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July is finally here and as we get settled into summer, it looks like things are beginning to heat up on the Boy Love series side of things as well. For the past few months, BL fans have been going through a slump as most shows have failed to hit the spot.

However, it looks like we are finally getting a break and this month’s lineup is quite promising. With that said, let us take a look at the BLs coming our way this month.

Be Mine SuperStar

Network:  Channel 3

Premiere date:  July 3rd 2023

The popular love team JaFirst teams up once again to bring the love story of Punn and Achi to life. Punn is a third-year film student who gets an internship on the set of a drama. He is excited about the new opportunity but also because he will be working alongside Achi, his celebrity crush. In all aspects, Punn is a successful fan but will Achi notice him? Tune in on July 3rd to find out how this love story starts on a drama set and how it will end.

Minato Laundromat 2

Network:  TV Tokyo

Premiere date:  July 5th 2023

Season 2 of this cute Japanese rom-com continues with the love story between Akira and Katsuki Shintaro. Akira runs a well-loved coin laundry in the neighbourhood and strikes a friendship with Katsuki who is a high-school student. As soon as Katsuki learns that Akira is gay, their friendship begins to develop into something more.

Stay By My Side

Network:  SETN & Vidol

Premiere date:  July 7th 2023

This is one of the anticipated Taiwanese BLs of the year. The drama tells the story of Bu Xia, a young boy who was raised by his grandfather. His grandfather used to be a spiritual medium and after his passing, Bu Xia starts hearing voices. He assumes he is hallucinating and is stunned to discover that he can actually hear ghosts.

He starts getting close to Jiang Chi, his roommate and learns that he stops hearing the voices when he is with him. This makes Bu Xia want to spend more time with Jiang Chi but as they get to know each other better, the more confused Bu Xia becomes.

Low Frequency 

Network:  Amarin Tv / YouTube

Premiere date:  July 8th 2023

This is a show about Mon, a man who works as an interior designer but can also see spirits. He soon gets involved with the spirit of a popular young actor called Thames. Thames is in a coma and his spirit keeps wandering around Mon. At first, Mon thinks that Thames spirit wants help but it turns out there is more to it.

Hidden Agenda 

Network: GMMTV / YouTube 

Premiere date:  July 9th 2023

Well, how do you get the attention of your crush if you are shy? According to this show, you seek help from her ex.  This is one of the anticipated projects that GMMTV teased earlier this year. The show will be led by Joong and Dunk who you might remember from Star and Sky: Star in My Mind.

The show is about university student Zo who approaches Joke to ask for advice on how to win over his crush Nita. Nita happens to be Joke’s ex but Zo has no idea what Joke is really after when he agrees to help him.

Laws Of Attraction

Network:  GMM One

Premiere date:  July 15th 2023

This is a legal-themed drama about Tinn who employs the help of a lawyer, Chan to get justice for his niece’s untimely death. However, Chan has no disillusions about the law and the world and Tinn soon realizes that maybe Chan was not the right choice as a lawyer but is he right about how the law works in this corrupt world?

Wedding Plan 

Network:  GMM 25

Premiere date:  July 19th 2023

This show has already got fans excited after the trailer showed the famed love teams from Love In The Air teasing a cameo. The show follows Namnuea, a wedding planner who falls for one of his clients, Sailom. Sailom is set to marry Yiwa due to family obligations but Namnuea doesn’t know this. He tries to be professional and swallow his feelings but can he succeed given that love is like a cough and can’t be hidden?

Jun and Jun

Network:  Rakuten Viki

Premiere date:  July 20th 2023

This is a Korean office rom-com based on a webtoon and web novel by the same name. The story is about intern Lee Jun whose life is thrown into disarray after his first love returns. For a long time,  Lee Jun has been wondering what happened to Choi Jun, his first childhood love but it seems he is about to get an answer when Choi Jun shows up as the new hot general manager at his office.  Fans are already excited to see the chemistry between the two leads as the photos from the show keep being dropped.

After Sundown

Premiere date:  July 19th 2023

This is the latest project from the beloved BL unit, ZeeNunew. Fans have been buzzing with excitement ever since the trailer for this horror movie was dropped. This will be the first time we will be seeing Zee and Nunew act in a horror movie. Fans are eager to see how their chemistry has continued to deepen over the past year.

The movie tells the story of  Phloeng and Rawi who reluctantly get engaged to please their parents after a prophecy.  Rawi agrees to stay with Phloeng for six months before breaking off their engagement. During his stay with Phloeng’s family, Rawi is constantly haunted by a spirit. This changes only when he is close to Phloeng.

Will Phloeng help him get rid of the spirit and what does the spirit want from Rawi?

And there we have it, our list of the upcoming BL dramas to check out in July 2023.

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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