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As we usher in Autumn this October, you might be looking for the new BL series that will keep you busy. This month, it looks like we will be getting a lot of Japanese BLs. We only have two Thai BLs, but that is prone to change. Thai BLs have a tendency to drop shows out of the blue but fret not, we will keep you updated! Without further ado, let us take a look at the BLs coming our way this month.

Bump Up Business


Premiere date:  Somewhere in October 

This is one of the most awaited Korean BLs of October.  The international release is set to be this month, however, we don’t have the premiere date yet. Fans are excited to see the OnlyOneOf boy band members in the series. The series tells the story of Eden, who is about to debut in a boyband. He meets Ji-hoon, a once-famous celebrity signed by the same agency as him. 

Eden is hoping to be a huge star, and even though he is against the idea, he agrees to make his debut only by doing a “business gay performance (BGP)” as a team with Ji Hoon. The two start spending more time together and become closer. However, misunderstandings start to brew after Hyun Bin and Jay appear.  Will they overcome the misunderstandings and reveal their true feelings? Tune in to find out.

Can I Buy Love From a Vending Machine?

Network:  YouTube

Premiere date:  1st October 2023

This is a Japanese BL series that tells the story of Koiwai Ayumu, who has a massive crush on Yamashita. Yamashita works in the same office as Ayumu. He is a good-looking man, with well-defined muscles that Ayumu is attracted to. Ayumu is so whipped that he feels like he is experiencing his teenager’s first love again. Does Yamashita feel the same way?

If It’s With You

Network:  MBS, TVK

Premiere date:  5th October  2023

This Japanese BL follows Amane, a high school student who has long since given up on finding love due to his past trauma. He moves to Enoshima and meets a boy named Ryuuji. Ryuuji is exactly Amane’s type and they start hanging out a lot. Soon they start developing feelings for each other. However, will Amane allow himself to love and be loved again?

What Did You Eat Yesterday 2

Network:  TV Tokyo

Premiere date:  6th October 2023

This is a sequel to the Japanese BL drama What Did You Eat Yesterday. The series will have 10 episodes. The show continues the story of Kakei Shiro, a 45-year-old lawyer who loves cooking. He is also a thrifty person and loves getting discounts at the nearby supermarket. He and his partner Yabuki Kenji share a two-bedroom apartment and love eating together. As the couple enters their 50’s, they try to balance all the changes in their lives. 

Y Journey: Stay Like a Local


Premiere date:  14th October 

This is definitely one of the most awaited BL series of the month. The series was just recently announced and boasts heavy-weight actors such as MaxNat, NetJames, MosBank, YoonDew, LongFrank, Fluke and Judo. This miniseries will have 6 episodes and will run from October 14th to October 29th.  Fans are bursting with excitement and can barely wait for the show to drop.


Network:  ViuTV

Premiere date:  31st October  2023

This is a Thai BL series set in 1999. The story revolves around Dan, a student who transfers to Saint Lawrence’s, an all-boys catholic school. Dan has a tough family situation going on that has led to him suffering from sleep paralysis. Brother Anurak, the school’s dean and a psychologist step in to help cure Dan.  As Dan settles in at Saint Lawrence, he comes across four other students suffering from trauma as well. They become close and try to find answers to their traumas. Fans are excited to see Singto, Fiat and Fluke in the series. 

And there we have it, our list of the upcoming BL dramas to check out in October 2023.

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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