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As the year comes to an end, we are once again blessed with new BLs to keep us warm this winter season. There is a little something for everyone this month, from mafia storylines to cute office romances – and we are beyond excited to see these shows! As always, do comment below with which shows you’re looking forward to the most!

oh my assistant

Oh! My Assistant 

Network: Viki

Premiere date: 1st December

This is a Korean BL that follows the story of  Seon ho who draws adult webtoons. The job has affected his sexual stamina and wore him down with exhaustion. He hires a cute assistant, Mu Yeong to take help him with his workload.  Mu Yeong is his number one fan and is easy to work with. Seon ho soon finds himself attracted to Mu Yeong, and he falls victim to his cute charms. How will this office romance end?

609 Bedtime Story

Network: WeTV

Premiere date: 2nd December

OhmFluke is back on our TV screens bringing new characters alive in this mysterious, fantasy romance series. The series is about Mum, a Casanova who lives in room 609. He sleeps with a random mysterious man and has trouble forgetting him. After his encounter with the man, Mum starts having unusual dreams. His dreams lead him to believe in the theory of the reverse parallel universe.

He finally meets the mysterious man in real life and together they try to change the future.

My School President  

Network: GMM 25

Premiere date: 2nd December

My School President tells the story of Gun, who is troubled because the music club in his school is about to be shut down. Gun is desperate to save the club and agrees to serve Tim, the school president. This comes with new complications as they start getting attracted to one another. How will this new development affect their agreement?

Never Let Me Go  

Network: GMM 25

Premiere date: 13th December

This is probably the most awaited series on this list. Fans have been waiting with bated breaths since the project was first teased and it is finally here.  The series is about Nuengdiao, an heir to a mafia business. After his father’s death, he is forced to be the leader of the family business.

He gets a new bodyguard, Palm, who is supposed to protect him from the dangers in and outside school. However, they start developing romantic feelings between them which can be dangerous in the mafia world. What happens when they start having more than just a work relationship?

Ameiro Paradox

Network: MBS

Premiere date: 16th December

This is a comedy with an office romance storyline. Onoe and Kaburagi are rivals who work for a weekly magazine. A few changes in the teams force them to work together but they have very opposite personalities and journalistic approaches.

Onoe has a strong sense of ethics while Kaburagi’s style is more haphazard. As they start working together, they grow closer and feelings blossom between them. As they say, opposite attracts but can rivalry turn into real love?

Chain of hearts 

Network: Channel 3

Premiere date: 19th December

This is an action romance that tells the story of Din and Ken who get entangled with illegal smugglers and are forced to run for their lives. While fleeing, they end up being caught and several months later, Ken wakes from a coma and thinks Din is dead.

A few years later, he meets a man who resembles Din and starts believing that Din survived. He thinks that the new man is his former lover Din but how will he be able to prove this? What really happened to Din?

The New Employee 

Network: Viki

Premiere date: 21st December

This is an office romance story of Seung Hyun, who manages to get the internship he has always dreamed of. On his first day at work, he captures the attention of his cold yet sexy new boss Kim Jong Chan. As the chemistry between them sizzles and desire burns between them, will they be able to maintain only a professional relationship?

And there we have it, our picks for the best upcoming BL series to check out this December.

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any must-watch titles? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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