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South Asian culture has seen a boost in mass interest in TV Shows and Movies coming from different countries, especially South Korea, Japan and China. Chinese dramas, also known as C-dramas, are gaining a lot of attention online, all thanks to their longer number of episodes and fantastical elements.

With a comparatively limited number of shows releasing in C-drama releases in the first week of this month, here is a tentative list of all Chinese dramas that will be released throughout July 2024.

Long Dramas


The Rise of Wanshan

Release Date: July 2, 2024
Genre:  Drama, Metropolitan
Episodes: 28
Runtime: 40 min
Network: CCTV

Plot: The show is based on a true story that follows the lives of people trying to transform resource-depleted cities. After the end of the last century, the Wanshan Special Zone in Guizhou was facing a desperate situation due to the depletion of mercury resources.

Feng Baiyang, the third-generation mercury miner, held a strong sense of responsibility and mission and tried to transform to revive the glory of the mercury mine, but ultimately failed to resist the tide of state-owned enterprise reform, and 20,000 employees fell into despair.

Now, as of 2008, the once-in-a-century freezing disaster hit Wanshan again, and the hearts of the Wanshan people dropped to the freezing point. It is Baiyang’s responsibility to help this resource-depleted city to be reborn from the ashes.

As Beautiful As You

Release Date: July 2, 2024
Genre:  Workplace Romance
Episodes: 40
Runtime: 45 min
Network: Hunan TV, Tencent, Mango TV

Plot: The show follows the life of a college graduate named Ji Xing who starts working at Guangsha after graduation. However, reality dealt her a blow when even after working for 3 years, she didn’t make any progress in her career.

Ji Xing ends up resigning from her job to start her own business. Despite being a newbie, she is smart and ends up gaining success even after many setbacks. Ji Xing’s mentor and business partner Han Ting seems cunning and cold on the outside but always gives her critical guidance. Will this business partnership turn into something more?

The Elephant is Right Here

Release Date: July 4, 2024
Genre:  Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 12
Runtime: 45 min
Network: iQiyi

Plot: The show follows an international marathon that is to be held in Xiangcheng, a declining fifth-tier town. Around this marathon, all kinds of people appear including young people from small towns who are involved in weddings and funerals, hooligans who run mahjong parlours, a deserted acrobatic troupe, and a big boss behind the counterfeit money business.

Zhang Kuang wants to take advantage of the marathon and “borrows” an elephant from his girlfriend’s acrobatic troupe, but he loses the elephant and is dragged into the vortex of the counterfeit money case.

Lost You Forever Season 2

Release Date: July 8, 2024
Genre:  Mythology, Period
Episodes: 21
Runtime: 45 min
Network: Tencent

Plot: The show narrates the story of a time when humans, gods, and monsters lived together. The three kingdoms of Xiyan, Haoling, and Chenrong were in a three-way confrontation. The Haoling King Ji Jiuyao “Xiaoyao” ( played by Yang Zi ) who was exiled to the wilderness experienced a hundred years of hardships. Not only did she lose her identity, but she also lost her appearance. She settled in Qingshui Town and became Wen Xiaoliu.

Xiaoyao’s cousin, Xiyan King Sun Xuan ( played by Zhang Wanyi ), travelled all over the wilderness to find Xiaoyao and came to Qingshui Town. Wen Xiaoliu accidentally saved the dying Qingqiu Prince Tu Shanjing ( played by Deng Wei ), and the two gradually fell in love with each other as they spent time together.

Wen Xiaoliu also met the nine-headed monster Xiangliu ( played by Tan Jianci ) and became close friends. Wen Xiaoliu and Xuan did not know each other when they met. After many twists and turns, she finally recognized Xuan and restored her identity.

Meet You at the Blossom

Release Date: July 2, 2024
Genre:  BL Drama, Romance, Period
Episodes: 12
Runtime: 40 min
Network: iQiyi, Viki, YouTube

Plot: Adapted from the web novel titled, “Flowers Bloom Sometimes, Decadence Is Silent”, the show is produced by Thailand’s Bigsuperstar Company and directed by Taiwan director Chen Yiyu. The show narrates the story of a playboy named Jin Xiaobao who has always longed for a good marriage.

Unexpectedly, a good man appears in front of him who was involved in a murderous disaster! Jin Xiaobao thought he could marry the beauty as he wished by saving “her”, but the result is that he is forced to sleep with “her”. It turns out that this “beauty” is not only gender-mysterious but also has an inseparable relationship with the Jin family.

Short Dramas

Jun Mian Si Tao Hua

Release Date: July 3, 2024
Genre:  Romance, Period
Episodes: 24
Runtime: 10 min
Network: Tencent

Plot: The show is adapted from the web novel – “Your Face is Like Peach Blossom” and narrates the story of General Yun Shu (played by Hu Yiyao), who is known as the “living king of hell”. Yun Shu, an orphan of the Mo family disguised as a man, falls in love with Song Huanbei (played by Gao Maotong).

Huanbei is asked to be Yun Shu’s lover while on a mission. Song Huanbei is the leader of Qianji Pavilion, the first intelligence agency in the underworld, and is determined to find the murderer of the Mo family tragedy.

Which Mandarin/Chinese drama are you most looking forward to in July? Which do you think could become the best of 2024? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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