin Xin, he enters Rongke’s internship as a trainee. However, when they join the team, this group of young lawyers are exposed to various types of litigation struggles.

Being trainees, they can neither undertake the litigation entrusted by the client nor determine the direction and strategy of the litigation. This group of trainees can only do one of two things and that is conscientiously preparing materials for cases and making suggestions for each litigation.

Warm and Sweet

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 3rd 2023 – May 25th 2023
Network – Hunan TV, Mango TV
Episodes – 36

Plot: The show follows the story of Nan Fei and Qi Jia Yi who are a pair of best friends that are both over 30 years old and are facing societal pressures that most women their age face. Nan Fei’s boyfriend Chen Fang is going through a career change and he is hesitant about marriage, with their relationship at its most fragile stage.

Meanwhile, Qi Jia Yi is someone who leaves her snobbish and selfish husband at the altar when she realizes that she did not love him at all. She eventually meets her true love Jiao Yue but isn’t sure if marrying him is the right thing to do. Now as both friends are rethinking their romantic situation, they decide to give love a shot and work through their respective love lives.

See Midsummer Night’s Stars Again

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 4th 2023 – May 20th 2023
Network – Youku
Episodes – 24

Plot: The story follows the life of Lin Xiao Xia who poses as a jewellery con artist who tricks people into buying fake expensive jewellery. She meets a spoiled rich young man who is the owner of a jewellery company. He had run away after stealing a precious necklace from his family.

The two become friends and he also happens to be the only person who believes in her, encouraging her to step out of con-artist past mistakes, while Lin Xiao Xia tries to pursue a career as a jewellery designer. She, in turn, helps him see the value of jewellery and his family’s hard work.

Yes I Am a Spy

Genre – Period Drama
Release Date – May 5th 2023
Network – iQiyi
Episodes – 15

Plot: The show starts when the undercover list of the Hidden Team is leaked and stolen by a mole, causing panic among the kingdom. The emperor orders the head of the Hidden Team, Shen Yi Feng, to investigate the mole. However, in order to protect the undercover agents still operating outside, the stolen list has to be recovered.

Zhang Xiao Hua is tasked with investigating the intelligence and learns the location of the list. She plans to offer herself to the lustful leader of the Great Clan in order to retrieve it. After almost losing her life in the process, a royal master, Luo He, offers to marry Zhang Xiao Hua.

Once Zhang Xiao Hua learns about the internal strife in this clan, she decides to use a “beauty trap” to provoke a conflict between the leader and Luo He which would help her find the list she was looking for all along.

Ni De Wo Di Na Chang An Lian

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 3rd 2023 – May 15th 2023
Network – Tencent Video
Episodes – 20

Plot: The show follows the life of Yi Xi Zhen who joins the same university as her crush, Fang Jia Yue, in order to get close to him. After entering university successfully, she starts pursuing him.

No matter how careful the plan is, it eventually ends in a mess, making a joke of Jia Yue. The story of her love for Fang Jia Yue makes people laugh and mock her. But in the process, she also accidentally discovers a secret of the male deity named Yi Xi Zhen.

How to Kill a Mystery Novel Writer

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 5th 2023 – May 23rd 2023
Network – Tencent Video
Episodes – 26

Plot: The show follows the life of Chen Chao, a mystery writer who has a lot of unfinished stories. One night, a girl character from one of his stories suddenly comes to life and tries to kill him. He has no choice but to fight and kill her but unfortunately, his neighbour sees and reports it to the cops…

Xue Lian Hua Sheng Kai Di Di Fang

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 5th 2023
Network – CCTV, LeTV
Episodes – 32

Plot: The show takes place in the late 1990’s, and follows the life of Ouyang Nan, an outstanding university graduate. After he actively responds to the country’s call, Ouyang Nan voluntarily moves to Tibet to support the construction project.

After he arrives at Qiangga Village, Bagu Township, he faces a series of problems including not being able to adapt to life there, conflicting ideas with local Tibetan compatriots, as well as issues with trying to implement his own environmental protection ideas.

The Boss’ Troubles

Genre – Period Drama
Release Date – May 6th 2023 – May 19th 2023
Network – Tencent Video
Episodes – 24

Plot: The Jiujing Gang is a small and insignificant gang in Jianghu, struggling to make ends meet. They have no choice but to make a living as bodyguards, and escorts, sell bonesetters, promote martial arts culture, and catch thieves for their neighbours.

The show follows the gang leaders of Jiujing Gang and its members who come from all over the country, with different backgrounds, experiences, and personalities. By coincidence, they come together, interpreting their hilarious daily lives.

Grandma’s New World

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 7th 2023
Network – iQiyi, JSTV
Episodes – 12

Plot: In order to find a grandmother who left home many years ago, a granddaughter and her grandma’s older twin sister embark on an uplifting journey together. Five years ago, Grandma Son had suddenly run away from home to see the world and to find herself in order to restart her life.

Now, her family accidentally catches wind of news about her and makes a journey to find her. Her twin sister and Dou Qi, her granddaughter make a journey where Duo Qi listens to tales from her grandmother’s life in order to learn about her experiences. From one stop to the next, the puzzle surrounding Grandma is slowly pieced together.

Sweet and Cold

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 8th 2023 – May 25th 2023
Network – Youku, ZJTV
Episodes – 31

Plot: The show follows the life of Meng Hao Tian who is known as the epitome of strength and beauty. Everyone saw how she started from nothing and jumped through countless hurdles in her entrepreneurial journey. However, only a few know of her painful past.

Because of a farce wedding, she has unexpectedly gotten acquainted with Leng Si Ming, the young and promising CTO of Lingzhi Group. After many unexpected situations, the two grow from their misunderstandings as rivals to become partners but are still hounded by glaring problems and differences.

Please, Remarry

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 8th 2023 – May 15th 2023
Network – Tencent Video
Episodes – 21

Plot: In order to save the family business, Yun Wanwan acts as a virtuous “perfect wife” for three years, until her husband Shen Liangchuan is hospitalized.

Back to her single life again, Yun Wanwan finally fulfils her dream of music and starts a company. This company holds concerts, which help her transform into a bohemian punk female boss. Meanwhile, Shen Liangchuan finally faces his feelings for Yan Wanwan and tries to win his former wife over.

Shang Guo Fu

Genre – Period Drama
Release Date – May 10th 2023 – May 25, 2023
Network – Tencent Video
Episodes – 24

Plot: Shang Guo Fu centers on Xuan Qiancao, the daughter of a guilty minister, who has outstanding aptitude and is determined to avenge her father’s grievances.

The emperor’s illegitimate son, Chen Tongxue, is tricked by the Crown Prince and brought into a critical situation. Two people with different thoughts approach each other, but in the end, despite initially using each other, they fall in love with each other. As a result, they join hands to fight against the enemy and seek a peaceful and prosperous world for the people of the world.

Back From the Brink

Genre – Period Drama
Release Date – May 10th 2023
Network – Youku
Episodes – 40

Plot: The show follows the story of an ancient dragon, Tian Yao, who finds himself badly wounded and heartbroken after his lover betrays him. The woman he loved betrayed him by stripping him of his dragon bones and then sealing them in four directions.

His soul escapes by chance and now, this ancient dragon is reborn. He encounters Yan Hui, who vows to protect him on his journey to retrieve his missing bones. Tian Yao uses Yan Hui to retrieve his stolen body parts which deepens their relationship over time. Tian Yao admires Yan Hui’s repeated efforts to save him, while Yan Hui appreciates the strong bond they have created.

Gen Z

Genre – Modern-Day Drama
Release Date – May 14th 2023
Network – Dragon TV, JSTV, Youku
Episodes – 40

Plot: The show revolves around the life of Sun Tou Tou, an orphan in her twenties. One day, she gets into trouble while fighting injustice and Ren Xin Zheng, a professor at the University of Chinese Medicine, comes to her aide. Professor Ren accepts her into the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) course to give her a fresh start in life.

Sun Tou Tou accepts the challenge of learning under Ren Xin Zheng and eventually inherits his family’s TCM practice. Professor Ren’s son, Tian Zhen, is a classmate she dislikes for causing her some difficulties. Tou Tou and Tian Zhen eventually become closer as they learn to understand and empathize with each other.

Which Mandarin/Chinese drama are you most looking forward to in the month of May? Which do you think could become the best of 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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