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South Asian culture has seen a boost in mass interest in TV Shows and Movies coming from different Asian countries, especially South Korea, Japan and China. Chinese dramas, also known as C-dramas, are gaining a lot of attention online, all thanks to their longer number of episodes and fantastical elements.

With a comparatively limited number of shows releasing in C-drama releases in the first week of this month, here is a tentative list of all Chinese dramas that will be released throughout February of 2024.

Fighting for Love

Release Date: January 31
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Episodes: 36
Network: iQiyi

Plot: The show narrates the story of a founding female general of Nanxia who took off her red robe in exchange for battle gear and became the goddess of war. A Mai, the daughter of a Nanxia official, is out for blood after her family was killed by her childhood sweetheart Chen Qi. Having grown into a young woman, she disguises herself as a man and wanders the land to seek revenge.

Growing Together

Release Date: February 1
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 40
Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

Plot: N/A

My Special Girl

Release Date: February 1
Genre: Modern-Day, Workplace, Romance
Episodes: 24
Network: iQiyi

Plot: The show follows the story of an AI engineer Gu Jiuli, who founded Jiuqian Technology Company, dedicated to the development of companion robots. Hao Jing, is a senior in a preschool education major who loves to sing. However, due to her mother’s objection, Hao Jing became a live broadcast singer blogger who streams at night.

After Hao Jing graduates, she comes to Gu Jiuli’s company for an internship to keep her nightly streaming a secret. When the two meet, Hao Jing falls in love with Gu Jiuli at first sight. At the same time, the existence of Hao Jing in Gu Jiu Li’s life warmed his loneliness.

Country Love 16

Release Date: February 2
Genre: Small-town, Family, Comedy
Episodes: 40
Network: Youku

Plot: The 16th season of this show narrates the tales of romance, marriage, career and life of the villagers in Xiangshanya Village.

New Jin Yong Wuxia Universe

Release Date: February 2
Genre: Martial Arts, Historical, Action
Episodes: 60
Network: Tencent Video

Plot: This compilation drama narrates the story of great warriors who introduced a new perspective to the joyful world of martial arts by rebooting traditional martial arts.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Release Date: February 2
Genre: Sports, Romance
Episodes: 32
Network: Tencent, Dragon TV

Plot: The show follows the story of former professional snooker genius Lin Yiyang who met the popular nine-ball player Yin Guo on a rare snowstorm night. With the help of Yin Guo’s cousin, they got to know each other and fell in love.

Lin Yiyang was once a famous snooker genius who unintentionally offended the judge due to the objection of penalty. He was unsatisfied with the judgment and announced his retirement directly. As a result, he quit the professional snooker. Yin Guo’s appearance changes Lin Yiyang’s life.

Give You My Heart

Release Date: February 5
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 25
Network: Mango TV, Tencent

Plot: The show follows the life of an 18-year-old writer Su Meng who has written her first romance novel ‘Give You My Heart’. In the novel, she created a villain named Mu Si Chen who is smart and cunning.

One day, Mu Si Chen comes to her house and forces her to let him live with her. Mu Si Chen’s arrival makes Su Meng’s life miserable and changes everything in her life. Despite the many things that happened, Mu Si Chen is gradually moved by Su Meng’s warm spirit unexpectedly falling in love with her without realizing it.

Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

Release Date: February 6
Genre: Period, Mystery, Investigation
Episodes: 24
Network: CCTV, Youku

Plot: The show narrates the story of the reign of Wu Zetian when a government shuffle forces the ambitious Dee Renjie to be relegated to a remote town in the east. Dee shows extraordinary talent in case-solving, but as he probes further, more and more secrets are revealed. Thus, Dee embarks on a nationwide journey to solve many mysterious cases.

Which Mandarin/Chinese drama are you most looking forward to in February? Which do you think could become the best of 2024? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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