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This month, it looks like we are in for a sweet treat following the numerous shows announced to premiere this month. Over the past few months, Taiwanese and Korean BLs have been bringing their A-game. This month, Thailand will be dropping some amazing content that we can look forward to. If you are wondering what to watch after finishing Only Friends, then wonder no more! Without further ado, let us look at the BLs coming our way this month.


Network: Channel 3

Premiere date: 3rd November 2023

This is a Thai drama that follows the lives of twins Zee and Sprite. The twins have lived separately all their lives following their parent’s divorce. These two are as competitive as it gets. The fact that they are both athletes doesn’t help the matter. Unfortunately, Sprite gets involved with some bad guys who mistakenly attack Zee. With Sprite injured, Zee steps in to lead the Volleyball team to the championship on behalf of his brother.

Middleman’s Love 

Network: GMM One, iQIYI

Premiere date: 10th November 2023

This is a spinoff to the hit Thai Bl, Bed Friend, that dropped earlier this year in February. Bed Friend follows the lives of two office workers, King and Uea, who start a casual friend-with-benefits relationship and ultimately fall in love. 

Middleman’s love will follow the story of Jade, Uea and King’s friend, who works as a graphic designer in the same company. All his life, Jade has always been overlooked. However, this changes when he meets Mai, the new intern. In Mai’s eyes, there is only Jade, but can he win his heart?

Beyond The Star

Network:  iQIYI

Premiere date: 11th November  

This show is based on the fictional KJ Agency, an entertainment agency that plans to create and produce a series. The company gathers a few young, talented people to make this dream come true. However, as with anything in life,  nothing is easy. The series takes us on the journey of these young people as they try to become superstars. Sadly, they soon realise they might have to give up more than they bargained for.


Network:  GagaOOLala , Rakuten & Youtube 

Premiere date: 16th November 

The trailer for this show was teased back in January 2023, and we have been anticipating the premiere for the past 10 months. Finally, this mature mystery thriller will be gracing our screens. The show is about Nont, who tries to find out what happened to his twin brother Nant after he goes missing.

Nont recruits Nant’s best friends, Zoey and First, to help him solve this case. As they delve deeper into Nant’s life, they find themselves involved in the sex industry. Will they discover the truth behind Nant’s disappearance or their hidden desires? You better tune in to find out how this daunting mystery will unfold!

Pit Babe

Network:  ChannelOne31 & iQIYI

Premiere date: 17th November  

This is another heavily anticipated show based on race car drivers. We are introduced to Babe, who dreams of being a great racer but has no race car. He gathers his courage and asks Charlie, his race car idol, to borrow one. Charlie agrees only after the two strike a rather unique, interesting deal. 

Bake Me Please

Network:  : Channel 8

Premiere date: 19th November 

At the moment, the synopsis of the show is still a mystery. We only know the show will be about five young men passionate about baking who have to adapt to achieve a common goal. The show is said to be a rom-com and will have 6 episodes. Ohm Thitiwat will be one of the main leads. 

7 Days Before Valentine 

Network: GMM One

Premiere date:  22nd November

This is the story of a rising actor and model in a rut. With his life going up the smoke, fate sends him a helper. The helper is supposed to help him restore his former relationship within seven days. However, this is not a free service, and the model cum actor will need to learn his lesson first.

VIP Only 

Network: Gagaoolala

Premiere date:  24th November 

This is one of the three upcoming Taiwanese BLs under the VIdol Boys Love project. The series tells the story of Gu Jing, a talented chef and owner of a retro restaurant. Liu Lu is a gay-themed novelist going through a break-up. He is one of Gu’s regulars and always keeps to himself. He also lives in the room upstairs from Gu’s restaurant. Soon, Liu starts confiding in Gu, and they become close. This forces Liu to begin questioning how far his fantasies are from reality.

The Sign

Network:  Channel 3

Premiere date: 25th November 

This is another Thai Bl that has managed to create a buzz after dropping the teaser. This is a crime thriller following Tharn, a man who has always depended on his intuition to surmise whether someone is good or bad. He is partnered with Phaya, a charming and intelligent man in the special investigators’ team. As Tharn spends more time with Phaya, he feels he has always known him. Could there be more to this intuition?

The Whisperer


Premiere date: 26th November 

This a mystery thriller directed by Phadej Onlahung. The series is about Khun, a young man grieving his younger brother and brother-in-law who passed away in a car accident. To start afresh, Khun and his girlfriend move into a new house. Unfortunately, the new home is possessed by haunting spirits who keep whispering to Khun. 

Cooking Crush

Network:  WeTV & GMMTV Youtube Channel

Premiere date: 26th November 

Fans are beyond excited for the return of one of the most beloved love teams in Thailand, OffGun. Gun will play the role of Prem, who runs a restaurant with his friends Samsi and Tem. They incur heavy losses, forcing them to join a cooking competition. They are hoping to win the reward and save their business. 

Things go awry, and Prem pulls out of the competition. He then meets Tem, who asks him for cooking lessons. Prem decides to use Tem’s request to make money. As the lessons continue, the sizzling chemistry between them becomes undeniable.

For Him

Network:  IQIYI & GMM 25

Premiere date: 30th November 

This a Thai BL following Nail, who finds himself tangled with Him after a one-night stand. As the entanglement deepens and they fall in love with each other, they can’t help but wonder if this fleeting relationship will last. 

And there we have it, our list of the upcoming BL dramas to check out in November 2023.

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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