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Upcoming BLs To Watch This April

This month it looks like Japanese BLs will be reigning supreme as Thai and Korean BLs take a step back. The line-up this month looks amazing and we can’t wait to follow these stories.

Let us know which show you are looking forward to. Here is the list of the upcoming BLs to enjoy this April.

Bokura no Shokutaku/ Our Dinning Table 

Network: TBS

Premiere date: April 6th 

This is a Japanese BL drama that follows Yutaka, a man who has a talent for cooking but has trouble sharing meals with others. This changes when he meets Minoru and Tane. These two brothers ask Yutake to teach them to cook food. As they get closer to each other, Yutaka realizes he is getting better at sharing meals with people.

My Beautiful Man: Eternal 

Network: MBS

Premiere date:  April 7th 

My Beautiful Man: Eternal is a sequel to My Beautiful Man 1 & 2, telling the story of Hira, an introvert who loves photography. He falls in love with his classmate Kiyoi Sou who is the school’s heartthrob and different from him.

This will be a movie following the story where season 2 left off and will portray the final chapter of the couple’s lives.

Kashimashi Meshi 

Network: TV Tokyo

Premiere date:  April 10th 

This Japanese Bl follows the story of three classmates who reunite after one of their mutual friends kills himself. One of them is his ex-boyfriend and another is his ex-girlfriend. They each have their own struggles in life and begin meeting regularly to deal with their grief.

It is unclear whether this is a BL or a GL but we are eagerly waiting to delve into this story!

Zenra Meshi / Naked Dining

Network: Kansai TV

Premiere date:  April 14th 

In this Japanese BL, Ichijo Futa is a man who loves to eat naked to relieve his stress. One day, he falls asleep at his grandmother’s house and Miki Mahiro, his grandmother’s friend accidentally sees him eating naked.

Ichijo’s secret is discovered but what will happen between him and Mahiro?

My Story 

Network: YouTube

Premiere date:  April 15th 

My Story is a Philippines drama that continues the story of Sky, a young hardworking culinary intern who gets a job at a multi-billion-dollar food company. He soon starts a relationship with his boss Aka.

Step by Step 

Network: GMM One, WeTV

Premiere date:  April 18th 

This is one of the most anticipated Thai Bls of the month. The show is about Jeng, a dedicated digital marketing manager who doesn’t get along with his subordinates.  This changes when Pat gets a job at the company after finishing his studies in L.A. As Jeng is the heir of the company, he is strict with Pat.

This pushes Pat to submit his resignation letter and Jeng is forced to reform and make the place a conducive work environment.

La Pluie

Network:GMM One

Premiere date:  April 29th

This Thai Bl tells the story of a man who suffers from sensorineural hearing loss. He also hates to interact and talk to people unnecessarily.  He soon meets a man whose voice he can only hear when it rains.

The show’s trailer looks promising and we are looking forward to seeing where the story goes next!

And there we have it, our list of the upcoming BL dramas to check out in April 2023.

What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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