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Upcoming BLs to Watch This February

With February upon us and Valentine’s Day not long after, this month of love sees most of us excited to see the Thai BL line-up for this month. February is looking like a real scorcher with red-hot dramas such as Moonlight Chicken and Bed Friend set to air, to name a few. Below we break down the BLs coming up and which ones you should keep on your radar!

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Our Winter  

Network: YouTube & TikTok

Premiere date:  February 3rd

This is a miniseries from Domundi that features Yim and Tutor, famously known for their characters Nuer and Syn in Cutie Pie. There is a lot of excitement about this show but very little is known about it other than it was shot in South Korea.

My Beautiful Man season 2 

Network: MBS

Premiere date: February 8th

This is a sequel to My Beautiful Man 1 and tells the story of Hira, an introvert who loves photography. He falls in love with his classmate  Kiyoi Sou who is the school’s heartthrob and different from him.

Moonlight Chicken 

Network: GMM 25

Premiere date: February 8th

The BL fandom has been waiting patiently for this series to drop. The excitement is fueled by talented casts such as EarthMix, FirstKhao and GeminiForth. The plot of the series is based on Jim who sells chicken rice to earn a living. One fateful night, he meets Wen and they are unable to forget each other after that night. However, Wen is in a relationship and things get messy. Be sure to follow our recap and reviews on our site!

Jack Frost  

Network: MBS

Premiere date: February 17th

This is a Japanese drama that follows the story of Okusawa Ritsu who gets into an accident after his break-up with Ikegami Fumiya and ends up losing his memories only the memories of his relationship. He, however, falls for Fumiya again as he helps him recover his memories.


Network: GMM 25

Premiere date: February 16th

This show follows the lives of a group of young people who dream to become the next top idol. They are signed under an entertainment agency known as World Star which is run by the demanding Khun Serena. One of the rules in the company is that artists can not enter into romantic relationships with one another. However, Top and Juju break this rule when their relationship turns from enemies to lovers.  Do they choose to love or to follow their dreams?

Bed Friend 

Network: GMM One, Tencent Video

Premiere date: February 18th

This is one of the most anticipated BL of the year that features NetJames as the main lead. This office romance drama follows the relationship of King and Uea who work in the same office. Uea is a private person while King is more outgoing. They don’t like each other but start having a casual sexual relationship.

Chains of Hearts 

Network: Channel 3

Premiere date: February 18th

Initially, this show was supposed to air in December but it has now been moved to February. This is an action romance that tells the story of Din and Ken who get entangled with illegal smugglers and are forced to run for their lives. While fleeing, they end up being caught and several months later, Ken wakes from a coma and thinks Din is dead. A few years later, he meets a man who resembles Din and starts believing that Din survived. He thinks that the new man is his former lover Din but how will he be able to prove this? What really happened to Din?

Tin Tem Jai 

Network: Channel 3, iQIYI

Premiere date: February 27th

This series follows Tin who is secretly in love with the son of the neighbourhood’s bakery, Phi Park. Park is a cool guy but it seems like he is not ready for dating yet. Is there hope or should Tin give up?

Also, be on the lookout for this Thai Movie Moments of Love which features Fort from the hit drama Love in The Air.

Moments of Love 

Network: In Thai Cinemas

Premiere date: February 14th

This was supposed to be a series but it is now being promoted as a movie. It will follow four couples on their journey to find love and happiness. We will keep you updated on when it becomes available for streaming internationally.

And there we have it, our list of the upcoming BL dramas to check out in February 2023!

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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